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A New Life, a New Me
A New Life, a New Me

A New Life, a New Me


Emily's P.O.V

I'm sitting down on the bench waiting for the bus. I have my earbuds in trying to ignore the pain I'm feeling. It is so funny that I feel this pain everyday, but no one knows why, only I do. My phone goes off, I have a message.

Seth: Hey girly, are you up or are you going to miss school again?

Me: Sup, yeah I'm going to school.

Seth: Sweet see you soon!

Seth is a really good friend, but he has his down sides. He is a total pervert and an asshole but he is one of my closest friends. I see the bus coming, well another day in hell will cheer me up. The bright side is that I get to see my friends even if they are the only ones that believe me. I got on the bus and sat by myself for reasons that only I should deal with. I finally get off the bus after an hour but that is nothing like the hell I am about to face.

When I got in the building everyone stared at me as if I was wearing nothing but my underwear and bra. I see Seth looking at his phone with earbuds in. He is most likely to be wathind porn or something gay as fuck. I can't really complain. I've watched fucking creepypasta ships and how to summon one on my fucking phone.

"Look killer is back I bet she is morning over her dead family like a pussy," said Victoria

"Well, at least I'm not the biggest whore in school, " I said

"Excuse me what did you say killer," Victoria siad.

I just walked away ignoring her. I walk over Seth but some randos ran into me. They said they were sorry and that they were new here. I offer to show them around with Seth. They all had brown hair but they each had a different eye color. One had blue eyes, another green, and last one had black eyes. They were all very good looking but there was something off about them I just can't put my finger on it.

"Yo fatass, we have new kids I said we will show them around," I said after I yanked his ear buds out.

"You go do it, you cunt. I have to wait for my girlfriend," Seth said this as if it wasn't a surprise. I have known Seth for a long time and he is not boyfriend material. Anyways I hope this school doesn't eat the new kids alive.

Author Notes: Enjoy!

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16 Jan, 2020
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2 mins
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