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Nothing Will Ever Be the Same... : Chapter 1
Nothing Will Ever Be the Same... : Chapter 1

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same... : Chapter 1

Kat_DickensKat Dickens
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Have you ever lived through a moment you that changed you forever? Maybe for the better, or the worse...

Or like me, it left your life broken... Forever.
For me that monent was full with the sounds of metal chrunching, and scraping, a scream (that I would later find out was mine) But the was not the worst sound I heard, the one that still haunts me, was the sicking sound of flesh meeting, the metal. This monment was when my family's car colided with a semi. Filling the air with the smell of smoke, gas, and... blood. And this left me as broken as our car.

They died on impact, with no time to scream, and no time to feel any pain. That what the docters told me, that how they told me my parents where gone. Forever.

And the worst part, was it was all my fault...

Author Notes: This is the first story I wrote, so don't be to hard on me.

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About The Author
Kat Dickens
About This Story
7 May, 2020
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<1 min

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