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Nothing Will Ever Be the same... : Chapter 5
Nothing Will Ever Be the same... : Chapter 5

Nothing Will Ever Be the same... : Chapter 5

Kat_DickensKat Dickens
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My grandparents live in a very nice house, it has a pool, and everything. But they live 2 hours away, so we didn't vistit all that much, espically because they are always busy. Gramps is always doing some sort of project. And Meme is always joining new clubs and groups and she also gose shopping once a week. And I had school, and both my parents worked, so we didn't spend a lot of time with them. (they are my mom parents, Dad's live across the country, and I have only meet them twice) But when we did we always had our get togthers at their house, because it has the biger kicken, bigger dining room (2 to be a matter of a fact) , and all in all, bigger everything. When we used to get together we would bring the sides while Meme made the most mouthwatering main courses, and deserts. (she makes all her food from scratch!) And it was always a lot of fun. And now I would be speending a lot more time with my grandparnets, but I would never see my parents alive again.

They planned their funeral to be on friday, (and I got out of the hospital on monday) that what my granparents told me after my Meme got back from getting my stuff. (she went because she knows me a little better than gramps) They said they would be buried in our family graveyard. (which was closer to the edge of my grandparents property, than the house, and the only way to get there was a dirt road that was behind their house.) I just knodded my head, I know that what my parents would have wanted, because they told me. They had siad when they die, they wanted to be burided next to each other, (should they die together) and they also wanted to be buried by my grandparents, but that willn't happen anytime soon, at least that is what they said. They died a year later.

The funeral was going to be in one of the flower filled medows near the family's cemetary, (the house and property had been in the family for hunderds of years, and like I said it was very nice.) they said. I nodded knowing they would have liked that. And if it was the medow I thought it was, (and it most likely was) then it would be the perfect place, with all the tall oak trees for shade, and flowers, it would be perfect places. A place to be layed to rest in peace. Leaving the world (and everyone else) behind.

And if I was up for it they wanted me to be one of the speakers during the funeral, to tell what they were like during their lives. I sruged, because I didn't know if I would be ready by Friday to do that, or if I would ever be ready. But just in case, I was going to create a speech that would tell everyone about the two amazing people I just lost. Because I was going to try, for them (my parents) because I owe it to them.

Author Notes: Please rate, chapter 6 coming soon.

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Kat Dickens
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12 May, 2020
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2 mins
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