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New Girl

New Girl

By Bitter - 4 Reviews

Whitney raised an eyebrow when the new kids had to stand up and introduce themselves.
Come on, Whitney thought, we're in grade 10, we're not little kids.
Firs up was a skinny boy named Matt. He was the tallest kid in our class, and maybe even the school. Then, there was Alexandra. She was a beautiful Japanese girl with long hair and glasses. Then, there was Troy. He was your average kid. He was ugly, but he wasn't SUPER attractive. Last but not least, there was Leslie. Leslie had long brown hair and a tall, skinny build. She looked like a brunette barbie doll. Leslie sat down by the back and didn't talk to anyone.
"She looks cool. Let's talk to her." my friend Katy suggested.
But by then, the bell had rung and class was starting.

At lunch, my other friend, Gabriella waved Leslie over. Leslie timidly approached the table and sat down.
"Hi." she said quietly.
"Hey. I LOVE your hair. It looks just like mine, except mine is a little lighter." Gabriella babbled on. Her and Leslie had clicked immediately.
For the next week or so, Leslie hung out with us, and we talked about clothes, homework, and boys in the class.
"I kinda like Matt. He's cute." Katy said.
The rest of us laughed.
"Yeah, he'd be great. If you were 9 feet tall." Gabriella joked.
Katy blushed.
"How about you, Les?" I asked.
Lesie looked very pale that night, and she was shaking like crazy.
"Um, are you okay?" I asked.
"Do you need to go home or something?" Katy suggested.
Leslie shook her head.
"I just haven't been getting much sleep the last few nights. That's all." she faked a smile.
"But, if I had to choose someone in the class, I would choose Matt too. I mean, whom else is there?" Leslie joked.

The next Monday, we all met up at lunch. Leslie looked a lot happier than she had the last few nights. She was wearing her hair in a braid, just like Katy.
"Ha! We look like twins." Katy pointed out.

The next day, Leslie showed up to school with her hair cut off in what looked like a bob.
"Nice hair. When did you do this?" Leslie looked at me with an 'are-you-kidding-me' look. Then, she turned to the other girls.
"Last night. I think it makes me look original." Leslie said.
The girls nodded in agreement.
After school, I overheard Gabriella and Katy talking in the hallway. I caught words like, 'shorter' and 'cut'. Were they going to cut their hair too? I looked at my long light hair. I didn't want to cut it off.

The next week, all the girls had short, crudely cut bobs. Except for me.
"You look like a bunch of clones." Matt teased.
The gis grunted and turned away.
"All right. Who wants to T.P. his house tonight?" Leslie suggested. All the girls excitedly raised their hands. What had gotten into them? I didn't raise my hand. I didn't want to get in trouble.
"Whitney, why didn't you raise your hand?" Leslie asked.
"Because you guys could get in trouble." I responded.
Leslie smiled meanly at me and turned away.

For the rest of the week, the rest of the girls bragged about their prank. Matt didn't say anything to them anymore. I decided to try and talk to him after class.
"Hey, are you okay?" I asked.
"There's something wrong with Leslie. She's messed up." Matt said.

The next week, Matt was found dead. He was hit by a car. Classes were out for the week because if the death, so Leslie invited everyone to her house for a sleepover.
At the sleepover, the girls decided to play 'truth or dare'. We saf in a circle and went one by one. Leslie was first.
"Leslie, I dare you to... Lip-synch to a song while we video tape it!" Katy said with a giggle. So, we taped Leslie lip-sync to an entire Justin Beiber song.
"Okay, Katy. I dare you to stand outside the window." Leslie said. Katy turned white. She was deathly afraid of heights. Katy shook as she leaned out the window, taking one step at a time. Then, Leslie pushed her. Katy flew forward and screamed. At the last second, Leslie grabbed her hand and pulle her back in. Leslie laughed. Katy forced some fake laughter.

Finally, we fell asleep. It didn't last long, though. An hour later, I woke up duct taped to the wall. Leslie stood in front of me.
"Gotcha!" she yelled and the rest of the girls laughed.
I struggled to move, not really finding it funny.
"Oh, this is fun!" Leslie said.
"You know what else is fun? This." she said as she lifted her hand. Katy flew into the air and out the 4-story window. Gabriella screamed. Leslie shoved her back and she landed in the door way. Leslie slammed the door a few times; crushing Gabriella's head. Through the duct tape, I screamed. Leslie ripped the tape from my mouth. She was still smiling.
"Still confused?" Leslie asked.
She suddenly began to shake. Slowly, her jaw spread apart, until finally ripping off, and an object squeezed out of her enlarged mouth. The object had gray skin and red eyes, it was bald and had long talons. Sharp teeth stuck out of it's mouth as it hissed.
"Whitney, I am not Leslie." it said in a voice that sounded like gravel.
"Y-you killed my friends." I stammered.
The thing nodded.
"Just like Matt. He was hit by a car. I drove him mad, until he through himself into a car." the thing laughed.
"You must be wondering what I'm going to do with you." it said.
"Well, out of the group, you showed the most power. The most self-control. Those other girls? They would shave their heads if I did it first." it laughed.
"A preserved soul like yours would be great for me." it said as it slithered beside me.
I couldn't even speak. I was petrified.
The thing opened it's jaw wide and began to swallow me. I thrashed about and finally fell off the wall. I landed on top of the creature. The land hand crushed it's neck, and it lay there unmoving.
A dark smoke slithered into the air. Then, it flew in my mouth.
I'll never know what the black smoke was, but I know what it did.
Maybe the new voices can tell me what the smoke was, since they came from it.

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7 Oct, 2011
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5 mins
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