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Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Three)
Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Three)

Mysteries in New Berlin (Part Three)


Laurie laughed. I don't know why he was laughing. I hope he wasn't laughing at me. At my name. I got to choose my name and I chose Raelyn. Sure Raelyn and Lawrence don't go well together but we do. So why was he laughing?

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. "Just are you sure you want to choose Raelyn as your name," Laurie laughed harder.

I could feel my forehead caving in. My beginning to burn. My throat starts to get barb wire stuck around it. I burst into tears. No, burst isn't the right word. More like overflowed. I ran off. Barricading myself in our room, I shoved my head into the pillows and screamed. It was so loud Master was there in seconds.

Master only keeps us alive so we can keep the farm alive. He doesn't care for us. So when I screamed he came to check on me to make sure another one of his tools is okay. He doesn't treat us like slaves but he doesn't treat us like humans either. He knocks on the door.

"Go away, I'm changing," I lie. Even if it is a small lie I had to do it. I have never lied in my entire life; it's safer that way. Master jogs away and I stand up from the bed. I may not know how I got here. But I do know that I don't want to stay here.

I run back to Laurie. "We're leaving. Tonight," I command. I run to a pile of wood without him being able to question why I would have said that on earth. I know why.

That night I rouse Laurie from sleep. He wakes up with a mumble and a growl. "Get dressed," I say. I pull the covers off of him and he, of course, is already dressed. I know for certain the only reason he was dressed is that he was too tired to undress. In his defense, I too was too tired to get undressed. He was dressed in his usual worn jeans and fleece. I was in my worn overalls and light brown t-shirt. I had a bag slung over my shoulder. In the bag, I had an extra pair of clothes for both of us. I packed some food, apples, bread, and the like.

"Get your shoes on, we need to book it, now," I ordered.

"Just because you're four years older than me doesn't mean you have authority," Laurie snapped back.

"I hate to tell you that it does," I stage whispered. He groaned.

We left the room through the window. I went after him because I'm stronger. In this case, it was better to be stronger so you could hold yourself up and close the window. I dropped myself to the ground and let out a grunt. I pat Laurie's back to tell him we need to get to the fence. Once we get over the fence we a busy city beyond, even at this time of night. It was at that moment that we realize it. We know nothing about anything.

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14 Apr, 2022
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2 mins
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