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Notre Dame Cathedral : The Fire
Notre Dame Cathedral : The Fire

Notre Dame Cathedral : The Fire


Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged – Part Two

Notre Dame Cathedral : The Fire

On 15th April 2019 the wooden and therefore perishable part of the eight hundred and fifty years old Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was destroyed by fire. Its outer stone structure remained standing and I have it from a reliable source that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, it will not take long until the church will be restored and open its doors to something much greater than before. The source I am speaking of is the most trustworthy one of them all, the one that never let’s any one of us down and that is the inner guidance of the wise one or living God within.

Everything that happens in our world serves a wise higher purpose and this is particularly true for something of this nature. So let’s take a closer look. Notre Dame means Our Lady and that, in the days when the cathedral was built, was thought of as the Virgin Mary. The burning of the building’s wooden parts is a metaphor for the destruction of all false beliefs of the Christian teachings and in particular that of the Virgin Mary. We are in the process of leaving behind around six thousand years of patriarchy. Because of the dominance of the masculine and all-male Godhead, which all religions of our world had in common during this period, the knowledge of the Great Mother or Goddess’ presence was withdrawn from the consciousness of our world. In the case of Christianity God and the Angels replaced her with the Virgin Mary. She, the same as Jesus, is a thoughtform that never existed in earthly life. The Virgin is a symbol of the Great Mother.

Naturally, this did not change the fact that the Goddess always has been and forever will be the balancing feminine counterpart of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Great Father. The spirit of the Universal Christ, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns, is their only born Son/Daughter. The loving union of these three cannot be separated by anything, least of all by false beliefs. Truths cannot be changed by anything and not being mentioned in any religious teachings does not interfere with them.

Nothing in the whole of Creation happens perchance or is a coincidence. Everything can only come about with the help and will of God and the Angels. And whatever takes place in our world first has to manifest itself on the inner spiritual level, its spiritual background. My inner guidance tells me that the disaster was the outer manifestation of a gigantic bonfire that was being held on the inner level because the time has come for removing the barriers which God and the Angels once erected to keep humankind away from its higher or Christ nature and the knowledge of its oneness with the Divine and all life. For wise educational reasons this objective was achieved through the patriarchal religions. Having served their purpose well, they are waiting to be removed.

Christianity in its present form was created by God and the Angels for the purpose of teaching our world the value of truth. Pretending that every word of this religion’s sacred texts is quite literally true provided us with the greatest deception ever. Fortunately, the natural end of this development has been reached and through the knowledge we are finding is removing the blinkers from our inner vision. The perishable part of the Christian teachings that for such a long time has been hiding God’s sacred wisdom and truth is of no use to us any more.

Every human being is entitled to eventually discover the truth about God’s real nature and their own and also find out that their earthly existence serves a wise higher purpose. The ability to recognise the truth when it comes before us and to understand it, so we can respond to it the right way, gradually develops in the course of our journey up the spiritual mountain of life. Having reached this point in our development, comprehend the higher purpose and meaning of things like the Jesus legend. But knowing about them on its own is not enough.

Spiritually, knowledge is light and not knowing is darkness. But the light we are finding along the road of our pathway through life can only become our spiritual property through acting upon it and applying it to our daily lives. Towards the end of our earthly education we have only one desire and that is to give of our best and bring forth, from deep within our own being, the qualities of our higher or Christ nature. The task of every aspiring healer and lightbringer consists of directing the rays of its wisdom into the dark clouds of ignorance that to this day are surrounding our world. The light that comes our way needs to be shared with as many as possible. Through this more and more of the darkness is gradually absorbed and that continues until every last bit of it has disappeared for good.

Ever more of us are reaching this phase of their development and because of this the perishable part of Notre Dame cathedral was no longer required and went up in flames. The fire’s cleansing and purifying effect was an outer manifestation of the inner process of removing the outdated aspect of the Christian teachings. But why should this take place in France out of all places and to such a beautiful jewel of Gothic architecture? Why did Jesus not protect Notre Dame cathedral? Because the story of his life is a legend and the God-man is but a symbol of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature, nothing more and nothing less. Having only ever existed as a thoughtform, like his mother Mary, he could not shield anything or anyone against harmful influences.

To understand this, we need to reach out a bit further to the year 2009. The events of our world’s economic crisis and the election of a new president of the USA, for the first time from a black and white background, to my mind were clear evidence that our race’s and planet’s evolutionary pace is being speeded up significantly. The energies of the Aquarian Age were hard at work with cleansing and purifying the consciousness of our whole world and the spirit/souls within it.

Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration and the co-ruler of Scorpio, plays a major part in this. It is one of the outer slow moving planets, known as the generation planets, that will remain in Capricorn until January 2024. Plenty of time for clearing away the things that for so long have been troubling our world. Until then Pluto energies will keep us and our world engaged in the process of breaking down and then rebuilding the structures that are essential for the successful running of our world. At the time of updating this file for the first time in December 2008, Pluto had for some time been hovering around the cusp of Capricorn, the sign that rules large institutions, like banks, building societies, insurance companies, churches and so forth. The representatives of governments, the police, the legal and medical profession and in particular the religious belief systems of our world are not excluded from the purging and cleansing effect of Pluto’s energies.

Ever more forcefully they are drawing everybody’s attention to that which had previously been hidden from public view and knowledge. Like scum on a mill pond, that which is no longer desirable is rising to the surface of our race’s individual and collective consciousness, so it can be cleared away. Many of the things that are happening set me wondering how long it will take until the last one of us comprehends that nothing can remain hidden any longer. An essential part of this cleansing process are the scandals that for some time have been rocking Christianity’s foundations.

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19 May, 2019
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