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Newly Born Children : Not Empty Vessels
Newly Born Children : Not Empty Vessels

Newly Born Children : Not Empty Vessels

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The Aquarian Writings : Epilogue (3)

A lack of understanding is the true cause of why to this day there is so much suffering in our world and that’s what is making its present state possible. The first thing that I believe is essential for one of us to find out is who and what we truly are and why we are taking part in earthly life. As these matters have been sufficiently covered in other parts of my writings, there is no need to go into them again. And what’s just as important to bear in mind is that no-one is born onto this plane of life who is merely an empty vessel that’s waiting to be filled with as much information as possible, which in later life could be of no use to the person whatsoever. Hardly any child is ever born who has not brought with it at least some gifts and talents that were developed in previous lifetimes.

From the moment of its renewed entry into here, just about every newly born child is a vessel that’s filled to overflowing with good things that are waiting, hopefully with encouragement from those around it, in its present lifetime to unfold to full flowering. Every one of us is somehow capable of enriching our world and doing our share of transforming it into a better and more enjoyable place for all. That’s no doubt what happened to the child genius Mozart, who at five years old started to produce compositions. His first one was a dainty and well balanced Minuet and Trio in G major.

Because of this, my inner guidance tells me that there is a great need in our world to form groups of freethinking parents, who dedicate their children to the Highest Forces of life. This could be done in a procedure that’s similar to the one of christening in which someone’s present lifetime is dedicated to the non-existent God-man Jesus. How about parents assisting their children and encouraging them to bring forth, each from the depths of their own being, their very own higher God or Christ nature, the best, holiest and highest they are capable of giving to our world? Such a movement will go a long way towards transforming our planet into a happier and generally more agreeable place for the whole of humankind.

The Aquarian age being the age of truth, ever more of the truth keeps on bubbling to our world’s surface. That’s why by now, increasing numbers of us are aware that the Jesus tale is nothing but a legend. Every part of his life’s story stands for an initiation into the spiritual aspects of every human being’s spiritual nature. In the course of many earthly lifetimes, we experience them one after the other, even though for a long time we are unaware of what’s happening to us. Jesus never was a historical figure. He is a symbolism of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature and the human heart is the most humble place that exists on the earthly plane. The animals around the newly born Christ child’s crib represent the lower human animal nature who, as most of us are aware of these days, evolved from the animal kingdom.

And that’s how, with the passing of time, everybody’s higher God or Christ nature evolves and becomes stronger. It comes about through directly absorbing the light of the Universal Christ, ever more of it in the course of each earthly lifetime. Added to it is light in the form of enlightenment that consists of wisdom and a better understanding of our own nature and the world around us. And when at last we have climbed the spiral of our personal evolutionary journey sufficiently, our Christ nature has grown sufficiently powerful to make its presence felt on the earthly plane. And that’s what eventually happens to every human being and not merely a selected few.

At a certain point of our education in the earthly school of life, it dawns on us that all human beings, therefore also you and me, are personally responsible for every thought, word and action we have ever sent into our world. And that causes me to wonder what is going to happen when the zillions of words, which in the age of digital communication and mobile phones are spoken by so many into their appliances at just about all times, when in due course each one of them is returned to its sender, by the Universal law, God’s law, of cause and effect or Karma. If more people were aware of happens, would it cure at least some of them from being addicted to talking into their phones almost nonstop?

Be that as it may, nothing on the earthly plane happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything that ever came our way, in this lifetime and all previous ones, served the wise higher purpose of teaching us something. And whatever at present is in our lives was brought into being by none other than you and me. And although on the surface of things it frequently does not look that way, but everything that happens in our world is part of a carefully designed plan and at the same time the result of karmic debt or credit entries in our spiritual ledger.

Yes it’s true, every one of us has been granted the precious gift of freedom. Alas, the only freedom we truly ever have is how we react to whatever comes our way. We human beings are like dogs on a lead. You and I, we are the dog, the lead is our Karma and that rests firmly in the hands of those watching over us, the Angels of Karma. The sooner we grasp this, the more speedily it is possible to start behaving in a manner that directs the ship of our present lifetime, as well as all future ones, in the direction that is sure to benefit the progress of our evolutionary journey.

Thinking of our earthly existence as no more than an illusion, to my mind, reveals nothing but a lack of understanding of what it really is about and why we are taking part in it. In my view, everybody’s earthly existence is a most serious matter and that’s because being educated on the earthly plane is compulsory for every young God in the making, which cannot be avoided by anyone. That’s what every one of us is, independent of which stage someone’s evolutionary journey has reached at any given time.

Although we are unaware for a long time of what’s happening to us on the earthly plane, it never has been or will be less than a place of learning, a school where in the course of many lifetimes every human being grows ever more Heaven-tall. This can only come about through personally experiencing the many lessons provided by every one of the signs and houses the zodiac. Passing through each one time and time again, provides us with a steadily increasing understanding of the inner and outer aspects of our own nature, the whole of humankind and our world, the inner as well as the outer parts of it.

It’s the lack of understanding who and what every one of us truly is why so many to this day insist on bringing the worst out in each other, instead of assisting those around us to develop and bring forth, each from deep within their own being, that which is best, highest and holiest. The most important knowledge with which the age of truth wishes to provide us is that every human being, at any given moment, has the very worst as well as the best within them. It makes no difference whether someone is as yet aware of it or not.

Alas, without this awareness moving forwards and upwards, each on their own evolutionary spiral and the one for the whole of humankind, is just about impossible. That’s what applied to Julia’s parents and mine. Now that all four of them reside in the world of light, they have no difficulties recognising this quite clearly. More than likely they are feeling truly sorry that they did not make better use of their most recent lifetime. Never mind, there’ll always be another one, for as long as one of them needs it to complete the curriculum of their earthly education.

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19 Feb, 2022
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