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Natural Healing Methods
Natural Healing Methods

Natural Healing Methods


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Twelve

Let’s return to the products of the pharmaceutical industry for a moment. Wise ones appreciate that their medicines can but suppress the outer manifestations of what a spirit/soul is trying to tell its troubled small earthly self. There is no way they will ever be able to bring healing and peace that is true and lasting beyond the sufferer’s present lifetime. That’s why these sages prefer to ask God and the Angels to let them know intuitively which alternative natural healing methods will be most beneficial for them.

The knowledge gained along this road is meant to be shared with as many as possible, so that they too may find healing that way, if they so wish. To paraphrase Ephesians 6:17: Let the word of God be your helmet of salvation and take the sword of the Spirit to cut away everything that stands between you and the truth. When tempted by anything, the most effective weapon available to us is the higher esoteric meaning and the truth that for a long time had to remain hidden behind the surface words of the sacred texts of our world. Through revealing the truth, these words turn into the sword of the spirit that separates us from the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the past. God and the Angels have patiently been waiting a long time to eventually place it into the hands of every human being.

The following is the essence of Hebrews 4:12: ‘The word of God is living and all-efficient. It is much sharper than any double-edged earthly sword because it possesses the power of cutting away that which has been separating the aims of your spirit/soul from those of its earthly counterpart by taking you into the reasoning and consciousness of your heart.’ Once the higher esoteric meaning behind the surface words of the parable of Jesus in the desert has revealed itself to you, you will be able to see for yourself that this is the most striking example of God and the Angels showing us the best way of dealing with the drives and urges of our earthly nature, so that they can no longer overwhelm us.

Knowing that the main laws of life are love and evolution or rather evolution based on love, wise ones appreciate that it does not take a genius to work out that, regardless of what our world’s mass media are trying to convince us, at any given moment there are much more of the good, right and beautiful aspects of our existence than those that to this day are dark and ugly, bad and evil. This applies as much to humankind’s nature as everything else that exists on our planet. In keeping with the Divine great plan for the whole of Creation, those things are merely their temporary lower unevolved manifestations.

Jonas Edward Salk, 1914–1995, the American medical researcher and virologist wrote: ‘I see the triumph of good over evil as a manifestation of the error-correcting process of evolution.’ Because God and the Angels are part of everything, nothing in the whole of Creation happens without their knowledge. There is no doubt in my mind that Salk’s special gift was developed in the course of many lifetimes. That’s why in this one he could be used as the channel through which the ideas for the discovery and development of one of the first successful polio vaccines could be given to our world.

Born 28th October 1914, Salk was destined to one day become a leader of people. He was a Sun Scorpio and people who have this sign strongly configured in their birthcharts, for example with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant, once they get their teeth into something their behaviour is similar to a dog’s with a bone. They find it impossible to let go of a matter until it has been resolved to their satisfaction. Salk’s destiny number is 8 under the influence of Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius. Capricorn is the sign in which the highest human achievements are possible and Aquarius in which humankind’s greatest dreams and aspiration can find fulfilment.

Contrary to the popular myth that Capricorns are patient people, during a lifetime in this sign that’s filled with delays and frustrations life itself teaches us this sterling quality. One also learns how to envisage a distant goal and then, in spite of one’s fears and apprehensions, steadily and carefully hand over hand patiently keeps on working until it has been reached.

Be that as it may, I do not share Salk’s view that the lower manifestations of anything are errors. To my mind, they merely are a natural part of the evolutionary process that will forever continue throughout the whole of Creation. In the fullness of time, assisted by God and the Angels all lower manifestations are guaranteed to evolve into something of excellence and beauty. Firmly holding onto thoughts of this kind that’s how many small people in many small places doing many small things can and indeed are meant to change our world into a more beautiful and peaceful world.

My writings have always been of an intuitive nature. They represent the truth that flows to you straight from my heart. Whenever you are coming across another part of it, it is worthwhile of being integrated into the store of your truths only when your inner guidance, through the world of your feelings, reacts with: ‘Yes, this makes sense; it is true!’ If you are following the lead of your inner guidance and simply tell that which comes to you intuitively, your words are going to be true as well as original, without you being aware of it at first.

Being part of us, God and the Angels know us better than we do ourselves. And if they know as to be trustworthy, they are sure to provide us with the ideas and the inspiration through which their wisdom and truth can flow into our world. Anyone who freely and willingly acts, unselfishly and for the highest good of the whole, as their channel is provided with the means for spreading the results far and wide to those who are ready to receive, understand and appreciate that which is coming their way.

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6 Feb, 2020
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