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My Strange Friend - My Cupboard

My Strange Friend - My Cupboard

By Muxima - 2 Reviews

My cupboard

When the teacher left the class the bell ranged we all went back home, accept me and my friend. I was looking for her since but I didn’t find him so i went home. When got back home i saw my mother on the phone she looked so worried, when she dropped the phone.

I told her what’s happening my mother told me it’s about my friend i was confused? My mother said that my friend is missing from about two weeks. I was getting scared my mother that their parents has been putting poster of her daughter all over the street.

My mother asked me if i know where she is i said to my mother that i have been looking for friend for about a week. So i told my mother that am coming back so i went to look for him every way even on his favourite bush but i didn’t find him so i went back home.

My mother told me if found him, but i said to my mother that i didn’t find him. The next day of school i went to my cupboard to take my books, when i opened my cupboard i saw my friend smiling.

It was very strange i was getting more scared so he closed the cupboard and opened it again he saw that nobody inside there, he was very scared so he took fast his books. And went to class the teacher told everyone to bring your homework when i opened my book I saw a paper written with ink it said, that to come after school to the forest close to the school.

After when I finished reading the paper the teacher called my name, the teacher said she has finished marking all the student’s homework except you. I apologized to the teacher, the teacher forgave him and marked his homework. After class finished, i did what the person wrote in the paper. I went to the forest and shouted very loud i said,

Hello is anybody there? It’s me you were the one that kept a paper in my book.

The person said to seat down on the branch, I sat down then my hands were tied up and my eyes were also closed. I was very scared I said what do you want from me, the person said it’s me i was confused I said, who? The person said that it’s me your friend.

I said, wait it’ s you my friend said yes i said why am i tied up? My friend said oh i tied you up because i wanted to scare you i said why do you want to scare me? My friend said, i did that for me to act strange. I didn’t understand what he said but i told him to remove the rope my friend removed the rope form my hand and face and also removed the rope on my face.

I said why are we in the middle of the forest? My friend said that he wanted to kill me but he didn’t because he remembered that she is my friend but i was confused i said do you want to kill me? My friend said that because his hungry. I said why are you in the middle of the forest? My friend said that she was kidnapped i said who kidnapped you? I don’t even know but i think you need to go right now because they are coming.

I said who is coming? I will tell you later, i said that i will bring you food later bye. My friend said wait don’t tell anyone about this okay i said okay. And i run away when i came back home, my mother was crying i said what’s the matter she said that i was so worried about me she thought that she will never see me again i said that will never happen my mother said okay.

And we took our dinner and then we went to bed.

To be continued!

The next episode is the secret

Author Notes: THANK YOU!

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12 Feb, 2022
Read Time
3 mins
4.0 (2 reviews)

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