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Not Everything Is Found~ All Chapters in one
Not Everything Is Found~ All Chapters in one

Not Everything Is Found~ All Chapters in one


“Raegan time for breakfast!” her Mom yelled, “We don’t want to be late!” again, Raegan added.

She was in child therapy for the first time, every day, even during the weekends and school days. The only day she wasn’t due for therapy was holidays. Why she was in therapy, she didn’t even know. She didn’t even know herself anymore.

Sure she was shy, quiet, and self-conscious, but she wasn’t antisocial.

She ate the usual for breakfast, nothing. It’s not like she thinks she overweight, she just doesn’t feel hungry anymore. Another thing to talk about, she told herself.... great.

“Why don’t we start with something simple today?” Lauren the therapist asked, “Like what you like to do in your free time.”

She does nothing but stares at Lauren, just because she lost her dad doesn’t mean she needs therapy.

Does it?

" to.. draw in my free time..." she said slowly still questioning why she is here.

"What do you like to draw?" Lauren asked, trying to piece her story together.

"Landscapes, particularly the ocean with the night sky above it," Raegan replied thanking the vocal cords for not cracking as she spoke.

" 'kay," Lauren said, trying to figure out the next question to ask her patient.

"Raegan...does drawing calm you?" she asked, Raegan knew she was uncomfortable.

" does calm me," she replied as she knew herself even though she didn't.

"You don't have to be uncomfortable Raegan, this is a safe place," Lauren started, "I'm your therapist and your my patient you can tell me anything," she finished.

Patient, Patient.....

"I'm not your patient," Raegan was mad, she was always mad the therapist just tipped her off "We are done here, I have school."

"How was it?" Raegan's mom asked,

"Terrible, why do I even have to do this?" she gave the sympathy look and didn't stop making her eyes wider by the second

"Because you need help Ray," she said in the most serious tone

"Your acting like I'm a drug addict, on every drug possible,"

"Have a good day at school!" Mom says as she pulls to the front of the school,

Best School, Raegan says to herself self imitating her mom.


"Am I in trouble?" Raegan asked as soon as she saw her mom cooking food, "Where is the Sonic hot dogs and taters?" She was super confused, she only ate fast-food with her mom, either someone is coming over or she is in huge trouble.

"Someone is coming over," her mom said while she was stirring the pasta pot.

"Is it the therapist?" Raegan asked knowing she was in trouble.

"No," Raegan's mom answered, chopping bell peppers for the sauce, "a co-worker and his son are. I think his name is Noah or Jax," she continued, "Not to mention the co-worker is cute, and the son is so handsome,"

Please be joking Raegan told herself

"Oh their here!" said her mother, just at the doorbell sounded,

"Go change into a dress!" she yelled-whispered at her daughter.

What's wrong with sweatpants and a hoodie is the question I'm pondering

Sher told herself and changed into a nice summer floral dress with gold six-inch heels and a white flower crown.

She then stepped outside of her room and took a deep breath, as she fixed her initial bracelet from Alex & Ani, wishing her father was still her.

So much for divorce, she said to herself, more like putting your child through trauma, depression, and anxiety.

"Good afternoon!" she started not being herself.

"Hello, young lady," a white man started, it's been a while since she saw one in Atlanta.

He sounds Irish...great she told herself

"I'm Mr. Coughlan, this is my son Noah," he told her as he pointed to his son.

"Nice meeting you sir, I'm Raegan my friends call me Ray," she started, "I couldn't help but notice your surname is Irish, are you from Cork?" she questioned.

He laughed lightly, "Why yes I am," he answered, "How'd you know?"

She decided to test him, "Tá do bhlas an-trom," she replied with a smile, "Seasann gruaig dhearg do mhic amach," she finished off.

Just so yall know what she said in Irish: Your accent is very heavy, Your son's red hair stands out.


Raegan's POV

I don't usually drink, but my mom is letting me so I'll just get drunk and humanly possible and pretend my life is a-okay.

