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Nothing Will Ever Be the same... : Chapter 2
Nothing Will Ever Be the same... : Chapter 2

Nothing Will Ever Be the same... : Chapter 2

Kat_DickensKat Dickens
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It all began on my March 2, 2020. I woke up, and it was just like every other day. Well almost like every other day, there was one thing differnt, it was my birthday. But not just any birth day, it was my 13th birthday! I was finally a teenager! And I wanted to make this day something I would remember forever. And well... at that time I had no idea the length that wish would come true.

I rember after waking up, I walked down stairs, and here the smell of nutella pancakes meet me. That was the breakfast my parent had made for me, each year on my birth day. And the thought of them make my mouth water. As I sat down to start to eat, my Mom said, "Happy, Birth day, honey! Did you sleep good?" "I guess," I answered, "you, know, after Dad finally stoped snoring!" This was an inside joke we shared, we always teased my dad for his crazy loud snores. They were so loud in fact that you could hear them out side our house! "ha, ha", my dad said, "so have you decided where you want to go for your birthday?" (another thing you need to know, on your birth day in my house you get to chose some sort of fun thing the family will do that day) "Dad, I already told you what I want to do! I want to go see that movie, and go shoping with Haley, and Scarlet!" (those are my two best friends. "But honey, we always do something as a family on our birthdays." answered mom. "So, that dose not mean we have to do it this year!" I answered anyoyed. "Also that movie theader and mall, is an hour away..." said dad. "I know that, but thats what I want, so can I go or not?" I snaped.

"Well, it is your birthday, so I guess you can chose what we do today" mom said with a sigh. "Mom, I just want you to drop me off, so I, can be with my friends. If my friends find out my parents are coming, I will never live that down!" "Ok, if you mom is fine with us just dropping you off we can do that. Then we can have some family game night after dinner. So Ruth are you fine with that?"

"Its fine I guess, that, you know, our daughter thinks we are not cool enough to hang out with us on her birthday." mom teased. "Well we knew it was going to happen some time, with the teenage years." Dad said with a laugh. I rolled my eyes, then left to go get ready. As I was going up the stairs, Mom yelled up, "Sam, we are going to need to leave around ten, so that gives you about 45 minutes to get ready." I ignored her, and got ready to get in the shower.

After I got out, and got dressed, I did my make up. While I was in the middle of it mom yelled up, "honey we need to leave, soon, if not now." "I still gettting ready so you just going to have to wait!"

By the time I finally got down stairs, and was ready to go, we were running ten minutes late, but I really did not care. Because I figured if my dad drove faster than a snale for once, we would get there on time. And thats what I told him. He answered, "Ok, ok, I drive kind of slow, at times." "You mean every single time." I answered anyoyed at my dorky dad, "but could you please drive a little faster, so I will not be late." Mom then said, "If you got ready in time this would not be a problem" "I was not talking to you." I snaped. "Hey watch the aditude, and if you don't have anything nice, don't say anything at all." mom said. "Whatever" I answered. I was mad at my mom, I mean it is my birthday, and what I said was not even that mean. So I didn't see what her problem was. But I decided if she was going to be that way I was just not going to talk to either of them.

But what I did not realize was that was the last thing I would ever say to them. When they were alive.

Author Notes: I hope you like reading it as much as I loved writing it.
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Kat Dickens
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8 May, 2020
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3 mins

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