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‘On My Own I Am Nothing!’
‘On My Own I Am Nothing!’

‘On My Own I Am Nothing!’


Learning To Fly – Part Ten

‘On My Own I Am Nothing!’

The things mentioned in the previous chapters are the reason why I believe that channelling through spiritual mediums, as we have known it in the past, will gradually be required less and less. Mediumship has served its purpose well. It has brought comfort to millions and is still doing so. Yet, the same as everything in our earthly existence, it is not meant to stay with us forever. Spiritual mediumship is a gift that came into being to prove to humankind that beyond any shadow of doubt other dimensions of life exist on different levels. With the help of mediums the world of spirit revealed to us its presence and brought us the knowledge that for every soul, not merely those who go to church on Sundays, there is a safe place and a haven to which we all retreat at the end of each one of our lifetimes in physicality, to recover from its stresses and strains.

For a long time now, mediums have served as bridges and connecting links between our two worlds, but I believe that this will gradually be withdrawn. The time will surely come when there will be no more inflated egos announcing: ‘Look at me, the greatest medium/healer of all times!’ Knowing that we are all in this life to become healers does away with the need for this. With more awareness of what is at stake, every healer is likely to approach the matter with the same humility as the Master Jesus, when in the legend of his life he declared time and again: ‘On my own I am nothing and I can do nothing. It is the Father who works through me. He is doing all the work.’ The only difference that now we say: ‘On my own I am nothing. The messengers and helpers of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, are doing all the work.’

No other field of human endeavour than that of spiritual mediumship can ever have been as wide open to fakers and charlatans. Those who are still interested in this kind of thing have to live and put up with what there is on offer, whilst wise ones move on and leave spiritually slumbering souls to learn from their own experiences, the same as they themselves once did. These wise ones count their blessings for already knowing that gone for good will soon be the days of screwing eyes heavenwards, straining to hear what ‘they, out there’ have to say. Gone too will then be all irresponsible mediums who present as messages from spirit that which came straight from their lower self and its over-inflated ego.

My feeling always has been and still is: What a waste of time! Who wants to listen to endless amounts of trivia from the world of spirit, when our friends there have much more precious gifts and real treasures to bestow upon humankind, which are well beyond our present comprehension? The wisdom contained in the teachings of the White Eagle group of guides abundantly illustrates this. It is good to know that we are rapidly approaching the time when each one of us will be able to bring even greater wisdom down to the Earth, so that it can be shared by everybody.

The Angels and Masters in charge of us are waiting to be called upon, to advise and help us re-build our world into one that is closer to the desire of God’s heart and our own. The greatest test of all for humankind is whether we have learnt sufficiently from the past. Can our new world come into being without us first having smashed everything in the old one to smithereens? I believe this to be possible, but only if we all work on this together.

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20 Oct, 2018
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3 mins
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