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One Little Comment
One Little Comment

One Little Comment

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Sometimes all it takes is one little nice comment to change someone's day or even save their life.

Cornelia Shier was a girl with sleek black hair and hazel eyes. She had a very hard life to live with her single mother who could not pay attention to her and her perverted brother who always had his eyes on her, she was always neglected somehow. On June 12, 2012 she decided that she would end everything. The pain, sorror, neglectment, even her life.

She just came back from the store and was getting ready to approach her car when a guy passed by. He had green hair and green eyes that mixed with blue. She ignored him until he ran up to her.

"Hey!" He said when he reached her.

"Hi?" She asked confused.

"I just wanted to tell you that I really like your dress, it reminds me of my mother actually." He said while pointing to her dress.

"Oh, thank you." She said startled by the compliment. Cornelia tried lookign for any fakeness in his eyes, but on saw the truth and she was shocked.

"My mom passed away not too long ago and I really just wanted to tell you that your dress was really pretty because she used to wear a dress like that all the time. Some people think of being reminded of your dead loved ones sad and depressing, but I always think of it as reminding me that she was real, that she existed and that I will never forget her. So I really want to thank you." he said as he then turned around and walked off.

She was shocked, but soon gathered her thoughts back as she thought of everything that has happened to her. She then continued onto her car and drove the rest of the way to her house. She sat at the window looking out into the world longingly while holding a long rope in her hands.

She then put the rope down, got a piece of paper, and wrote out a note to her mother. She put the note down where her mother dropped her keys and walked back to her room with a chair. She set up the chair and went back to the rope. After tying the rope into a noose she tied it up to the ceiling.

Standing on the chair she wrapped the noose around her neck and readied herself to jump off. Her mind swirled with thoughts of her life. Her mother neglecting her, her brother putting his hands on her, adn the boy from earlier. Tears welled up in her doe shaped eyes threatening to fall down her soft, tannish skin.

"I just wanted to tell you that I really like your dress..." Tears fell down as she held onto the rope tightly.

"My mom passed away not too long ago..." She could not take the pain, but yet she felt so guilty, as if people still thought of her.

"..I always think of it as reminding me she was real, that she existed..." She let out whimpers as her thoughts swirled like a whirling hurricane.

"...I really like your dress..." Her hands grasped the rope, one foot pushed to the back of the chair.

"not too long ago..." The pain was so unbearble, but she felt as if she couldn't.

"...she existed..." Whirling and whirling in her head.

"...really like your dress..." Her hands shook as she slowly took off the noose and fell down to the floor gasping and sobbing. Tears fell down from her hazel eyes dropping down onot the scarlet carpet.

Her mother opens the door a little later to see her daughter sobbing on the floor. Her mother sat in silence while the sobs of her daughter filled the room. After that her mother always made sure to pay a little more attention to Cornelia.

Like I stated before, sometimes all that is needed to save a life is one little comment.

Author Notes: Sorry this took so long, but I am in class and is about the only time I write. I made this story while thinking of some friend I had back in elementary school and she had a story close to this. I was really sad when I found out, but I was very happy that she was still alive. She died a few years ago after trying to do the same thing again, and this time she succeeded and I just wanted to make it relevant that you are loved, no matter what you think. I know that is a thing that many people say, but I wanted to try and tell that in a different way and I thought of my friends story and believed that it was the best. Hope you like this story and I will write more soon.

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1 Dec, 2017
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