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Of Joy and Sorrow
Of Joy and Sorrow

Of Joy and Sorrow


Of Joy And Sorrow

Humankind In Pursuit Of Happiness

We are sparks of the Divine and children of God, who once emerged from a world where only love and goodwill, joy and happiness have ever been known. Our God or Highest Self, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, in whom we are all one, once began to create small earthly spirit counterparts, so that through them it could explore how the polar opposites of its Divine characteristics would manifest themselves in the behaviour patterns of these creatures when, in the course of many lifetimes, they got used to taking part and moving around in a physical environment. That’s why it was decided that our spirit should begin to evolve and grow on the Earth.

Each new spark of the Divine at first is pure spirit that has the same masculine and feminine characteristics as its Creator. Before their departure into Earth life these two parts split. One is the spirit of the earthly self and the other one its soul, a soft and sensitive part that is capable of feeling and that provides a storehouse for the memories of every one of each new earthling’s experiences.

Together these two aspects of our nature were brought onto the Earth plane and housed in the physical body of an animal form that had evolved from the tiniest beginnings over millions of years into what is known to us as one of the primates. For a long time the physical aspect of the creature who had been chosen to act as our host knew nothing of its indwelling spirit and soul. But in the course of millions of years in Earth time this combination of beings kept on evolving. Gradually it started to develop human characteristics like what our scientists call opposable appendage, known as thumbs, two eyes with binocular vision, and biomechanic bipedalism, the ability to walk upright. This development continued until the creature finally had taken on the human appearance that is familiar to us.

Slowly and imperceptibly, the Christ Spirit’s spark mingled with the group spirit of the animal. The Divine spark absorbed more and more of this spirit into itself, until in the course of many lifetimes it reached a critical point and became aware of its individuality. From then onwards the by now recognisably human being separated itself ever more from the group spirit of the animals and its Christ nature moved into the foreground of its consciousness. In the course of many further lifetimes, this part gained the upper hand enabling the human child of God to move more rapidly forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Alas, each new lifetime added another layer of soul memories on top of our inner connection with our Highest Self and Creator. Every one of these additions will later have to be dismantled and dissolved again by us, its owner. With the passing of time our small self felt increasingly isolated, lost and alone in its struggle with the conditions, which we ourselves had created in our ignorance during past lifetimes and later had to encounter during further spells on the Earth plane. Fear was born – the opposite force to the total trust we once had and one day shall have again. The more layers of soul memories were piled on top of our inner connection with God, the more fearful our earthly self became. The higher purpose behind this particular lesson is that we shall never ever let go of our inner connection and link with God again, once it has been re-established.

However, it takes a long time before we grasp that this can only be brought about by constant efforts at bringing forth and developing our own Christ qualities and humbly and devotedly accepting the role of being used as a channel through which the healing and peace to the Highest can flow into our world. This is how each one of us needs to act as their own saviour and redeemer, and the saviour and redeemer of our whole world, and finally become a Christed one in their own right. On the road of getting there, wise ones accept that, no matter how highly educated and well read human beings become in their present lifetime, in truth all of us know precious little of the things that really matter in life – its spiritual background. They know that the things that happen upfront always have been and forever will be of secondary importance.

Wise ones have experienced the living hell of a God-less existence, in which they arrogantly believed and insisted that they knew everything and wanted to have their own way at all times. They are glad to have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level that permits them to move on to serving the Highest as meek and humble channels of healing and peace. These wise ones pay attention to their inner guidance and gladly follow the directions they receive through it from the Angels and Masters, who are in charge of us and our world, because they realise that they alone can show any one of us the way home into their natural state of love, joy and happiness.

This is a route where many hurdles have to be jumped over or crawled underneath. Obstacles and conditions are waiting to be mastered and overcome. And after what is by now known about our evolutionary journey, it does not come as a surprise that the biggest impediment in the way of our progress is fear. We yearn for happiness and love and search for it in all the wrong places, hoping that one day we shall find it and will be able to make it into a constant state. To save ourselves disappointments, it is beneficial to come to terms with the fact that we live in a world where brief spells of happiness and sorrow alternate in seemingly endless succession.

In vain we look for a constant state of happiness, joy and love in earthly life, for the simple reason that it is not meant to be found there. And when our soul finally comes knocking on our inner door and invites us to come home, where these conditions do exist, we have no idea what it is trying to tell us. So far we are not even aware that we have been placed on the Earth plane for the very purpose of experiencing the continuous succession of ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows of life. We have no idea that one fine day there will no longer be any need for us to take part in all this. The state of never ending love and happiness once was our birthright – it still is. To rediscover it and reconnect with it, all we have to do is peer beyond the end of our nose and lift our vision to the higher and highest realities of life, the only place in the whole of Creation where eternal happiness and peace, joy and love exist.

But, for the moment the Earth is still our place of learning and like in any earthly school, we have to start in the lowest grade and gradually work our way up to the highest one. Lifetimes spent on this plane are the classes and to provide us with a good all-round education, every subject has to be taken. None can be dropped and avoided. If we are no good at something in one lifetime, we return until the theme has been mastered, regardless of how many earthly sojourns this may take – the Universe’s patience is endless. This thorough and rigorous training of each one of us is essential, because we are sparks of the Divine, God’s children and everything, the characteristics as well as the creative and destructive powers that are in our Creator are also in us. As above, so below.

The ultimate purpose of our times in physicality is to familiarise us with the polar opposites of all aspects of God’s nature and therefore also our own. Without experiencing an equal measure of darkness and light, right and wrong, truth and lies, joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, being hurt and wounded, and subsequently finding healing, we would never be able to understand any of these things. If we had never been hurt and wounded by someone, how could we appreciate what others feel when we treat them badly?