"So," Noah started, "What's the thing you hate most about your life?"

So many stuff I told myself

"That would have to mom wanting me to be a celebrity chef, a doctor, or lawyer," I answered.

"Your mom sounds like my dad," he said with soda in his hand, "The only difference is she lets you drink," he said smirking and pointing to the beer bottle in my hand.

"Trust me, my mom is way more strict," I told him taking a huge gulp of beer.

We asked each other a load of different questions,

He took a sip of his soda, "You're cute," then he kissed me.

We made out.


Noah's POV

It was amazing

She was beautiful,

"I had a crush on you since 5th grade," I started while hugging her tightly in the bed,

"Why," she questioned me, "I'm me... I didn't think this would happen, ever in my life." She told me about her parent's divorce and how she never saw her dad again. Even how her mom tries to control her life and how it drives her crazy.

"Our family doesn't decide who we are, we do. It drives my dad crazy but sometimes it's the only thought that gets me through the day," I told her staring into her light blue eyes.

"We should get dressed," she told me, I kissed her one last time.

"Thanks for having us again Karen," my dad told Ray's mom, "That pasta was amazing!"

"See you at school Ray?" I asked her, she said yes.


Raegan's POV

"Ray!" someone behind me shouted, it was Noah, "Hey blueberry," he said while hugging me, "Missed me?" he questioned not giving a sign of letting go.

I let 5 minutes pass, then ten, "You wanna let go?" I asked

"Not until I get my kiss," he answered with a smirk, so I kissed him, and I don't regret it.

"We have the same class blueberry," he told me, "so you won't have to miss me," he finished.

I rolled my eyes, then took his hand.

"So are we official?" he asked me while he looked like a tomato.

"Yes, Mr. Tomato," I told him sarcastically while showing him our clasped hands.

After school still holding hands, we went to my place to tell my mom the news.

But I regret doing so, because of what I saw...


Raegan's POV

"Dad?" Noah asked as we saw my mom and his dad kissing

His parents weren't even divorced... yet

"Let's just go," I told him squeezing his hand.

When we got to In-and-out burger I hugged him and didn't let go.

"They were in love," he told me "I promise I will never do that to you," he told me and hugged me tighter.

After that, we went home

"Honey I want to-," she started but I promised myself I wouldn't let her talk

"Explain?" I asked her, "You promised you wouldn't move on!" I shouted, she started to cry,

Crocodile tears, my dad used to say, "You guys can't be together," I told her after calming myself down.

"Why?" she asked,

"Because he has a wife and I'm dating his son!" I told her then stormed off to my room and locked the door.

Noah's POV

"Mom!" I shouted and she came.

I did it simply, "Dad cheated on you with my girlfriend's mom," I told her.

She cried

🎀 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝓃𝑒𝓍𝓉 𝒹𝒶𝓎 🎀

Raegan's POV

I hugged Noah as tight as possible when I got to school.

I got home Noah and I saw two police cars in my driveway, "Probably drugs having to do with my dad," I told him

When I got inside the police officers questioned both Noah and I.

"Miss Aoki," the officer started, I read the tag his name read Davis, "I'm sorry to inform you that your little sister went missing during her camping trip. It's quite possible she was raped too."


𝕿𝖜𝖔 𝖞𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖘 𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗~

Raegan's POV

Two years.

Still nothing.

Noah and I were doing our usual routine.

Walking to my place holding hands

But the same view, from two years ago.

We came into the house, my mom was crying again.

The same officer who told me the news two years ago.

I expected my little sister to come running up to me crying.

But no, "We are sorry to inform you that we found your sister's body," he stated.

In the one second...

I learned in life

That not everything is found.

Authors POV

Raegan and Noah went to the same college a year after the news.

But broke up because Noah cheated on her with his ex.

She wasn't sad.

She just learned a lesson from three years ago.

𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕖𝕟𝕕

Author Notes: So I thought It would be nice to do this!

For all who are lazy like me. :>

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