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Nobody Is Without Flaws
Nobody Is Without Flaws

Nobody Is Without Flaws


Is There Any Need For Praying? – Part Four

Nobody Is Without Flaws

For those who wish to reach the end of their earthly education behaving the right way and in particular not sitting in judgement over anyone is just as important as praying, in some ways even more so. The more highly evolved we become, the more important it is to practise tolerance with our younger and less experienced siblings and be patient with them. Of course they have their flaws, but so do we. And when we see them struggling on their road home, let’s remind ourselves that everybody is walking the same pathway and pursuing the distant goal of being released from the duty of taking part in earthly life for good.

Aware of these things, wise ones never judge anyone. Remembering only too well how difficult it has been for them to come as far as they have helps them to realise that people and things cannot help being the way they are. The only thing that’s the matter with many of them is that they are still in the earlier and earliest stages of their development and learning the earthly lessons that every one of us has in their crude unevolved state has to take part in.

Counting their blessings, these sages bear in mind that with the passing of time, every human being slowly but surely becomes more highly evolved, the same as they themselves are at present. That’s why they merely observe their younger siblings in the great family of humankind – even if they have reached a ripe old age – with interest. Lovingly they think to themselves: ‘This is how I was, the good Heavens alone know how many lifetimes ago. Fancy that! I can’t imagine it, but that’s the evolutionary pathway for everybody, therefore also for me.’ That’s why they smile and refuse judging anything and anyone.

Knowing that, because of God’s Universal laws, whatever anyone sends into the Universe in thought, word and deed, is bound to return to its sender like a boomerang and that in somewhat strengthened form, wise ones carefully watch what they think, speak and do. This helps them to avoid attracting small and narrow minded people into their orbit, who have nothing better to do with their valuable time and energies, which the Universe in its kindness makes available to every one of us in earthly life, than looking for what’s amiss with everything that’s around them.

The whingers and moaners of our world could not live without having something to complain, so leave them to it. To their heart’s delight and content they constantly indulge in this futile and dangerous pastime, blissfully unaware that we can only recognise in others what we are carrying around in our subconscious. What they are doing is known as projection, more about this theme in a moment. Wise ones, however, when they observe something that disturbs them unduly to the point of upsetting them and making them angry, realise that they are projecting one of their own shortcomings onto that person.

This knowledge enables them to spend their time and energies more constructively and profitable by working on their spiritual development, maybe thinking: ‘Okay, we all have everything within, the things that touch me so strongly must be in me or they would not disturb me when I notice them in others. Even though I can’t see this part, I embrace it and ask God and the Angels to help me let go of it. Then I will continue to focus on what’s good, right and beautiful already and leave the unevolved parts in the hands of God and the Angels. In the fullness of time, no doubt, they will transform them, too. It’s not my task to carry the world on my shoulders. And that sets me free to work on overcoming the lower aspects of my nature, so that next time I encounter them in someone, my feathers will remain unruffled.’

To paraphrase St. Matthew 7:3-5: Why do we frequently notice the flaws in other people’s character make-up and are blind to our own? How can we say to others: ‘You have to drop this kind of behaviour, when we are carrying the same around on the subconscious level of our being. After all, everybody has everything within.’ Wise ones know this and that the world around us acts like a mirror that reflects back to us what we are on the subconscious level. That’s why they courageously accept the things that irritate and annoy them in others. Acceptance moves them into our conscious awareness, so that from there they can released once and for all through making the firm decision never to act them out again. This is the best way of removing the flaws from our character make-up and they no longer bother us unduly when we observe them in others. And that, in a nutshell, is the meaning of projection. See the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

A thin veil of consciousness separates our world from the spirit realm, even though in truth they are one. When things are in need of putting right on our side, doing the practical work involved is our job. But we don’t have to face these sometimes more than somewhat difficult tasks on our own. Large numbers of spirit guides and helpers on the other side are always ready to assist. All we have to do is ask. They are in charge of and conducting all earthly procedures and when their help has been requested they are always willing to show us intuitively the best ways of repairing any kind of damage that is in need of our attention.

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3 Feb, 2019
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