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On a Winter's Night
On a Winter's Night

On a Winter's Night

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On a winter's night, I go outside
and let my thoughts and dreams run free.
The stress and agony that builds inside
I gotta let it all go and revive my life.
Under the yard light and in the fluttering snow
I ask the world, "go away, go away,
leave me alone to think for today."

As I stare at the stars and moon that light the nite
My sight gazes through them and I lost my senses.
My mind flows through the crisp cold air
and allows my wonders and thoughts to exist
without any recognition for anyone to judge.
What I see is not me,
just someone who looks and acts like me.

Their relationships with friends and family
broken and unmended, needs to be connected.
The goals seem impossible to reach,
but somehow manages to enjoy what he does.
Value to the world, still unknown and never sought out
might be the thing he can strive for to fulfill life.
Strange the world I see, from another view of me.

Choices made are the thing of the past
and opportunities gained are moments of the future.
I don't understand how this could seize in reality,
My actions are dreams and dreams are my actions
I can't stop it, I just have to make it somehow, someday,
but it makes me stop and wonder
how I lasted this far.

I am no prophecy, I am no savior.
Not a king or queen, not even a foolish jester.
I'm just a person that has a mind.
A person with thoughts and dreams,
a person with struggle and joy,
a person with a history and future,
a person filled with an unknown life.

My visions have seen it all,
my hearing has heard it all,
my emotions have felt it all,
my mind has imagined it all.
I close my eyes and ask,
"world, world take me home.
Let me live my own."

Open my eyes to see the night sky.
Littered with stars and one solemn moon,
the night is ever so calm.
The snow still falling
and the air still cold,
I sit and think,
"This is my life."

Author Notes: Your mind can tell you so much if you take the time to think.

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10 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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