Our earthly education would not be complete, if any of these experiences were lacking. Without them it would be impossible for us to comprehend anything and we could never fulfil the purpose of our earthly sojourns, which is that we should grow in wisdom and understanding. However, this process will only continue until all subjects have been sufficiently grasped by us. Only then is our schooling complete and we are released from the duty of spending further lifetimes in Mother Earth’s loving embrace. In return for helping her with her evolution she allows us to be here, freely and generously giving of her abundance to us. Could anything be fairer?

* * *

Laughter And Tears

You may well be asking yourself by now: ‘But how do joy and sorrow fit into the picture?’ Laughter and tears have their origin in the same source, and the deeper we are capable of feeling sorrow, the higher our joy can lift us when we recover and are resurrected and ready for fresh experiences. Every new lifetime is a gift from the Universe. It is the pleasure of our Highest Self, who provides us with it so that we should grow and learn some more. Its joy is the mask for our earthly self’s sorrow at the prospect of having to spend yet another time enduring the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune of the Earth plane and its harshness, suffering and pain.

Once upon a time, maybe many lifetimes ago, it may well have been our pleasure creating the things the law of Karma is now unerringly returning to us. The small earthly part of us weeps and mourns when this happens, but our spirit and soul rejoice and smile because they know that any sorrow that has to be born in earthly life helps our consciousness to expand in wisdom and understanding. When looked at in the right light, our lower self is the cup of bitterness for our spirit and soul’s joy, because the only way we can become wise and strong is by being fired in the kiln of Earth’s experiences.

The evolutionary pathway of every human soul starts with being a useless and unruly creature, in pursuit of very little but trouble, strife and pleasure. In the course of many lifetimes we move round and round the zodiac, until we have evolved into a reliable, responsible and useful member of society, whose main aim is to do our share of making our planet a more pleasant, peaceful and beautiful place for all its lifeforms. We have to become like trees and that in many different ways. Like branches our hopes and dreams, aspirations and visions need to reach up into the higher and highest regions of life, Heaven, our prayers asking for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. The roots of our tree search deep into Mother Earth, to draw from her the required sustenance and strength. And the shade of our branches offers rest, peace and healing to weary travellers on life’s journey. they can still their spiritual hunger from the fruits from our tree and quench their thirst for the Divine from the sap that can be gained by tapping into its trunk.

Like us, trees experience pain and sorrow. They too are part of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love. Let’s make no mistake about it, trees have a spirit that is similar to ours. When the woodmen arrive with their chainsaws and axes to cut some trees down, they smile and bear the pain. They are strong and brave because they know instinctively that their wood will be transformed into useful and beautiful things, like musical instruments for soothing and calming distressed human spirits and souls.

When the spark of the Divine in us eventually rises from its slumber and the characteristics of the Great Father/Mother come alive, we too ever more clearly recognise the necessity for experiencing the joys as well as the sorrows of our existence. Our inner vision opens and we see that the wisdom gained through them makes us stronger and more resilient. Trusting the wisdom and goodness of life is easier when we have experienced first hand that in the end everything always comes right and true again. Wise ones appreciate that beautiful earthly human beings are not born and just happen, they have to grow. That helps them to bear whatever may still have to come their way with greater patience and fortitude.

The wise ones know that such virtues can only grow in human beings through living their lives forwards and learning from every experience that comes their way. The knowledge they are gaining all along assists them with happily moving ever forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Being guided by their Highest Self and trusting it, they no longer feel any need to hang on to the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the past.

And that is how each one of us in the end slowly but surely moves on from being a troublesome and belligerent, destructive and power-seeking, irresponsible and over-consuming burden to Mother Earth, into a veritable jewel in God’s crown on the Earth plane. We shall then be worthy of being called true sons/daughters of God, caretakers and keepers of their home planet, and of being entrusted with the guarding of its treasures for future generations.

From ‘The Milk Is White’: ‘Our earthly learning process can be likened to a very large jigsaw puzzle. At first there is a mass of little bits that make no meaningful picture. Subsequently, as we read, listen, analyse, accept and practice, pieces fall into place little by little and the picture grows. Apparently unconnected areas may develop but these coalesce, as time goes by. In any event, we become aware of progress and the picture builds up to make more and more sense. In later stages, however, as the picture fills out, we find that the border keeps moving outwards and the size and scope of the picture increase. This is because, until such time as we are fully enlightened, we will not have the full picture. Perhaps not even then, as there may be finishing touches to be made in other less dense planes of vibration.’

* * *

Is Joy More Valuable Than Sorrow?

You probably know by now that the world of light is our true home and something like a veil of consciousness separates that sphere of life from ours. The wisdom of the Great Mother provides that after every period of Earth’s tests and trials there comes a time of recuperation. After resting and recovering for a while, another resurrection is always in store for us. If our Karma does not allow for this to take place on this side of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, it is sure to follow on the other side and once again we shall feel joyous and happy.

After a while there comes the moment when we, together with the wise ones in charge of us, assess the spiritual progress we have made up to that point. This enables us to see for ourselves that our suffering has made us into a better person with a much improved understanding of life, as well as a good measure of kindness and compassion, love and wisdom towards our own suffering and that of others. We no longer find it hard to understand that such joyous and precious possessions cannot possibly drop into anyone’s lap and come on their own, but have to be worked for very hard and earned through past difficulties patiently endured.

Any wisdom that is gained during one of our lifetimes on the Earth, accompanies us into all future ones, where it stands us in good stead and eases our pathway through life. The more highly evolved we become, each time something unpleasant comes our way, our small earthly self takes comfort from saying to itself: ‘I know that this is happening for a good and wise reason. It’s the Universe’s way of helping me to grow ever more God-like and heaven-tall.’ And that enables us to smile through our tears.

