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My Relationship With White Eagle
My Relationship With White Eagle

My Relationship With White Eagle


The Source Of My Inspiration – Part Four

My Relationship With White Eagle

If you are familiar with my writings, you may have noticed that once in a while someone’s quote appears. This is done in the hope that the saying or teaching adds another slant and perspective, maybe a touch of additional enlightenment to the theme under discussion. Following my inner guidance in all things, I share with you, my dear readers, only that which is likely to be of benefit to you. Without this no-one’s words would be there, including mine.

Naturally, this also applies to extracts from White Eagle teachings. I have no idea what anyone else makes of the whole concept of White Eagle. To me and in connection with my writings, the name means no more than one of the many groups of guides, friends and helpers in the spirit world, our true home. None of my writings have ever been based on White Eagle teachings. Whenever I share the essence of one of them with you, they are enlargements and enhancements that provide more understanding.

To this day White Eagle teachings enter into my field of vision AFTER and not before I have written about something. In the beginning this was very uncanny and scary. Yet, I soon got used to it when my inner guidance reassured me that if messages arrive in this particular manner they are gifts from the Angels confirming that what I have written is true and right for sharing with others. Aware that nothing in our lives happens without a wise higher purpose, I settled down to gratefully accepting this much needed and appreciated support.

My connection with the White Eagle Lodge over the years has been a somewhat tenuous one. For about ten years I have been a subscribed member, but I have never visited any of the Lodge’s premises or taken part in their activities. I am happy that my small annual contribution supports the good work they are doing worldwide. In return I receive their bi-monthly magazine ‘Stella Polaris’, an excellent publication I most warmly recommend. For some months now I have also been receiving the Lodge’s e-mail ‘Monday Thought’, also recommended. An occasional e-mail Newsletter recently started to appear as well.

At the beginning of May 2016 someone drew my attention to a blog that contained some downright slanderous information about the White Eagle Lodge. I could not avoid asking myself: ‘What if it is true?’ This created on opportunity for examining the nature of my relationship with the White Eagle Lodge. It led me to the conclusion that all along it has been with the White Eagle group of guides rather than the Lodge.

To my delight the blog matter was soon cleared up. The Lodge’s investigations showed that it had been written by a mentally severely disturbed person, who is well known to them. I refuse to sit in judgement over anyone, including the White Eagle Lodge. And in the unlikely case that the information had been true, all it could have done for me would be to remind me of the fact that many of the people who gave the greatest gifts to our world were very unpleasant specimens. One of the most outstanding examples to my mind is Mozart. Yet, whatever kind of a man he was, I can honestly say that I am not interested in his personal life, his character and the struggles he had to fight with his lower nature – the same as we all do – whilst trying to come to terms with his unusual earthly existence.

The only thing that matters to me is of what Mozart left behind, the magnificent bequest he made to our world with his music. I feel that through it the Highest realms of life are communicating directly with those on the Earth plane in a language all of their own. It is the Universe’s language of the heart for the enjoyment of those Mozart left behind, so they could be entertained, comforted and healed by listening to the gift of his life’s work.

To my mind, Mozart’s music compares well with the unique and precious gift the Angels brought us through the White Eagle group of guides and their medium, Grace Cooke. She was the co-founder of the White Eagle Lodge together with her husband Ivan Cooke. The White Eagle teachings appeared during the darkest hours our planet had ever experienced. I believe that the two world wars were the Apocalypse of our world. And it was during these times of utter darkness and despair the White Eagle teachings began to bring new rays of light and hope. They did this in the wake of World War One as well as throughout and after World War Two.

What Grace’s descendants, by now in their second generation, will ever make of their inheritance depends on the Karma of the people involved and the life lessons they have come to take part in. But even if someone at the Lodge did something foolish enough to ruin and destroy its reputation, to me this could not diminish by one iota the value of the teachings that were given through Grace. Should anything detrimental ever happen at the Lodge, the following line from the Lord’s Prayer would come to mind: ‘And lead us not in to temptation, but deliver us from all evil.’ Evil invariably means the fulfilment of the desires of someone’s lower earthly nature.

Nothing can ever change the fact that Grace’s gift must have brought a great deal of comfort and reassurance to many. On both sides of the conflict there were millions whose loved ones had been forced to go to war to make the senseless sacrifice of laying down their lives on the altar of the lunacy of political power struggling. People were searching for some kind of evidence that their dear departed were not dead, but alive and well cared for in another world, another dimension of life. They were looking for evidence of our other world that for such a long time had to remain carefully hidden from public view and knowledge, while the war was raging on.

Behind the scenes of life the two world wars represented a huge clearing process of ancient Karma and the individual and collective cleansing of our world. With Grace’s help and the work of others who were involved in getting in touch with our other world, the veil between it and ours slowly but surely was beginning to lift and grow thinner. The Age of Aquarius was with us and with that the time had come that from the darkness and despair of the death, destruction and suffering the warmongers of our world were handing out, the light of new hope should arise and shine brightly. That’s why through the White Eagle group of guides the Angels allowed us glimpses that a fresh trust in life may well be justified because it is a good one after all, if only one approaches it from the right angle.

In my view, Grace’s legacy is just as precious and probably even more sublime than those of people like Mozart and Chopin, Beethoven and Handel, to name but a few. The White Eagle messages that were given through her brought and to this day are bringing comfort and healing to anyone who requires it. Most important of all her efforts helped us to find a better understanding of the processes of life, of birth and death and reincarnation. Our grateful thanks goes to all who made it possible, on both sides of the veil of consciousness.

Grace began her career as a spiritualist medium in 1913. Early in her career, she used her psychic gifts to offer evidence of survival. On occasions the then British prime minister, Ramsay MacDonald, vouched for the accuracy of her spirit communications. She became progressively convinced that the spiritual and philosophical aspects of Spiritualism were more important than mere evidence of survival. Initially Grace formed a small church in Middlesex. She later separated from its activities after the church leaders became more interested in proofs of survival, but her emphasis had shifted to spiritual healing and to channelling teachings from White Eagle.

The White Eagle Lodge came into being on 22 February 1936, when its first premises were dedicated in Kensington, London under the direction of Grace’s spirit guides. Shall we ever be able to pay our debt of gratitude to the Angels and Masters, guides and helpers in the spirit world, who are ceaselessly toiling in the background of our existence to bring every last one of us home into the awareness of their true nature and the oneness with God?

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7 Jul, 2019
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