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On The Wings Of The Great White Eagle
On The Wings Of The Great White Eagle

On The Wings Of The Great White Eagle


To this day, occasionally a confirmation of something I have recently been writing about intuitively arrives in the form of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. This was the case with an article that appeared in the February/March 2011 issue of ‘Stella Polaris’, the bi-monthly magazine of the White Eagle Lodge with the heading ‘One in Thought – From an Inner Teaching by White Eagle’. The following is its essence:

‘Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. It has the power of creating good and bringing healing, but it can also inflict pain and disease, disrupt and destroy. Your earthly scientists are only on the outermost fringe of comprehending that thought can do anything in your world and all others. Thought is the root of all suffering and of wars, but at the same time it is responsible for beauty and harmony, siblinghood and providing you with everything you have ever longed for.

‘Knowing that thought is creative, that’s why we, the group of spirit guides known as White Eagle, always work with the creative power of thought and make every effort to avoid negative and destructive thinking. You will have noticed that our advice is always constructive and that we foresee the good outcome of everything. This is by no means foolishly optimistic. It is realistic because by seeing only good something of this nature is created by our thoughts and thus helps to bring into being some more of that which is good, right and desirable. There is no point in thinking in terms of pessimism, destruction or death. They too are a inevitable parts of the evolutionary process. In truth, however, everything that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation consists of forever unfolding and progressing life. Everything that happens anywhere is of God and therefore intrinsically good.

‘To this day, many of those in earthly life become so immersed with trivialities that they fail to realise the power in which they have their being and that it was created to assist humankind with its spiritual development. This is particularly true for the power of thought. As a result, we in our world observe a great deal of confusion in the thought forces. When we see you, God’s beloved children of the Earth, enduring physical pain and discomfort, and weariness of mind and body, spirit and soul, we want to bring them the healing balm they need. In people’s present state that can be exceedingly difficult. Yet, it is possible for people to find perfect health and that is by training their thought patterns and directing them into healthier channels, so that the healing rays from the Highest levels of life, the Christ circle, can flow through them and alleviate the suffering of many.

‘For a long time people on the Earth believe that their thoughts are entirely their own and cannot be known by anyone. There could be no graver mistake. There are two streams of consciousness and thought in your world, a positive and a negative one. Every thought that anyone thinks in your world joins the relevant stream and so has the power to affect the whole of humankind. Because of this it is impossible to be good, kind and loving and think such thoughts without assisting the growth of good for your whole world. Naturally, the same is true for unkind, negative and unloving thoughts.

‘Can you see what a great responsibility each one of you is carrying? That’s why wise ones radiate loving thoughts in someone’s direction, independent of how much they may be tempted to criticise. This is not difficult for those who are aware that everybody has the best as well as the worst in them, is on the same evolutionary pathway and struggling with their specific learning curve. Each has to make their own mistakes and learn from them and is therefore in need of every bit of help that anyone can provide. That’s why wise ones are happy to supply some by sending a kind and understanding thought.

‘Each thought creates a wave in the ether. Whenever you are thinking about a person, your thoughts travel directly to them and take form. They hover around them and wait until they are off guard. For as long as the recipient’s mind is filled with useful and helpful thoughts, the intruder cannot penetrate until the mind is less occupied, but then it jumps in. If you are aware of what is happening to you, you can dismiss negative thoughts or transmute them into a good and constructive ones. If the thought that was sent was a good one, it will motivate the recipient to do something good. Everybody in earthly life is continually receiving the thoughts of others, particularly from the astral and mental planes where the thought-forces are at work.

‘When you are suffering physically, refuse to focus on and think of your suffering. Each time someone is in pain and the thought enters their mind: ‘Oh, how I suffer! I do feel bad!’, the negative thought powers around that person makes the pain worse because they are increasing in strength, just the same as the thought of that which is good and right and therefore of God, and that the pain is part of their healing process, fills their whole being with the healing rays of the Universal Christ’s spirit. If you apply this knowledge wisely, in due course wonderful blessings will be coming your way, and because on this pathway it is impossible to think merely for yourself, not only for yourself but also for those around you.