Who would be wise enough to decide whether joy is a more valuable gift than sorrow? But maybe in truth sorrow is the more precious one. Who can say? Whatever our preference is, the two cannot be separated from each other and are constantly close to us, because both are necessary for leading a full life, in which something can be learnt from every experience and our consciousness expands in wisdom and understanding. Wise ones, while on the Earth, have come to terms with the fact that joy and sorrow are twins, and that when they are enjoying the presence of one, its sibling is waiting in the wings. They accept that they cannot change being like scales that are constantly tipping to and fro, from joy to sorrow, from the Heavens down to the Earth.

These wise ones know that if it were possible to empty ourselves of all feelings, we would be balanced, at peace and in a state of equilibrium at all times. But they are also aware that the world of feelings is the realm of our soul and that that which emerges from there into our conscious awareness is denied and suppressed to our detriment. They are wise because they know from their own experiences what happens when the world of our feelings is treated in this way. Ever deepening depressions are the result, during this lifetime and coming ones. We come down with mysterious illnesses which no-one can identify and knows how to treat effectively. The medical profession is clueless and gives them long and interesting sounding Latin names, as if this in itself were a cure and could bring relief to their patient’s distress.

Drugs are prescribed and handed out to the sufferers, which are provided by pharmaceutical companies. They are smiling all the way to the bank, because of the vast profits they are making. Humankind’s sorrow and suffering is their joy and delight. Oh, how short-sighted can anyone get! Naturally, those in charge of the suppliers are responsible for their actions, the same as everybody else. Unaware that the exploitation of people’s misery for their personal gains is creating ever more negative Karma for themselves and their companies, they continue to happily walk down this slippery slope. The same approach was tried in recent years with the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and the Ebola outbreak, but thanks to humankind’s increasing public awareness, the companies involved in the manufacturing of the ‘antidotes’ did not succeed. See the links at the end of this chapter.

Imagine how great the sorrow of the guilty ones will be when their Karma comes to meet and shake hands with them in future lifetimes. How will they react when their suffering is exploited by groups of contemporaries, who are then fulfilling their selfish desires of greed and avarice, they way the guilty ones are doing, now? Love is the law of life and powerful Karmic chains are created by any kind of transgression against this law. However, all is not lost. As soon as the lesson in question has been sufficiently understood by those involved, the Universe in its great wisdom lays the power for dissolving such bonds into everybody’s own hands.

The only tool required for setting each other free is forgiveness, first for ourselves for once having set the wheels of Karma in motion, and then for those who have trespassed against us. Forgiveness alone can release us from the obligations towards each other. When this has been duly attended to, there will be no need for repeating the unpleasant experiences. This is our joy, for at last we are free to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature like. The first one is serving as a channel, through which the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star, the Universal Christ flows into our race’s consciousness, and that in both worlds.

And so, next time your soul comes knocking on the inner door of your consciousness, make an effort to listen to what it has to say and invite it in. What it almost certainly is trying to tell you that the time has come for you, its earthly self, to wake from your spiritual slumbers and start to rediscover and explore your true nature and the higher purpose of your existence. When this happens, the matter and with it the soul’s murmurings from within will get ever more powerful and urgent, for the simple reason that your energies are right for getting seriously started on the most important mission you have come to fulfil in your present lifetime. The time has come for beginning to save and redeem yourself, as this alone can set you free from the obligation of having to spend further lifetimes on the Earth plane.

If that sounds scary, do not be afraid. Your inner teacher, the living God within, is ready to show you everything you will ever need to know. Don’t be cross with your soul. For as long as you had no idea of what is in store for you and how your Highest Self is waiting to help you achieve it, what could it do but send ever stronger signals, until in the end you did come down with one of the above mentioned mysterious illnesses? Accept that this is the Universe’s way of supplying you with sufficient time for looking inside and getting in touch with your higher nature.

However, if you wish to remain as closed off as you probably are at present and unwilling to respond to your spirit and soul’s call, you will be in danger of wasting a whole lifetime that could bring you closer to humankind’s dream of needing no further earthly lessons and moving on to higher levels of experience and learning. Think carefully! Do you really want to deny yourself such opportunities when they are on offer to you? Knowing what is coming your way here, do not give in to chemically suppressing your Highest Self’s signals, when they are coming ever more strongly to you through the world of your feelings. Ask God and the Angels to help you find alternative healing methods.

I have been there and have done it, so I know how difficult this is and also that it can be done. I belong to the Valium generation and remember only too well how the medical profession handed this potent psychotherapeutic drug out like Smarties. Valium was claimed to be non-addictive by its manufacturers. Alas, it turned eventually out that exactly the opposite was true. Twice I have weaned myself from this drug. Taking it the second time was the very last thing on this Earth I wanted to do, but at that time things got so bad that in the end I decided to take it once more. I was hoping that it would only be for a while and that I would again succeed in weaning myself, which I did.

I wish all the best to those who are struggling with this part of their journey of discovery and healing. May the Christ Star, the highest Star and the brightest Light in the whole of Creation shine upon you, to bless and heal you and keep you safe, now and forever.

* * *

Paradise Lost And Regained

A wise one who knew about such things once said: ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself.’ ‘That is easily said,’ I hear you say, ‘but how shall I cast off my fears?’ It takes a long time until one realises that all our fears are nothing but shadows of the past, which were caused by masses of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions we accumulated throughout the ages. The only reason why we have brought them with us into our present lifetime is to get rid of them, once and for all. Shedding them one after the other creates the space our consciousness requires, so it can fill itself with God’s eternal wisdom and truth, which for a long time has been waiting to flow directly from the Source of our being into us. This is the only power in the whole of Creation who can provide us with a genuine faith that nothing and no-one will ever be able to take from us or even shake.

