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on the run...
on the run...

on the run...


Me and my friend are in a group home. Which is place you go, when you have no home to go to, and have mental health issues.

I met my best friend there. Her name is Maddie. So the one night, we ran away, becuase of how the staff there treat us. They don't treat us right. They constantly cuss us out, get in our faces, gossip about us, and tell us to just kill oursleves. Me and my friend both struggle with self-harm and suicide, so we wanted to get out of there. So we ran. Then we got picked up by the cops. We were planning on running again, but the staff promised to take us to resolve, which is a crsis center. So we stayed for the rest of the night.

But the next morning, they said they weren't going to go anymore. So we ran away again. This time we were gone for a week. We hitched a ride to Squirrell hill, and then we walked around for a couple hours. Then we ran into a person, and we ended up hanging out with him for a while helping him collect money for his court fine. Then we went to his crib. We smoked some weed and drank some liquor. We spent the night with him and his brother for a week and a half. Going out during the day making money and asking for cigs. Then at night we just hung out smoking blunts and drinking. Then we texted Maddies mom, and she picked us up and took us back to the group home.

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22 Jan, 2021
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