‘The wisdom and power of the Divine white healing magic is the same today as it was yesterday, always has been and forever will be. The secret of its magic consists of learning to control and use your thoughts wisely. In due course you then develop into a Christed one in your own right who has mastery over your thoughts and their power. For a long time, in earthly life and whilst spending time in our world, everybody has difficulties training their thoughts and thus gaining control over their mental bodies. Frequently it is only after they have left their physical bodies behind that people begin to understand, at first only vaguely, that that the spirit realm is a world of thought.

‘Spiritual masters are teaching us that, if we wish to tread the path of the mysteries, we have to train ourselves to be precise and particular in our thoughts, take good care of our surroundings, and do our best to create harmony wherever we go. That’s the foundation on which all spiritual life is built and of magical power every human being eventually learns how to wield with the help of their thoughts. That’s the only way the power of the white healing magic can be developed.

‘What in earthly life is known as psychic gifts is merely a preliminary to the opening of the higher spiritual gifts of the Christ spirit, who is waiting to wake from its slumber in every human heart. In the fullness of time, the Christ power will hold dominion over the Earth and draw the people of all nations together into the siblinghood of the great family of humankind. As this gradually comes to pass, the vibrations and the physical conditions of the Earth are changing; they are becoming higher, finer and more etherealised. Each one of you has the power to make their contribution to the spiritual advancement of the whole of your race and its world.

‘During the first part of their earthly education each person exists as if they were existing in their own small prison, so immersed are they in the task of earning their daily bread and provide for food and clothing, housing and protection of their physical body. Its ignorance of God’s true nature and their own and the fear this brings with it that keeps them imprisoned for a long time. But gradually the Christ spark within begins to stir from its slumber. The further we penetrate into the Aquarian Age, the more the mental vibrations of the thought power of the highest levels of life will be stimulating humankind’s individual and collective higher mind. This is because the Angelic hosts are drawing ever closer to humankind and pouring their rays of truth and light into its consciousness. As time goes by, you will notice how a great revival and stimulation of people’s spiritual faculties is taking place. Materialism will gradually lose its hold and there will be increasing evidence of the spiritual forces at work in literature, music and science.

‘Influencing humankind’s evolutionary progress in positive and constructive ways is not difficult. The only thing you need to do is developing the ability to think good thoughts by perceiving the good behind all situations and in every human being. In addition to this wise ones constantly keep the transmitter/receiver station of their earthly mind tuned into the frequencies of the Highest intelligence, God and the Angels and Masters around His/Her throne, so that the blessing and healing power of their energies can flow through you into your world.

‘Even though on the spiritual inner level of life there is no separation between anything and all is one, everybody retains their individuality and we are all related to each other like drops in the ocean. After all, that’s what each one of us is in the vast ocean of life. This is how the whole of Creation moves forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life as one great Cosmic siblinghood and that is the main secret of the Divine healing white magic. When one of is healing, the whole of Creation does the same. It is impossible to exist in splendid isolation. Because of the inner oneness, whether someone is as yet aware of it or not, everybody’s behaviour and thinking patterns are constantly affecting the lives of millions. So take care that yours are the right ones.

‘The eagle is a symbol of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, on whose mighty wings the whole of Creation is flying. We, the groups of spirit guides and helpers, are part of its vast messenger and distributing network. The Divine wisdom and knowledge we are bringing are providing those who receive and understand them with spiritual wings. Their ever increasing vision of the higher and highest levels of life enables you to lift yourself and those around you above the trouble and strife of their earthly existence and recognise the high and holy purpose they serve. The simplest and yet most profound teaching was given to you and your world in the Jesus legend with the words: ‘Love one another. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, mind and body, and love your neighbour as you love yourself.’

* * *

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6 Dec, 2019
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