Every life form that exists on our planet is still in quite a rudimentary state. This is also true for us, God’s children of the Earth, and our religions. All of us together are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, advancing to ever higher levels of life and evolving into something much more beautiful than at present is possible on our planet. This also applies to the two of us and everybody else. No original design is ever withdrawn. Each one is constantly being worked on and improved. Therefore, if the ideal something we long for is still missing in our present existence, all we need to do is follow our inner guidance, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, who will eventually help us find it.

I believe that all the religions of our world are merely different pathways up the spiritual mountain that lead to our loving union with the One. I do not believe that any one of them is more right or wrong than all the others. None is superior or inferior to all others. Not one of them contains the whole truth, but each one has grains of truth, some of which are carefully hidden behind the surface words of their myths and legends. Each one of our religions is but a different approach to the Divine, which offers another perspective and in truth is but one piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle. Only when one puts all its pieces together, does the greater picture become visible and the whole thing starts to make sense.

Spirit alone can create matter and matter can never be separate from spirit. Every cell and atom is not only imbued with spirit, it is spirit. Because the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the God, is spirit and therefore abstract and invisible to earthly eyes, one could say that God is formless. Everything that has taken on some kind of a form represents His feminine counterpart, the Goddess. The two are inseparable and their all-consciousness contains the most beautiful and perfect forms the Creator’s imagination can conceive. In Earth terms such an ideal shape may take a very long time to manifest itself. But from the moment of its creation, it begins to express itself in some form. In the long course of its evolution the perfect appearance increasingly comes into being, until it has reached such beauty and glory that at present it is hard for human minds to visualise.

The deep and abiding faith mentioned at the beginning of this chapter is based on much more than mere belief. Its source is a deep inner knowingness and trust that something is right and true for us, for example that there is a God and that the wisdom we intuitively receive directly from this source is true. This is the kind of faith all of us once had before being released into Earth life for the first time, when we were still in the state known as Paradise. During the process of working our way through the many layers of later soul memories that were piled on top of the recollection of our original state and the trust we then had and lost, it is a case of Paradise lost, but about to be regained.

Regardless of how much we hope to find a faith that is true and can no longer be shaken or destroyed of trust in earthly life, and no matter how hard we search for it, it will keep on eluding us. And that is for the simple reason that this kind of faith was never meant to be given to us by any of the belief systems of our world, but in the end should be found in our reunion with God. No-one on the Earth plane can give us such faith. It has to be earned and worked for very hard by living in full consciousness through every experience that comes our way, constantly on the lookout for the learning each one contains. In this manner alone wisdom and understanding can be gained and our inner connection with the Highest realms of life re-established.

Knocking on the inner door to the wise one within and asking for its help is the only reliable way of finding out whether the spiritual teachings that come before us and whether they have some kind of hidden meaning. But even then, before any progress can be made, we have to be ready to open our mind to new concepts and ideas. Without this we shall remain stuck in the past. In your willingness to be receptive to new ways of perceiving things, be careful what you take on board and accept as your truth.

The Age of Pisces, now behind us, was an age of blind faith and trust, of deception, lying and cheating. Now that we can clearly see where this has taken us and our world, individually and collectively, we are ready for the Age of Aquarius. This is an age of truth and we are now ready to open our inner eyes to extract the learning we are meant to draw from our race’s mistakes of the past. In this new age it is no longer right to accept anything at face-value. We need to check with our built-in lie detector – oh yes, we all have one: the intuitive wisdom of our inner guidance – whether what we have found is true or false. Naturally, this should also be done with every part of my writings.

If only we had known about these things earlier in life, our heart would by now feel nothing but joy. Alas, it is part of our learning curve that at first, whenever we try to get in touch with our inner self, fear is the sensation that predominantly rises from our subconscious into our surface awareness. In fact, very little else seems to reach to us, which must be due to the layers of fearful soul memories that are now stored in the cells of our physical body.

Considering how the belief systems we are likely to have followed in previous lifetimes insisted on brainwashing us into the fear of God, this is hardly surprising. To frighten us even more, our religions taught that there is an evil and loathsome creature by the name of the Devil, whose foul abode is called Hell. This being was in all seriousness believed to be responsible for luring innocent human souls into doing the most horrible and wicked things imaginable. When the deeds were done and we refused to follow the church, whose religious system of doctrines, whose ecclesiastical authorities proclaimed such beliefs as true, burning in the fires of hell, forever and ever, would be our inevitable fate.

Beliefs like the one about hell and the devil are among the many false beliefs that are waiting to be shed. This is no longer difficult when one grasps that by now it has become clear that the devil is merely a metaphor for the untamed lower and lowest aspects of humankind’s nature, which all of us have to wrestle with and eventually learn how to master. The Universal law of Karma ensures that any kind of suffering we inflict upon others through misbehaviour and cruelty in one of our lifetimes, in due course unerringly finds its way back to us. Hell represents the state of mind in which we find ourselves when we find ourselves at the receiving end of experiences that are similar to those we once handed out. The same misery as that which we caused someone else in the past or now in the present, in the end has to be endured by us.

The biggest problem is that this kind of thing goes round in seemingly endless circles and the experiences return to us with ever increasing force. The tool for putting a natural end to all this suffering is laid into our own hands when we awaken into the knowledge of our true nature, origin and destiny, and become aware of the presence of the Universal laws and how they rule all life, including ours. This enables us to start making great efforts at conducting our life in harmony with these laws. With this our work of saving and redeeming ourselves has begun and we now walk hand in hand with the Christ Spirit, our Highest Self, and the Angels. This, by the way, is the only way the Christ will ever be able to save anyone.

