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No Miserable Worms And Sinners
No Miserable Worms And Sinners

No Miserable Worms And Sinners


The Aquarian Spiritual Transformation – Part Twenty-Two

Message Of Hope From The Spirit Realm – Part Nine

‘Nobody in your world ever was a miserable worm and sinner, the way the old religions’ preachers used to assault their listeners from their pulpits, unaware that they were not only building an ever increasing guilt complex into their listeners’ psyche, but at the same time piling karmic debts into their spiritual ledger. A circle closes each time when those, who in previous lifetimes played the role of preacher, in this one are on the receiving end of what the law of cause and effect or Karma returns to them, and they have to endure the anguish their mental assaults of the past inflicted upon their listeners.

‘And that’s what in due course is sure to happen to your world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers. When it does, do not forget that everybody without exception is a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother, that nobody is really guilty of anything because all are merely learners and students in the earthly school of life. Unpleasant things have to happen in your world because everybody must get to know both sides of the coin of every concept. Never forget that every one of you is in truth a young God in the making. In the course of many lifetimes the same lower earthly self appears time and again to once more take part in the play-acting on the grand stage of earthly life. On every occasion you come in a different guise and play another role. That’s why it takes a long time until you realise that in truth you are always acting as your own descendant and that you have walked the road of earthly life many times before. It cannot be any other way. How else could you ever get to know both sides of everything? We shall return to this theme in a moment.

‘Just live one day at a time. Rest safely in the knowledge that you and your world and everything within it has always rested safely in the loving hands of the Highest Forces of life, i.e. God and the Angels. That’s where at all times they are holding all reigns. Do not doubt for a minute that this will forever continue. Just be glad that everything in your world is of temporary nature and that this most certainly applies to its present situation. It’s just that everything that ever took place on your plane has been an essential part of the lessons which every one of you, in their role as a young God in the making, most urgently needs.

‘The learning gained from each lesson represents a vital aspect of your road of taking part in the material world as a physical being, which for a long time is compulsory for every human spirit/soul. And it’s for wise higher reasons that each one of the lifetimes any one of you spends doing this merely lasts for a predestined length of time. The true and eternal home of every one of you is our realm. From it you emerge at the beginning of another lifetime and return to when it has run its course. Between lifetimes you rest and recuperate from the stresses and strains that are an inevitable aspect of the lessons in which you have to take part.

‘While resting here, you gather strength for your next earthly lifetime. Because you are aware that without further ones you will never reach the end of this school of life’s curriculum, as soon as you feel strong enough to tackle another lifetime, you consult the wise ones in charge of you about where and with whom it would best be spent, so that your earthly self grows in wisdom and understanding. It’s worth your while to push forwards like this, because when you have at last reached this establishment’s goal of having evolved into Christed one, in your own right, your energies will have become so refined that you will be able to continue your studies on the next higher level of life. As soon as that one has been dealt with sufficiently, you will be ready to explore the level that comes after that one, and so on and so forth.

‘During your resting periods with us you are aware that in truth a high and holy destiny awaits every human being, independent which developmental stage someone’s lower earthly self has reached at any given time. And whenever the goal of each earthly lifetime has been reached, whenever that may come about, one of our Angels of Death or Transformation, as we prefer to call them, takes your spirit/soul, the essence of your being, to a group that’s right for the energies you by then have developed. That’s where you stay until you are ready to re-emerge on the earthly plane in the guise of whatever role you yourself have chosen for yourself for the coming lifetime. This is how every one of you is constantly moving forwards and upwards on their personal evolutionary journey, as well as that of the whole of humankind and your world. On every occasion when your energies are right for the next higher group, you join them. A fresh set of spirit friends and helpers then takes you under their wings and supports all your endeavours, as much as they are allowed to, just like the previous ones.

‘You consult with your new group of wise ones about your next lifetime and start planning it. They advise you and only if what they suggest sounds good and promising to you, you agree. And because love is the Universal main law and even though attending the school of life is compulsory, nobody ever forces you to do anything. At all times you have freewill. To encourage you to develop a mind of your own, you are allowed to make your own decisions about anything that comes your way. ¬Up to a certain point and within limits, God and the Angels help you to create whatever is to your liking. Even if, during the early part of your earthly education, in some of your lifetimes you desire to invent ever more sophisticated war machinery. They provide you with the ideas of bringing it about.

‘For the sake of your education it is beneficial that so far you are unaware that you are personally responsible for every one of your thoughts, words and actions. You do not yet know that in due course you will have to live with the consequences of whatever you are creating in this way. This is because the Divine perfect justice of the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma is bound to return them to you. Each one will do so in somewhat strengthened because the original thoughts, words and actions have quite naturally fed into the light or dark streams of your world’s consciousness. They have been enriched by whatever else of the same nature has fed into that stream’s energies and that’s what, in the fullness of time, returns to you.

‘When as a result, in one or the other or maybe even several future lifetimes, bombs are raining from the sky on where you live and you get buried in the rubble of destroyed towns, cities and their properties, your own and surrounding ones, it would be better if you did not curse the other side and considered them to be your enemies. That’s not what anyone truly is. It’s merely the perfect Divine justice returning to you that which you sent into your world in previous lifetimes. Unbeknown to you, the balance of your spiritual account is restored through the suffering you endure and that closes this circle of experiences.

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1 Oct, 2021
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