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A New Life, a New Me pt.3
A New Life, a New Me pt.3

A New Life, a New Me pt.3


Emily's P.O.V

As we got to the class room the place went silent. I can feel everyone's eyes on me. I try to ignore it but it feel like I’m fucking melting. I sit in a seat in the back Timothy, Toby, and hoodie in the same group as me. I feel a little better knowing that I am not sitting alone but it wasn’t going to last long.

“Hey look everyone it’s killer and it looks like she got herself some friends. Look newbies everyone here know that this little bitch killed her so called “precsioue family” by starting a fucking fire. If anything she deservs to fucking die.” Victoria said. That bitchy whore doesn’t know anything

“Well at least I haven’t slept with every guy here. You also don’t anything from the investagion so shut your fucking gaint ass mouth before I make you.” I really hate her. She was about to say something else but the teacher walked in.

Later during lunch I sat in the only part of the cafeteria that was quiet. Timothy, Toby and Hoodie sat with me. It was weird having them follow me around like lost puppies but they don’t know anyone else here and won’t talk to anyone.

“So, are you guys brothers?” I asked. It really doesn’t matter. I just want to have a decent conversation.

“No but we all live together. We other people that live with us but they are either too old or too young to go to high school.” Toby said. “ Do they serve waffles in the mornings here?”

“No but the food here isn’t that great. So I ....” I barely got my sentence going when I was interrupted.

“What about you? Do you live with anyone? ” Hoodie asked.

“No I live by myself. I fucking sucks sometimes but I have my own space” I laugh nerviuosly because I never get asked questions.

“Are you into guys or girls?” Timothy asked

“ I don’t know Timothy. What do you think?” I say sarcastically. It is pretty obvious what the answer is.

“I think you like chicks and call me Tim please.” Tim said.

“I like guys dumbass. I just don’t care to date right now.” I said.

Just then the bell rang and telling us that lunch was over. It was time for hell to start durning again.

Author Notes: enjoy

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25 Feb, 2020
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