Discovering these things and telling you about them is my joy. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for the wise one within, who dwells in me the same as in everybody else. I can tell you that this being, if one can call it that, really does know the answer to all our questions and the way of all things. My God Self writes about the topics we are interested in and ready to understand through me, so I can share them with you.

My whole being fills with joy at the thought that for many of us this sad chapter of our race’s development is coming to its natural end and that one great circle of life is closing. But, when I think about those we shall be leaving behind, I cannot help feeling sorrow. I have already applied to the powers that be for a job as an apprentice spirit guide for these souls, wherever they may be reincarnating in times to come.

* * *

Ask And It Shall Be Given

For the moment, however, let us stay a bit longer with the state of our soul, when it keeps knocking on our inner door, trying to get us, its earthly counterpart, to understand what it has to say. If we continue to refuse to pay attention to what rises from the world of our feelings and do not listen, the likelihood is that our feelings of fear will get ever more powerful. As they have something important to tell us, this continues until after a while the sensations become so overwhelming that in the end our helplessness leaves us no choice but to seek the help of the medical profession. Off we go, in the hope that they have something to calm down the unpleasant feelings, maybe get rid of them altogether.

Conventional medicine has its place. But what it usually has to offer, in my view which is based on my own experiences, is chemicals. I believe that they should only be used as temporary walking sticks that can be discarded, as we progress one small step by another on our healing journey, slowly recovering and bit by bit gaining a measure of control over our feelings. The learning we find along the way, the fresh insights and wisdom gained from our misery are later meant to be shared with those around us, who are walking the same way behind us – the way I am doing with you here.

Sound advice comes from St Matthew 7:7-8: ‘Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you, for whoever asks receives and those who seek find and unto those who knock the door is opened.’ Because it is true that the answers to all our questions can be found within, whenever we wish to clarify something, let us not forget to knock at our inner door and ask the wise one, the living God within. There really is no point in running to other people to hear their views on how to proceed. It is better by far to learn to listen within to what our inner teacher wants to tell us intuitively through the world of our feelings.

It does not matter that for a very long time we are unaware of the fact that everybody has such a guru. After all, we are on the Earth to learn and if we don’t know something, we just have to make it our business to find out. This goes for all of us and every aspect of our own being, our lives and our world. If you are anything like I was at the beginning of my healing journey, you won’t even know that such a door exists. If yours is like mine was, you too will find that for quite some time it steadfastly refuses to open. As I eventually discovered, this was because of a blockage that consisted of emotional/spiritual soul memories, which had accumulated in the course of many lifetimes. Because I had no idea that this is necessary, I never worked with and released them on a regular basis. Through sheer ignorance we ourselves create such blockages in past lifetimes and also earlier during this one. And when our time has come for re-establishing the inner connection with our Highest or God Self, which can only be done through the world of our feelings, we are stuck.

Our task as healers and lightbringers is to dissolve any emotional/spiritual obstructions we encounter by working through them, whichever way we can. Work intuitively and let your inner guidance show how it should be done. Being a very precious and holy place, our inner world of feelings surely deserves a different kind of approach than merely swallowing chemicals in the hope that the unpleasant sensations will go away. I can tell you from first hand experience that the feelings will not disappear, for the simple reason that they have nowhere to go and therefore cannot just vanish. They can be suppressed for a time, but at the first opportunity they will raise their heads again, demanding to be considered and handled gently. Looking back from where I am now, I recognise that the world of our feelings is our soul and therefore deserves lots of love, kindness and compassion for the suffering we and it once had to endure.

We are the only ones who can administer this kind of holy and wholesome medicine, and that each time we go on one of our inner healing journeys. Without attending to the troublesome feelings and diligently working our way through them, it is impossible to re-connect properly with the wise one within. Until our inner link with it has been renewed, no spiritual progress can be made, even though our time for a major leap forward may have come. That indeed is the reason why the spark of the Christ spirit is stirring within us. It is a signal from our inner self that our spiritual nature is ready to start growing and come forth, so that in due course it can take over our whole being and intuitively teach us how to make good the spiritual debts we incurred in other lifetimes.

For as long as we misunderstand the signs our soul is giving us through the cells of our physical body and when these signals gradually become ever more powerful, it is only natural that in our fear we run to the medical profession. However, if we accept the chemicals they prescribe to suppress the world of our feelings for too long, our inner Christ Self notices with sadness that there is no room at this particular inn – our heart – for Its holy child to be born. But because it loves us, it keeps on knocking. Time and again it tries to gain access to our consciousness and heart, in the hope that one day we shall be able to grasp what is happening to us. When that moment has arrived, we want nothing else but making it welcome and inviting it in, because all it wants to do is guide and protect us once again, the way the Christ Spirit has always done since long before we, its small earthly counterpart, were released into our present existence for the first time.

Our spirit and soul are joyous because it wants to show us the way home into the conscious awareness of our true nature and oneness with God. The Christ Spirit is the living God within, who is the only authority who knows when the moment of our release from the need for being educated on the Earth plane draws to its close. It knows how much we had to endure during Earth’s trials and tribulations, because it is part of us and accompanies us wherever we go. Down the lowest levels of life it has taken us and now wishes to take us up to experiencing ever higher ones. To bring us the joyous tidings that will put an end to our sorrows and suffering is the reason for its insistence on rattling ever more forcefully the door of our inner dungeon.

