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Nearer My God To Thee
Nearer My God To Thee

Nearer My God To Thee


From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Present Events On The Earthly Plane – Part Three

Nearer My God To Thee

Grasping the meaning of the spiritual knowledge that for quite some time has been flowing ever more forcefully into the individual and collective consciousness of your world is different from merely reading it. Understanding has the power of raising your whole being into the consciousness of the infinite and eternal world of spirit, your true home in which you will forever have your being. This is your preparation for when you have reached the end of your earthly education and, after handing back to Mother Earth your present physical body in as good condition as possible, you are going to be released into the greater freedom of the spirit realm.

For every lifetime this is the case when its purpose has been fulfilled, the work you came to do has been carried out, the lessons you wanted to take part in have been absorbed sufficiently and the right amount of your karmic debts has been paid. Can you remember what kind of a relief it was when you first realised that in truth there is no death, that when you leave your physical body behind your spirit/soul merely moves into different dimensions of life? The knowledge of this is the birthright of the whole of humankind and every one of My children within it.

Every new earthly lifetime is designed to take you that bit nearer to Me. All of you eventually discover that your God is not someone who is sitting on a throne in a far distant place that exists high above the clouds of your world somewhere. You will be glad to learn that I am by no means a wifeless Father who sits on a throne with his Son, who has neither a mother nor a companion to support him. What a sad existence that would have been, if it had been true. The Angels and I inspired this unlikely tale and provided you with religions that would do their best to suppress the shreds of truth, which were given by the Great Mother’s love and wisdom from behind the scenes of earthly life, and dared to rear their heads.

Any method was good enough for the purpose of suppressing the truth, especially the most cruel ones that were the essential ingredients of the violence and warmongering of those days. Much of the old and most ancient karmic debts that were created then are presently being redeemed through the suffering of your world. And because some young and inexperienced spirit/souls still need lessons of this nature, this kind of thing has not yet ceased to exist in some parts of your world. Can you imagine the mountains of negative Karma that were brought about in this way and the soul growth that followed in its wake, as well as those that such actions are creating to this day?

It is through withholding and giving that the Mother’s wisdom teaches your world the value of concepts and things. The ideas about truth and peace for a while disappeared almost entirely from your world, so that when they eventually re-established themselves, people would treasure them highly and guard them most carefully, allowing nothing to wipe them out again. Let’s start with the fact that I am your Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, that you are My beloved child of the Earth and that you have a very special relationship you have with Me.

Hearing such things at first surprises you, but in due course the feeling that they make sense and are right rise from your innermost being into the consciousness of your earthly being. This is how I have always tried to guide you intuitively and at last you are becoming aware of My presence and start to respond to it. And next time when you are out and about in Mother Nature, enjoying the greenery around you and the sweet sound of bird’s voices communicating with each other, and feel particularly near to Me you enjoy the thought that in truth we are much closer than that. It is likely that by then the Divine spark within you has transformed itself into an inner light that is doing its share of illuminating the darkness of the earthly plane of life. Knowing that spiritually light is knowledge and ignorance is darkness, you do not hesitate to share your learning with anyone who is in need of it. In the fullness of time, this is how every human being is required to make their contribution towards transmuting their own and your planet’s heavy atoms of matter into light and vibrant spiritual ones.

Through this process Mother Earth is going to be transformed into a planet of healing and peace. Each one of you was created for one specific task in this work and has their own pathway to walk, role to play, work to do and truth to find. In your search for truth, forget about finding it in history books, for they were written to promote the glory of the winners. Therefore, not surprisingly, they are filled with untruths. Look into your own heart instead and learn to listen to Me, the small still voice of your conscience, the wise one or living God within. Bear in mind that your life’s work can only be done by you and that your neighbour’s role cannot be played by you.

Never forget that all the religions that ever appeared in your world have been but different roads that lead up the same spiritual mountain of the oneness with Me. Every belief system is all equally valuable and good and is doing justice to the evolutionary level the people following it have reached at any given moment and the Karma they brought with them from previous lifetimes. Rest assured that everything that ever happened in your world has been part of My evolutionary plan for all life and that this will forever continue. The design for humankind’s spiritual development is an integral part of the great overall plan.

Even though during the early stages of their earthly education human beings are unaware of this, I have always been with you and you with Me; this will forever be the case. This is why every prayer is heard and none of anyone’s thoughts, words and actions are secrets to the Angels and Me. Divine love does not command or force anyone to do anything. That’s why you have been granted the gift of freedom of choice and nobody on My side of the veil that separates your world from Mine would ever dream of forcing you to do anything. The outcome of this is that when one of you wants My help, it has to be asked for. There is no other way. When you are in dire straits and the need for praying overcomes you, it’s not that I am drawing closer to you. Being one with you, this is impossible. Your prayer is the necessary first step that opens the communication channel and direct link with the Angels and Me. It is you who in this way is coming nearer to Me and you need to do so freely and willingly, of your own accord that has its origin in a deep inner need. That’s the only way it can be done.

Human hearts that have opened to loving My way have no need for commandments to tell them not to kill and harm any creature. This is in sharp contrast to the behaviour patterns during the early stages of humankind’s earthly education. During the six thousand years of patriarchy, the ten commandments of the Abrahamic traditions had been given and were well known. As it was not yet known that all of you are responsible for every thought, word and deed, in spite of what the sacred texts of your religions taught, for example in the Talmud, the Bible and the Koran, people were forced to kill and destroy, hurt and wound each other and that by the millions.

Let’s round things off by paraphrasing Søren Kierkegaard, 1883-1855, the Danish theologian and poet, social critic and religious author who is widely considered to be the first existentialist philosopher: ‘Praying does not change God, it changes us.’ Prayer is the beginning of your homeward bound journey into the conscious oneness with Me. I am in everything and everything is in Me, the good as well as the bad and indifferent. That which is good, right and beautiful in your world is the higher evolved part, i.e. good = God. This is the one every human being has been striving for from the moment of its conception in the heartmind of Me. Every good, kind and loving thought, word and deed adds to the power of good or God and decreases that of the lower crude and unevolved part, known to you as bad and evil or in the olden days as the devil.

In Kierkegaard’s time God was still thought of as a constant static and unchanging force, but you will now be able to see for yourself that in truth it is a constantly changing and expanding one. And if you think that what is before you here is good, right and beautiful and decide to share it with as many as possible of those around you, you will be making a valuable contribution towards increasing the God force of your world and decreasing its evil counterpart.

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8 Feb, 2019
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