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Never Mind Earthly Treasures
Never Mind Earthly Treasures

Never Mind Earthly Treasures

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The Aquarian Spiritual Transformation – Part Eight

To paraphrase Matthew 6:19-20: ‘Do not look for earthly treasures that can be destroyed by moths and rust. Thieves can break in and steal them. Apart from that, you cannot take any of them with you when for you the time has come for leaving behind the earthly plane and returning to your true home, the spirit realm. Worldly belongings are useless there, you can’t take any of them with you. Once you have shaken off the yokes and shackles that the false beliefs of your world’ religions placed around your consciousness, worldly treasures reveal themselves as nothing but burdens. That’s why wise ones concentrate on looking for the heavenly treasures of spiritual wisdom and truth. They enjoy building up an ever increasing store of them and rest safely in the knowledge that they will belong to them forever and ever.

‘There is no point searching for spiritual such treasures in any of your world’s religious teachings. None of them are literally true. But as soon as you start looking behind the surface words of the tales and legends God and the Angels, through the various religions, once brought to your world, you are guaranteed to find a better understanding of humankind’s long evolutionary journey and treasures beyond compare that are eternally be yours. No-one will ever attempt to take them from you. However, knowledge on its own, of the spiritual kind or other subjects, is never enough without the ability of comprehending it. Only then can it be applied to first improve your own life and then reaching our for making your world into a better and more peaceful place for everybody.

‘Christianity’s main false belief is the tale that I, Jesus, really exist, that I can redeem all of everyone’s sins and save anyone who accepts that I am a historic figure who once walked on the earthly plane is by no means literally true. The story of my life is a legend. The false belief of my existence was created by the Highest forces of life for the wise higher purpose of creating a barrier between God and humankind. As a result, for a predestined length of time it was impossible for humankind to communicate directly with its true parents and Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. This, however, never changed every human being’s birthright of acquiring this ability. False beliefs could not wipe it out, merely delay this development.

‘This cannot happen without the realisation that the Jesus tale is not literally true; that everybody’s own higher God or Christ nature is the long awaited true comforter and healer; and that this is the only force who not only really can but eventually will save and redeem every one of you, the whole of humankind and its world. The deeper you penetrate into the Aquarian age, the more everyone’s own higher nature is going to wake up and make its presence felt in many beneficial ways. And that is the true meaning of the long promised and often talked about ‘Second Coming’ of the Christ. It is happening right here and now, in every one of you. And unless the appearance of the Jesus legend counts as one of the comings, this is indeed the first one.

‘The awakened ones in your midst are required to first find healing for themselves and then share what this journey has taught them with as many as possible, so they too can set about healing themselves. When this has been achieved, the time has come for reaching out and healing all of humankind and your whole world. This is how ultimately all of you together will be occupied with doing this. And that’s how the greatest healing miracle of all times, which for some time by now has been in the process of unfolding on your plane, will come about. Every one of you is required to give of their best, share their gifts and contribute as much as possible to this event.

‘The Jesus legend’s stations describe in picture book fashion the initiations in which every human being, all of humankind and your whole world have always been taking part. Each one on their own and all together, you have constantly been marching forwards and upwards on God’s great evolutionary spiral of life. Every stage of the Master’s life story depicts another part of the spiritual journey during which, in the course of many earthly lifetimes, every one of you eventually evolves into a spiritual Master and Christed one, each in their own right.

‘The Christ child’s birth represents the time when the lower earthly self’s higher God or Christ nature begins to stir from its slumbering state. That’s why at a certain point of the lower self’s development it dawns on you that humankind’s earthly existence is not all there is to you and your life. Your higher nature’s hopes, dreams and aspiration begin to stir from deep within your own being. Feeling much more interesting than what you have been doing up to that point, you decide to follow them instead of giving in to your lower nature’s drives and urges. At a certain point of every human being’s evolutionary journey the awareness of the higher dimensions of life wakes up and steadily increases. Until then you do not know what to do with spiritual knowledge whenever some of it comes your way, so you reject it as imaginary nonsense. That’s why, when some of it knocks at the door of our consciousness, quite literally for you there is ‘no room at the inn’.

‘Every human being’s development consists of a long and protracted evolutionary journey that starts with taking part in every one of the earthly school of life’s lessons. At the beginning, the higher God or Christ nature in every one of you is but a minute spark of the Universal Christ’s light. The Jesus legend’s ‘immaculate conception’ stands for each spark coming into being without having been touched by anything on the material plane. This is how every one of you once started their own journey and in the course of many lifetimes your Divine spark’s light constantly increases. This continues until it has grown strong enough to positively influence the thinking and behaviour patterns of its earthly counterpart, the small lower self.

‘The Angels and Masters on the highest level of life rejoice when they observe that the Christ nature of another one is waking up and that a new Christ child is being born on the earthly plane. Every one of you once started their existence as an idea in the Great Father’s mind. It was subsequently planted in the innermost heart of a creature as a tiny spark of the Christ light. In close co-operation with the Great Mother your development on the earthly plane of life began. Constantly being nurtured and cared for by the Universal Christ’s light and warmth, in the course of many lifetimes the spark in every lower earthly self eventually grows so strong that the characteristics of its higher God or Christ nature move ever more into the foreground of its consciousness.

‘Death and resurrection are descriptions of the process your spirit/soul experiences when your small and frightened earthly selves freely and willingly nail the drives and urges of their lower nature to the cross of matter, so they can die there and be no more. The cross was not invented by Christianity but is the oldest known symbol for humankind’s existence in physicality. And the resurrection of the Jesus legend represents the waking up of every human being’s true God or Christ nature. By the time this event comes about, it has been waiting for the predestined time to slowly but surely take over its small lower earthly self. This part begins to realise that on the inner spiritual level there is no separation between anything and all is one and that, therefore, everyone’s whole being, not merely their spirit/soul, has always been one with God and the Angels.

‘Your whole planet and everything that’s taking part in the present development also experiences this kind of initiation. It consists of a long drawn out process in which you and your world for a long, long time have been involved and that with steadily increasing intensity. This is how all of you together have, since the beginning of humankind’s presence on the earthly plane, always been moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral into an ever more spiritual and etherealised future. Because of this, with the passing of time, your world is ready to change into a place where physical bodies will no longer be required for getting around.

‘Although for the time being you may find this hard to imagine, but you and your world are moving towards times when the coming and going of earthly lifetimes will no longer be necessary and therefore cease. This is because your planet has always been evolving together with humankind. Try not to think merely about your present lifetime. Refuse to get stuck there, but extend your vision to the future when this kind of thing is guaranteed to come about.’

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13 Jul, 2021
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