The Christ Spirit, the living God within, is the knight in shining armour, who comes riding on the white steed of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, to rouse us – its earthly counterpart – from our sleeping beauty slumbers. We do well to pay attention and listen, but for as long as we fail to understand what it wants to tell us, our spirit’s joy will remain our earthly self’s sorrow. This clearly shows that joy and sorrow are of equal value. Yet, even if we placed a value on them like we do on gold and silver, as our journey through life continues, this could not stop us from constantly rising and falling from joy into sorrow and back again into joy, as that is a necessary part of our earthly lessons.

In truth joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Both are unavoidable parts of the duality of our nature and existence. Let me illustrate this with an example: when a loved one departs from this plane and moves into the world of spirit, those left behind on our side of the veil of consciousness wail and weep, while the ones on the other side celebrate their reunion with laughter and joy. And it’s only natural that, when yet another one who is dear to us takes their leave, the more thoughtful ones in our midst begin to ask themselves questions like: ‘What is the sense and purpose of all our coming and going, in and out of this life? Where do we come from and where are we going to? What is the point of all our striving to achieve, when everything is wiped out and lost at the end in any case? What could be the meaning of it? Is there some?’

This is how during periods of great sorrow and sadness, especially bereavements, even the most closed off human hearts begin to open up. It is a time when God and the Angels are drawing very close and small cracks appear in the emotional coat of armour we normally wear. Through them God’s light, in the form of wisdom and understanding, begins to seep and penetrate our consciousness and to those who are ready to receive them, they bring the gift of an increased understanding of life and its processes, in particular death.

* * *

Dreaming Of A World Without Fear

It seems to me that all human beings are rather fearful creatures – with the exception of those who are in denial and/or out of touch with the world of their feelings, possibly suppressed by the chemicals supplied by the pharmaceutical industry. This is hardly surprising when one considers the pathway we have had to walk in the course of many lifetimes. For as long as our earthly self remains unaware of where we once have come from and one day will be returning to, this is unavoidable in my view. However, our fears and anxieties are no longer necessary once we are aware again of our true nature. They are then surplus to requirement and their soul memories are waiting to be sloughed off and peeled off, layer upon layer, like old skins that have quite literally been outgrown.

I dream of a world where no-one lives in fear. Utopia? I believe that it surely will come when only awakened spirits and souls will be allowed to reincarnate into Earth life, to act as her guardians and keepers. In the course of working with and dissolving every last one of our anxieties and apprehensions, we let go of our false beliefs and replace them with God’s eternal wisdom and truth. Our faith in the goodness of life and its Creator is restored and that enables us to wholeheartedly make our contribution towards creating our new world where fear is no longer known, right here on the Earth.

For a very long time I have been doing my best to help it come into being. How about you? Should you not know how to go about it, ask God and the Angels to assist you and then, over the coming days follow your natural inclinations. You will be amazed at how many different pointers will be coming your way from here, there and everywhere, only apparently out of nowhere. To speed matters along, whenever you can, consciously take deep breaths while quietly and inwardly saying to yourself: ‘I breathe in God’s light and life. I breathe out the Divine breath. It deeply penetrates all spheres and forms of life with love, light, peace and healing.’

Doing this is your contribution towards the blessing and healing of all life. The more you practise the better you will be able to feel the Divine fire in your heart, like a rod of light that charges you with renewed strength and courage to tackle all things that come your way. Whenever you are weary and tired physically, do this breathing and you will be amazed how it blows away your weariness and fills your whole being vitality. All of this is part of restoring our loving union with the Source of all being, and we are on the road to gaining mastery over our whole being, life itself and in due course also over old age.

This attunement with our Creator renews and heals every part of our being, not merely our physical body. Therefore, as many times per day as possible breathe in and out deeply and affirm: ‘I breathe in love and I breathe out peace. Hand in hand with God and the Angels I am sending them into the farthest and remotest corners of all of Creation for the blessing and healing of all life.’ What greater joy could there be for any human being than being involved with this?

Whatever you are occupied with, remind yourself from time to time that our thinking patterns and perspective of life are largely responsible for whether any given situation brings us joy or sorrow. These things in turn depend on the present state of our evolutionary development. For as long as we believe that Earth life is all there is to humankind’s existence, we are frightened and likely to shed tears at the thought of our own departure from it, as well as that of our loved ones. Yet, once we are again aware of our true spiritual nature, the idea of leaving this plane brings a smile to our face, because we then look forward to our release into the greater freedom of the spirit world. This by no means is an indication that we are wishing our time of the Earth away.

Knowing that in truth a high and holy destiny awaits all of us is the key to eternal happiness and a joy that is so great that it radiates from the Heavens down to the Earth. Our right attitude towards the purpose and meaning of life empowers us to consciously bring forth ever more of the best that is within us, and to live and strive mainly for the concerns of the spirit, while the earthly ones move into second place. The more we realise that our whole being forever works and rests in the consciousness of God’s infinite light, love and wisdom, the happier and more joyful we and our life become.

Being aware that we are on the homeward bound leg of our earthly education, we rest safely in the knowledge that no matter what may still have to happen on our planet, we and it rest securely in God’s loving hands. Independent of what may ever befall our physical bodies and Mother Earth’s physical manifestation, our spirit and soul shall forever be kept out of harm’s way. The Great White Father/Mother Spirit with its Angels and Masters, and our friends and helpers in the world of light, will always be standing behind us, walking with us and holding our hands, to protect us and guide us unharmed through whatever we shall be expected to do.

The six-pointed star is the symbol of a perfected human being, whose male and female, upper and lower aspects have joined forces and are healed into one. Throughout the ages this star has been used by many cultures and civilisations in historical, religious and cultural contexts, for example in Hanafism, Raelianism, Judaism, Hinduism and occultism. The star represents the fact that all of us contain a spark of the Christ spirit, though at first only in seed form. Everybody’s new lifetime brings endless opportunities for awakening the Divine flicker from its slumber, so it can begin to grow in our heart and we eventually become aware the Christ Spirit, the living God within, is as much part of us as it is of everybody else.

