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Nothing will ever be the same: Chapter 7
Nothing will ever be the same: Chapter 7

Nothing will ever be the same: Chapter 7

Kat_DickensKat Dickens
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The time comes fast, but in a weird way not fast enough. Because I want to get it over with, but I don't want to do it. But I must I owe it to my parents. So when the cermony begins, and the priest steps up to the podium in front of the dark stained oak coffins, that were covered with flowers, I listen as they tell all the great things my parents did with there life, the lives they changed, the hearts they touched, and the impact they had on all of us. He goes on to say how they are in a better place and how one day we will all meet in heaven and how that day will be full of joy.

Then when the priest finished up, the next speaker took her space on the podium. She was my mother's roommate in college and best friend. She began to talk about how she met my mother, and the impact my mom had on her life. And about how she was always there when she needed her, and never judged her for who she was. She finished with tears running down her face, with the line of, she just loved me, no matter what.

At this point, I noticed I had tears streaming down my face as well. Over the next 30 minutes, more people come up to talk about my parents and their lives. They are all blurs through the tears in my eyes, and their words are just buzzing through the ringing in my ears.

Then it came to be my turn. I take a deep breath, try to fight the tears so my voice will be steady... I fail, there is nothing steady about me... or really anyone in the room at the time. I begin my walk to the podium, all of the heads turn and their eyes watch me as I walk to the front. The priest gives me an encouraging pat on the arm as I pass him. Then when I get to the podium, I open my mouth and my heart, and tears come pouring out.

It was the first step to do the impossible... to move on.

Author Notes: Please rate, and tell me what you think, sorry for the wait. Hope this is a ending that you like, because its the last chapter of this book.

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Kat Dickens
About This Story
25 Aug, 2020
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1 min

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