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Not Everything Is Found- Part Five
Not Everything Is Found- Part Five

Not Everything Is Found- Part Five


Raegan's POV

"Ray!" someone behind me shouted, it was Noah, "Hey blueberry," he said while hugging me, "Missed me?" he questioned not giving a sign of letting go.

I let 5 minutes pass, then ten, "You wanna let go?" I asked

"Not until I get my kiss," he answered with a smirk, so I kissed him, and I don't regret it.

"We have the same class blueberry," he told me, "so you won't have to miss me," he finished.

I rolled my eyes, then took his hand.

"So are we official?" he asked me while he looked like a tomato.

"Yes, Mr. Tomato," I told him sarcastically while showing him our clasped hands.

After school still holding hands, we went to my place to tell my mom the news.

But I regret doing so, because of what I saw...

Author Notes: I'm posting a lot. I encourage you guys to make stories too!! I would love to read them!! I'll try to make the next story longer so I won't post chapters six! LOVESSS

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3 Mar, 2020
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