This is a development of the human heart, the seat of love and warmth, wisdom and understanding. The heart is at the apex of the upwards pointing triangle of the star, which represents the lower earthly self with its mind and intellect, both are of the head. When this part of our nature is too much left to its own devices and still lacks the coo-operation of the mind in the heart, the small self functions cannot help functioning in increasingly cold and detached ways. For the healthy and happy functioning of our whole being, head and heart need to be united and learn how to work together.

In God, and therefore also in both genders of our race, the intellect is masculine and the heart represents the feminine aspect. During the time of the patriarchy and its purely male orientated religions, the masculine detached itself ever further from its feminine counterpart. Once upon a time these two parts had been one. This separation has been the cause of all our world’s problems of the past. The suffering it brought to each one of us individually, and collectively to our world, is humankind’s sorrow and the joy of those in the higher and highest realms of life. The awakened ones in our world rejoice with them, because they know that a great evolutionary cycle is closing and a vast chapter of earthly education for many of us has run its course.

For this Heaven and Earth join in a chorus of praise and thanksgiving to the highest. And the Angels, God’s messengers, rejoice for each one of us who comes home into the awareness of their true nature and are ready to do their share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth. As on the inner level all life is one, they are part of us and at all times standing by our side, waiting for someone to request their help. The Sun or the Christ sphere is the state of life from which each one of us once emerged. And the Angels would like us to know that it would be wrong to think of it as something towards we are travelling, although in a way this is exactly what we are doing.

Even while we are still spiritually closed off, we are capable of perceiving – if only faintly – the glory of our true home, the Christ sphere. Regardless of how far our journey on the evolutionary pathway through life ever took us away from our source, the memory of it had been programmed so deeply into our consciousness that it could never be lost. That’s why, when things get rough and we feel as if we were lost in our present existence, a powerful yearning for a more beautiful and more peaceful world overcomes us. If it did not exist on the inner level of life, inside us, we would not be able to feel such longing. The vision of this place may become obscured and almost lost, but never quite. In times of great need, grief and anguish our spirit and soul longs for and reaches out to its Creator.

A great hunger and thirst for the highest levels of life, our true home, overcomes us in those moments and we pine for God’s presence. This is an indication that God’s life, the Universal Sun behind the Sun, the Christ Spirit, is an integral part of us and dwells in our being. It is a state of life which resides in the heart of the Sun and consists of nothing but light. The more often we reflect and meditate upon it, the stronger the conviction grows in us, until it fills our whole being, that this is where we belong, because it is our true home and source.

Our earthly mind is the rational, logical, analytical and scientifically thinking part of us. As it is designed to help us understand and come to terms with the material plane of life, it is not very helpful in this homecoming process and frequently gets in its way. It needs bearing in mind though that the earthly mind is but a small part of our whole mind. When we have become sufficiently evolved to be allowed to move on to higher learning on other levels of existence, a quickening of consciousness takes place in us and we develop a new sensitivity towards and an awareness of the spiritual forces behind the outer manifestations of Earth life. In spite of the fact that this world is invisible to earthly eyes, our heart and inner self know it well and have no difficulties recognising it.

* * *

God’s Powers Are In Us

God’s powers of creation and destruction are also in us. As above, so below. For all of us this is of much greater importance than we may presently think. We do well to remind ourselves frequently that our thoughts create our reality, that in fact today’s thoughts bring to us tomorrow’s reality. We are responsible for the present state of our world and everything that is happening. All of us together created it through the irresponsible thinking and behaviour patterns of past lifetimes that resulted in raping, plundering and exploiting for selfish material gains Mother Earth’s precious resources, which are intended to provide for all her children in equal measure.

Wise ones appreciate that none of this means that you and I generated our world’s latest disasters with the thoughts of this lifetime. They know that every mishap that befalls our planet was brought about by the negative and destructive thinking and behaviour patterns of billions of human souls in billions of past lifetimes. Every one of us has to experience the same things. This in the first place takes us down to life’s lowest levels and from there, in the course of many lifetimes, eventually each one of us moves up to continue our studies on the highest planes.

Spiritually, darkness is ignorance and not knowing, and light is knowing. Hence the term enlightenment. Over the past thirty years or so, by working my way through layer upon layer of my inner darkness in a slow and painful process, it has transmuted itself into the wisdom and understanding that now fills my conscious awareness and is constantly increasing. This light is what I have been sharing with you, my readers, on an ongoing basis for all those years. I think of each one of you as my friend and as an important part of my spiritual family, and I thank you all and bless you for your support.

Please allow me to draw your attention once more to the fact that my writings express my beliefs and my reality and truth. Naturally, I can only speak for myself and you alone can decide what yours are. Whether you are as yet aware of this or not, you are responsible, not only for yourself but also for the state of our world. What kind of future conditions do you wish to create for us and our planet? With the help of your inner guidance you are the only one who can decide whether my truth could also be yours. As it is the only authority in the whole of Creation that will never mislead you or let you down in any way, knock at its door and ask. Whilst listening to or reading anything, it pays to listen to our inner world. You have found truth when a feeling rises from there that says: ‘This makes sense. It is right.’

From the evolutionary point I have reached by now, I can see that there is nothing wrong with us and our world. God designed us to be exactly the way we are. We are not some kind of messy random appearance or cosmic joke. We have been carefully placed in this life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way our Father/Mother loves us and wants us to be. The seed of perfection is within each one of us. As Cicero, 106-43 BC, wrote: ‘Human beings were created to contemplate and reflect the Universe. They are not themselves this great perfection, but they are particles of this perfection.’ To help us bring forth this perfection from within, all that is required from us is that we should act in kind and loving ways and give of our best in all situations. Through this constant striving the Christ spirit shines ever more strongly from the very core of our being into the outer self, until it finally has taken over our whole being and we have become a Christed one in our own right.

