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Nobody Suddenly Turns Into an Angel
Nobody Suddenly Turns Into an Angel

Nobody Suddenly Turns Into an Angel


Learning To Fly – Part Eleven

Nobody Suddenly Turns Into An Angel

Some spiritual mediums seem to believe that the first thing that comes to mind is from spirit. In my view, believing that and following implicitly the advice they receive in this manner could be downright foolish as well as dangerous. There are known to be at least as many mischievous spirits beyond the veil, as they are on this side, if not more. Just because a person has passed into our other world does not mean they have turned into an Angel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Wherever we may find ourselves, our basic character traces and energies remain the same, until we ourselves change and improve them, and that can only be done on this side of the veil of consciousness. As a result, there are many spirits behind the veil who do not have our best at heart, very much like when they still dwelled on this side. The same as then, they are only too happy to create a bit of havoc, especially when someone invites them to do so.

The Angels allow them to do this because their behaviour creates more learning opportunities for those in earthly life. The experiences some of us thus gather drive the point home that first class psychic protection is essential for all spiritual work and especially when attempting to contact the spirit world. More about this in the next chapter. On top of this shield of light, I find it best to ask our Angels and Masters for their protection against all kinds of unwanted influences.

The purpose of all life is evolution and in the course of each subsequent lifetime we are meant to grow at least a bit more like our true self. This continues until we have once again become whole, which in this context means holy, on all levels of our being. As we know by now, we are here to grow into seekers of wisdom and truth, until a state of full enlightenment has finally been reached. None of this, however, will come to anyone on its own and it surely is not going to drop like Manna from the Heavens, i.e. the Highest levels of life. This condition can only be developed in our present existence, where it has to be worked for very hard by applying the knowledge we are finding to everything that is in our lives. In this way alone can it ever become a permanent part of our character make-up.

Changes to it can only be made while we are on the Earth plane. Our spirit and soul’s qualities are the characteristics all of us inherit from our Divine parents. They are waiting to be grounded and brought into Earth’s environment with the help of our lower self’s spiritual development. This helps the planet who for the time being is still hosting our race with its evolution, in return for its kindness and caring. In the course of thousands and millions of lifetimes, each one of us in this way is expected to willingly and freely do their share of establishing God’s kingdom ever more firmly on the Earth.

Mother Earth is a living and breathing organism. She is but one of the innumerable manifestations of the Great Mother and has a spirit and soul, the same as we have. During our times spent in the Earth’s environment our spirit and soul are part of hers, and they in turn are an element of the Great Spirit and Soul of all life, the Great Father/Mother.

Our earthly self, however, is all of the Earth and belongs to her, as the name implies, whereas the characteristics of our highest nature are part of our spirit and soul and purely of God. From the earliest beginnings of our presence on this planet, in the tiniest of movements these higher qualities have constantly been trying to push into the foreground of our earthly self’s consciousness. They wish to make themselves known to us, so we can bring them forth and start sharing them with those around us, and with this making our contribution towards Mother Earth becoming an ever more pleasant and beautiful place for every one of her children, in all her kingdoms.

Each time we return into the world of spirit, we leave our earthly self behind – so to speak – on the level where it belongs, the Earth, to be picked up again as soon as we re-enter this existence in a new physical body. The whole of the earthly self is imprinted in our soul memories. Its recollections are contained in the cells of our body in our next lifetime. The soul belongs to our waterbody, the world of feelings and emotions. It is highly sensitive to everything it comes into contact with, which leaves its impression in it.

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21 Oct, 2018
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