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Never Feel Afraid Reviews

6 reviews have given an average rating of 5 out of 5 Stars
Durandal gave a rating of 5

This is a good story, it says a lot about life.

tayloremilyadaros gave a rating of 5

omg i can't even i love this so much! you sound like an amazing friend and i am so glad that their are people like you left in the world. keep up the good work, this made me feel so happy.

Mr. Mills gave a rating of 5

Sooooo cool you have a story about your friend. Keep up the good work babe:)

gave a rating of 5

Been a while since anyone posted something like this. They always give that little feeling of happiness

Striker gave a rating of 5

I love it, and I can relate on a personal level as well as having a sort of first hand account, if you know who I am of course. Keep up the great work.

sabi gave a rating of 5

much love to you and salty! Coincidencedly, I do know how you feel. You guys can totally strike up a conversation (I'm super chatty, even in keyboard mode). I can share a few tips to cope and help.
Anyway much love <3 <3 <3 and remember; it gets better.


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