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A New Life, a New Me pt.2
A New Life, a New Me pt.2

A New Life, a New Me pt.2


Emily's P.O.V

I start off the conversation with the newbies. I can almost sense death coming off them.

“So, have you guys been to school before?” I ask because why not. Bsides they all look like they’ve been to school before.

“Yes we actually have gone to school but it hasn’t been the best experience for us.” said the boy with blue eyes. “ Let us introduce ourselves, my name is Timothy,” said the blue eyed boy. “ This Toby.” He now pointed at the green eyed guy. “ And that is Brian but we call him Hoodie” He pointed to the final boy and I can see why they call him Hoodie because he always has his hoodie up.

“Well my name is Emily. The guy I was talking to early was my friend Seth.”Just when I think things are starting to go well.

“So, why are those girls calling you killer?” ask Toby.

I hate having to explain this but I can’t blame them. They’re new. “Well that is because everyone here thinks I killed my family but I did and I was proven innocent. I don’t like talking about it but you’re new so I’ll give you a pass. Just don’t ask me again ‘kay. If you have any questions ask me.”

“ I have one where we get our schedule?” asked Hoodie. That is the first time I hear his voice it’s deep and cold. Timothy’s voice is the same but it is a little sweeter. Toby’s voice is the most boyish like he is still a little kid.

“ In the media center I’ll take you there.” I said, when we got there I told the lady that the boys were new and needed their schedule. She printed them out and handed them to me then told me to get out. “ Well don’t think you are going to need these.” I told them.

“Why?’’ ask Timothy. The boys gave me a curious look.

“Because you guys have the same classes as me.” I tell them and for some weird reason I got chills down my spine. Something was about to go wrong.

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24 Feb, 2020
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