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Never Die: Marcel Jacob Music Legacy
Never Die: Marcel Jacob Music Legacy

Never Die: Marcel Jacob Music Legacy


In 1978, Marcel created the band Rising Force with Yngwie Malmsteen. Being with the group three years, he decided to leave in 1981 to join Force which then later changed into Europe replacing John Leven who took Marcel's place in Rising Force.

With his time with Force (later changed to become Europe) Marcel wrote along with vocalist Joey Tempest, "Black Journey Through My Soul" which then later changed to be "Scream of Anger" which was featured on Force's second album Wings of Tomorrow.

Spending three months with Force Leven and Jacobs once again swapped groups as Malmsteen and Leven had some issues. In 1985, Marcel then was featured on Rising Force's album Marching Out and played in the U.S tour with Malmsteen.

In 1987, Marcel then rejoined Europe to produce another album by John Norum Total Control. Marcel put some pre-Malmsteen band Power songs on the album. Then in 1989, Marcel left to create his own group with singer Jeff Scott Soto called Talisman.

Through the years of Talisman, Marcel Jacob was the main component of the band as he produced and sound engineered the albums himself through 2007.

In 1992, Marcel played on the song "Nothing's Free" with the group Lion Share which was introduced into the Belgium compilation album and then 1993 was when Marcel was invited as a guest musician onto Thomas Vikstrom's album If I Could Fly.

In 1994, Marcel joined The Johansson Brothers' self-titled album. After Marcel created another group called Human Clay, together with Jeff Scott Soto producing two albums. In 1996, Jacob played on Inspiration, a cover album recorded by Malmsteen.

In 2000, Jacob stopped music for study of psychology at Stockholm University.

In 2005 Jacob was one to participate in the Swedish/German hard rock band Last Autumn's Dream for its sophomore album, along with Jamie Borger and Thomas Lassar. They were hired to replace John Levén, Ian Haugland and Mic Michaeli, who played on the debut album, but could not make it due to taking part of the Europe reunion. Jacob recorded Last Autumn's Dream five studio albums, the latest one being Dreamcatcher, which was released in 2009.

Jacob made his final showing on a record with the Swedish band Impulsia, in the album Expressions which was released in 2009.

Marcel, like many other people, had his personal demons and issues and sadly took his own life in late July, 2009 in his home at the age of 45.

Marcel's funeral was held on August 20, 2009 and was attended by John Norum, John Levén and Mic Michaeli. Later that evening Levén performed "Scream of Anger" with the remaining members of Talisman as part of the memorial that was at Pub Anchor in Stockholm.

Brought onto Earth: January 30, 1964
Passage to Heaven: July 21, 2009

Awards, Medals, Recognitions

Talisman reunited to produce the song "Never Die (A Song For Marcel)"

Marcel Jacob Quote

"...we might be human but in the end, we still being animals"

Author Notes: RIP to a successful bass player and record producer.

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