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Not Everything Is Found- Part One

Not Everything Is Found- Part One

By 彡丂ȶ๏尺ᄊ!Ɇ彡

“Raegan time for breakfast!” her Mom yelled, “We don’t want to be late!” again, Raegan added.

She was in child therapy for the first time, every day, even during the weekends and school days. The only day she wasn’t due for therapy was holidays. Why she was in therapy, she didn’t even know. She didn’t even know herself anymore.

Sure she was shy, quiet, and self-conscious, but she wasn’t antisocial.

She ate the usual for breakfast, nothing. It’s not like she thinks she overweight, she just doesn’t feel hungry anymore. Another thing to talk about, she told herself.... great.

“Why don’t we start with something simple today?” Lauren the therapist asked, “Like what you like to do in your free time.”

She does nothing but stares at Lauren, just because she lost her dad doesn’t mean she needs therapy.

Does it?

" to.. draw in my free time..." she said slowly still questioning why she is here.

"What do you like to draw?" Lauren asked, trying to piece her story together.

"Landscapes, particularly the ocean with the night sky above it," Raegan replied thanking the vocal cords for not cracking as she spoke.

" 'kay," Lauren said, trying to figure out the next question to ask her patient.

"Raegan...does drawing calm you?" she asked, Raegan knew she was uncomfortable.

" does calm me," she replied as she knew herself even though she didn't.

"You don't have to be uncomfortable Raegan, this is a safe place," Lauren started, "I'm your therapist and your my patient you can tell me anything," she finished.

Patient, Patient.....

"I'm not your patient," Raegan was mad, she was always mad the therapist just tipped her off "We are done here, I have school."

Author Notes: So this is my first story!! I hope you guys like it!!
Share this and stay tuned for part two!!

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29 Feb, 2020
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