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reggie_1552 is from US United States • 14 y/o • Female

"You didn't blow out the candle. Oh, little boy you never learned! You don't play with fire. But you're already burned."-Grace VanderWaal


My theme is fire. Not all of my stories, but I have a poem and Story about fire. They're both called Fire. I like Hamilton and Six the musical. I love listening to NF. I like reading. I want to be a skilled author someday. I want to go to France someday too. And most importantly, I love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Feel free to message me if you need help with your writing.

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7 Apr, 2022
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you found me!!!

Somethings about me:

  • I'm not afraid of spiders
  • I like some broadway musicals(find the references)
  • I don't need your love.
  • I like to write like I'm running out of time
  • My favorite book is Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger(A.K.A. KotLC)
  • My favorite cheese is colby jack.
  • I'm the yougest of five kids.
  • There's my half-sister, then my oldest brother, then my sister, then my twin brother, then me.
  • Henry sent me a poem all about my green sleeves.
  • I think we can all agree I'm the ten amongst these threes
  • I want to learn french and then go to collage in France
  • For five more minutes...we're SIX!!!
  • I'm listening to SIX right now-S.O.S.!

How to find me

  • I'm a Wisco girl
  • Typically wearing jeans
  • Maybe a baggy shirt, depends on the day
  • Light-ish brown hair
  • Light blue eyes
  • Scar on my nose(you can only see it if you're looking.)
  • Clear skin
  • Sometimes makeup, also depends on the day.
  • I don't wanna brag but I think I'm kinda pretty.


  • Dance
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Pinterest
  • This website
  • Wiki fandoms
  • Lying around wondering what to do


  • I haven't posted any of it yet but, I'm writing a series called The Fairest of Breena. Currently writing book 2.
  • All of my works on here

Favorite songs

  • The Hanging Tree-Jennifer Lawrence
  • All NF songs
  • All SIX songs
  • All Hamilton songs

Favorite artists

  • NF
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • SIX

Favorite Dance Genres

  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Ballet/Pointe

Other little things

  • I compete with dance
  • My favorite dance compition is Symposium Talent Contest
  • My favorite colors are lavender purple, ice blue, rose gold, dark, rich colors(idk how to describe it)
  • I only have one pair of dead pointe shoes so far.
  • RIP- 11/09/2020-08/23/2021(my pointe shoes)
  • I'm homeschooled

Sincerely, Me

  • I don't like Dear Evan Hanson.
  • Message me all the broadway refrences you found!

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