To my mind, nothing in our world makes any sense until one begins to perceive the greater picture. When one does, everything starts to fall into place. As mentioned earlier, the creative as well as the destructive powers of God are also in us. The entire point of our earthly education is to show us how these forces work out and manifest themselves in the realities of a physical environment, like the Earth. Our planet is a training ground, no more and no less, where in the course a many lifetimes each one of us must learn how to handle the powers within them safely and in a masterly fashion. Through our behaviour in thoughts, words and actions we have to prove that we have achieved this goal, before it is safe to let us loose on handling the affairs of the Cosmos.

Everything evil in our world has always been a demonstration to what depths the human evolutionary pathway can and indeed has to descend – and that for all of us, without exception – at some stage of our development. The evil that is with us at present shows us how things turn out when they are handled in opposition to the first law of life, which is love and everything that is good, right and beautiful. Wise ones are willing to learn from watching the evil they see round them. Accepting that they too have the same darkness within helps them to consciously decide that they never, ever shall want to be dragged down to such depths of experience. By bringing forth the highest and the best within them and using it to alleviate the ignorance and suffering of their world, step by step they are climbing the evolutionary ladder of life that is sure to lead them up to the Highest.

Such wise ones refuse to sit in judgement of those who are still involved in the lesson of exploring the lowest aspects of their nature. They thank their lucky Star, their Highest Self, that they have dealt with that part of their education and are already on the ascending evolutionary spiral of life, whose trail eventually leads all of us back into the conscious awareness of our true nature and relationship with God. They feel safe in the knowledge that a vast sphere of life interpenetrates humankind’s earthly existence and that in this world there are kind and loving beings, the Angels and Master, spiritual guides and helpers. They are God’s messengers, who are guiding and protecting humankind. All of them are working together to help us and our world move ever onwards and upwards in God’s great evolutionary plan for all life and lifeforms.

Wise ones thank the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for providing this invisible life force, which is at work behind all physical manifestations of life, from its lowest aspects upwards to its highest. It is constantly beavering behind the scenes of Earth’s visible life and is doing the same on all other planets. Splendid isolation exists nowhere in the whole of Creation, and there is no separation between any form of life. On the inner level of life everything is blended together in one harmonious whole. To ensure the outworking of the great plan, God’s power, wisdom and love are at work behind everything that ever seemed to be wrong, evil and destructive in our world. It always has been and forever will be the guiding and protecting force that links together all forms of life.

This is the power that in the end makes all crooked corners straight and brings something good out of every last bit of apparent evil. It heals all our wounds in mind, body, spirit and soul, and uplifts and transmutes hatred into love, fears and anxieties into total faith and trust, and sorrow and sadness into joy and laughter. And we give thanks and praise for it to You, Great Spirit, and all Your helpers.

* * *

Take These Broken Wings

Take these broken wings
And learn to fly again,
And learn to live so free.
And when we hear the voices sing,
The book of love will open up
And let us in.

From the Eighties Song
By Mr. Mister

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Take the broken wings of humankind’s earthly existence
And teach all of us how to fly with the help
Of Your sacred wisdom and truth,
So that it flows ever more powerfully
From Your loving heart
Into every human heart and soul
And from there into our whole world.
Under Your guidance and protection
And in accordance with Your will and wishes,
Keep on opening ever more hearts,
Until each one of us acts as a channel for the
Blessing and healing power of Your love.

Grant us the gift of understanding, so that
On the wings of Your sacred wisdom and truth
We can lift our whole world
Above the woes of our present existence
By recognising them as nothing but lessons
In the school of earthly life
And passing phases.


* * *

Call Me By My True Names

Do not say I shall depart tomorrow
Or that I have never been,
As every day I newly arrive.
When you look deeply you can see
That I do so every moment.
I am the buds on flowers and trees,
The baby bird who with fragile wings,
Learns to sing and fly when leaving the nest.
I am every caterpillar that crawls
And in the jewels that are still hidden in rocks.

I arrive so that I may experience Myself
Through each one of you,
In our laughing and crying,
Fearing and hoping.
And the rhythm of My heart is
The birth and death of all living things.

I am the mayfly that metamorphoses on the river,
The bird who with the arrival of spring
Is nourished by the mayfly.
I am the frog who swims happily in its pond
And the snake in the grass that silently
Approaches the frog and devours it.

I am the starving child who is all skin and bones,
And whose legs are as thin as bamboo sticks.
I am in the arms merchant who distributes
His death bringing wares throughout your world,
And I am in those who are maimed and killed by them.
I am the refugee girl or woman on a small boat who,
After having been raped by sea pirates,
Throws herself into the ocean and drowns.

But I am also the pirate who fails to respect and love others,
Because the Divine spark in his heart has not yet
Woken from its slumbers and so
His inner eyes are still closed.
I am the member of a politburo
Who has more power than is good for him.
And I am the man who redeems himself
For what he did to others in previous lifetimes,
By dying in one of this man’s forced labour camps,
The same as he one day will be doing
At the end of one of his earthly sojourns.

My joy is like spring.
Its warmth makes flowers
Open and bloom in all walks of life.
And My pain is like a river of tears,
So great that it fills all the oceans.
Please call Me by My true names,
So I can hear My laughter and crying at once.
When at last I re-awaken to My true nature
And doors of compassion and love in My heart open,
I recognise that in truth My joy and sorrow are one.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

Author Notes: All my writings are of an intuitive spiritual non-religious nature.

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