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He dropped the news. My mouth couldn't drop. I was too shocked. Why was this happening to me? Thoughts rush through my head. No one will like you. Where will we live? Why did Dad have to accept the job? I grew up here. This is my home. I'm not good at making friends. Macy always did that for me. She came to me. Chose me as her friend.

We look at houses, as a family. I try to hold back my tears. Is it even worth it to tryout for the team this year? Will there be a team in the new place? I can't handle the mixed emotions going through me. I'm happy for him, but....

After Mom realizes she needs to get dinner started I'm asked to do the dishes. I almost break down more than five times. The only thing holding my tears is thoughts. Wait till you're alone, in bed, about to fall asleep. Then roll over to your side. Don't hold back. No one is there to catch you crying. Don't hold back. Then pray. Pray to Him. Pray to Him to help you with your petty suffering. Pray to Him to put you at peace with this change. Find peace.

Find peace.

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16 Apr, 2022
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1 min
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