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Night Shift
Night Shift

Night Shift


I've been a security guard for about seven years now and haven't encountered anything unusual while on the night shift. I saw some kids out late looking rather intoxicated and called them a cab so they wouldn't get in an accident. I've seen shady men and women alike survey the building I was guarding. Of course, I would show them off the property with little resistance. A couple of times I got in a squabble with people who wouldn't leave probably because they were drunk. I've had to escort people from the mall because they were causing a scene. I've even had people come up to me and want to fight. I'd just show them to the door which resulted in a fist to the chest or gut and sometimes the face. Sometimes women would go for the groin which is when I'd shove them on their way. If someone refused the baton and taser often helped. My partner Tom would be with me when these things occurred in case something happened but he mostly just did the more routine check-up around the mall with one of the other guards while I sat on cams. We have issued sidearms in case of armed suspects but throughout my time I only had to use it twice. Once to scare off some wildlife. And the other was when a man tried to break into my house. I held him at gunpoint until the police arrived to take him away. I now sleep with one eye open. But life has treated me well so far. No hard money issues or any family incidents. And thanks to Tom I find enjoyment in life. I am only 28 years old while Tom is 30 so there isn't a big age gap between us so we have some similar interests. We enjoy video games, we like to write I more than him though, we have similar taste in humor and music. We discovered this throughout our time together during our shift at the mall. He even helped me during my training which had formed our bond. I have noticed over the past fourish years he has been getting me cool little knick-knacks like figurines and decorations for my apartment. He even buys me a meal for our shift when he gets himself something to eat. I think of my ex Janis and how we acted with one another. Then I remember how she used me and try to forget. Then Tom makes me laugh. People give us odd looks but we don't care. I am a little uncertain about our relationship but it brings me joy. I have known him for some time and hope we stay in touch throughout life. I've never met anyone like him yet I don't understand how I feel. I am stuck in an odd place. I care about him but everyone I know tells me I'm wrong. I try to ignore the emotion but sometimes it escapes and what's worse is when it happens around him. He is so concerned for me it makes me smile while on patrol when we are meant to not show anything. We've never voiced our true opinions about one another but deep down we know so there is no need for words. He cares. I care. And no one can get in between us. I guess we will have to see if life itself agrees.

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About This Story
13 May, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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