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Of Horn and Ivory
Of Horn and Ivory

Of Horn and Ivory

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In a world of horn
the high and mighty sit in ivory towers.
They dismiss reality,
leaving us to pay the price.

Under broken glass our feet bleed.
Shows way of life and vitality.
Acceptance for our lifeline gives us reason
and wretched are they who have no blood to shed.

Carry burden of humanity
the weak, sick and sinners try
but too little is too much
as power-feasting man takes the reigns.

A child born wrapped in ivy
constricting freedom, losing life.
Turn of the head without batting an eye,
It’s not empathy.

Opal, sapphire and jade
the high glimmer at riches and fame
while asking for handouts
and to gain more than we bargained for.

How naive the innocent are.
Doing what was thought as good
but not knowing what is pure,
They suffer.

Though Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection,
They never lost sight.
But only grow together
to rise against the deceiving towers.

To intertwine and knot together
Brothers and Sisters wrap and build becoming strongest.
Not blind of what can be done for all,
They tear at the foundation of lies and false ideals

Pride, Power, Greed, and Wrath
those walls won’t hold.
Because Love and Affection has purpose
and strips evil of their meaning.

Gluttony, Lust, Envy and Sloth
shattered stones they are.
Life too precious to be such
and is to be put in place.

Brick by brick

Stone by stone

Those in ivory towers will fall and know
what is truly needed.

Author Notes: Love one another as a brother, sister and neighbor. Show compassion and character to others as you would show for yourself. These sins we commit only add bricks and stones that block the life-giving sun.
To bring that light to the world of horn, there must be a spark in your heart and it begins by tearing down your ivory walls and towers.

Inspired by the song "Up To Me and You" by KiLLeR DWaRfS

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8 Mar, 2021
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