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Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Five)
Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Five)

Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Five)


Beck ran to my door. I found myself on the floor curled up in a ball. He grabbed me and moved my body to a position in which he could cradle me. "It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. You're alright. You're fine. You're safe," Beck cooed. I nodded and pulled myself closer to him.

Beck was warm. Not hot but warm. Laurie came running into the hallway. "Are you alright? What happened? Are you hurt," Laurie questioned me a million questions. He sat down and pulled me away from Laurie. I forgot for a moment that Laurie is only twelve. He's still a kid. And kids go to school.

"I want Laurie and I to go to school," I say. That's when Virginia walks in. "And is it alright if I call you Ginny? Like Beck," I ask.

Virginia tilts her head up and down slightly. "And I want to find a job. And, if I really want to, I, and if Laurie agrees, want to stay here. With you guys," I flinch. Prepare to at least. But I don't expect the words that drifted off Beck's tounge.

"I can see to it that you and your brother attend school. You have to find yourself a job but we will help you. Calling Ginny 'Ginny' is up to Ginny. The last one is tricky though. Gin and I will discuss it over after you and Laurie discuss staying here. Does that sound like a plan," Beck asks.

"It does," I say.

"Alright. Discuss with Laurie. Then come to us. Try to find job. While you're findimg a job we'll be finding a school. Then we will get you a job. Then Gin and I will see to the last matter. Go into your room the two of you. We have a plan."

In our room Laurie and I discussed what to do. We also discussed what has happened in the last twenty-four hours. First he was whipped. Then I decided we were going to be escapees at ages twelve and sixteen. After that we escape and cross paths with Ginny. Ginny takes us in to her and Beck's house at five-four-two-D West View Street. I find the engraving on the door knob, which probably has no significance whatsoever. And now here we are. Sitting on a bed, wishing neither of us were as stupid as to make this happen.

"We may not want this, but we should make the best of it," Laurie says.

"I know, but...I don't know," I say, realizing how gullible it sounded.

Before I can save myself my four-years-younger brother makes a show of it. "How can you know but not know? That's impossible, isn't it? I guess there are ways but they would not apply to this situation. Oh, Rae, how naïve you are. You know, I would never be so dumb-" I clamp my hand over his mouth, I've had enough of his rambling.

"Do you want to go to school or not," I ask him, releasing my grip over his capped lips.

"I think it might be jolly to go to an elementary," Laurie attempts his best British accent, though he failed.

"That settles it then. Now I'm off to find a job."

"Good luck," Laurie sings as if he doubts me.

I'll find a job, a good one too. One that pays well, I can have fun with, will benefit me as a human, and isn't super dirty. It might be fun to be a barber. Or a gardener. Maybe a car washer. Ooh, I know, a tailor! Wait! A space...person.... So not that one. Most girls my age already have jobs. Most are already engaged to someone too. I know most people reading this journal will be like, "What? Engaged at sixteen?! The girls these days are engaged at fourteen." Well guess what? It's the year thirty-one twenty. So stop yer yappin'!

Anyway, I walk around, as a tourist mainly. I don't know anything about this place. I see no signs saying their hiring. I give up and go back to Ginny and Beck's house.

"Home so soon," Ginny asks with a smile on her face.

I sigh. "Unfortunately, yes, I am. I really thought I could find a job," I say.

Ginny comes over to me and grabs my shoulders gently from behind. "It's okay. We found a school close to us. And we found you a job," she says.

My heart jolts. "What kind of job," I ask, praying my excitement isn't showing.

"You will be a barista at a coffee shop downtown called Santa Fe. Now that is if you pass your interview. But I know you will," Ginny patted my head and went somewhere. I don't know where.

I,.Raelyn...Whatever, am going to be a barista!

Author Notes: Did you read the other parts first? Yes? Well, did you read them in order from one to four?

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18 Apr, 2022
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