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Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Four)
Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Four)

Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Four)


The city streets were bustling. Laurie and I stared at the city. I've seen pictures of big cities but I've never been to one. The street lights were hanging from a wire. A woman was standing by a pole next to the street. I walk up to her, pulling Laurie with me. "Excuse me, Ms., where is the nearest bar," I ask her.

Her eyebrows raised high above where they should be, making her eyes widen. "I'm sorry. Did you just ask for the nearest bar," she said.

"Yes, I did," I say.

The woman laughs. "Have you two run away from your guardian," she asked. She had a sly smile on her lips.

"Y-yes," I hesitate, not knowing if I could trust her or not.

She laughs again. "You can come home with me. My husband may not approve, but he won't turn you down. My name is, Virginia,"

"Thank you. I'm Raelyn and this is my brother-" Laurie interrupted me.

"My name is Lawrence, you can call me Laurie. Thank you for taking us in," Laurie said.

Virginia smiled again. She was a very pretty woman. She had beautiful auburn hair, matched with blue-gray eyes. She had dark purple lipstick on. Her eyelids were colored with a smokey fade. Her skin was very clear and quite pale. Her teeth were the whitest white I have ever seen teeth get. Her eyebrows were a pretty brown. She was wearing a cropped t-shirt. It had a cheetah print on it. She was wearing black ripped jeans. Her shoes were black, high-heel boots. She was also wearing a leather jacket. Her hair was up in two buns. I think that hairstyle is called star buns.

We crossed the street and walked along the sidewalks. After various twists and turns, we arrive at a small, one-story house. The siding was a simple robin blue. The trim was white. There was one small car parked in the driveway. We went in through the front door. The interior was exquisite. It was a mix of modern(at least what I think is modern), rustic, and personality.

There a man opened a second door for us after we took our shoes off. "Who are these kiddos," He asked.

Virginia sighed. "This is Raelyn," she gestured her hand towards me, "and her brother Lawrence, call him Laurie. I found them on the streets," Virginia gestured to Laurie.

The man did his sighing. " long," he asked.

Virginia clapped her hands and smiled. "Thank you," she said excitedly.

"Gin, how long," he said.

"Beck, I don't know. Until we can help them find someone or Raelyn comes of age. I don't know," Virginia's smile fades. Laurie and I stand there for an awkward moment.

"Well, I'm Beck. Welcome to our home. Do you guys mind if you share a room," Beck asks. We both shake our heads. "Great, this way then." He leads us off to a small room.

Beck was a tall man. He was muscular, but still skinny. He had black hair that waved over his head. Beck had light brown eyes with gold flecks in them. He was extremely handsome everywhere. He just had a plain black t-shirt on with an open dark blue flannel, blue jeans, and black socks with a white stripe on.

Our room was filled with paintings of the ocean. Some had ships in them. Others were storms. You could occasionally find ones that were viewed under the ocean. You even find some that were just of a calm, deep, dark, great blue. There were two beds, both bigger than the one Laurie and I shared. The covers were a dark blue.

Before we had enough time to soak it all in Beck invited us to dinner. During dinner I noticed how much prettier Virginia looks without makeup on. Her purple lip stick, smokey eyes, and brown eyebrows were gone. She had naturally light red lips. Her eyebrows were really the same color as her hair. Her hair is wavy and more of a red down. I realize her eyes are closer to green than blue. She must've been wearing contacts.

Dinner was quite simple. We were just eating hamburgers. We didn't really talk during dinner. The only things we said were mostly complimenting Virginia on her cooking skills. It ended quickly. I banished Laurie from coming into our room until I told him he could. As I was reaching for the door knob I notice something etched into the metal.


I don't know anything about this but I want to scream.

And I do.

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15 Apr, 2022
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