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Only A Shadow
Only A Shadow

Only A Shadow


O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother Creator of all life
And Your only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.
The love we have for You,
Is only a shadow of Your love for us,
Your deep abiding love
That has never left us.

Our belief in You, O Creator,
Is but a shadow of Your faith in us,
Your deep and lasting faith
That has always accompanied us
On our journey forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.

O Angels and Masters,
Spirit guides, friends and helpers,
Our lives are in Your hands.
We would not want it any other way.
And with a better understanding of
God’s true nature and our own,
Our love for You,
The Highest Forces of life, steadily grows.
Your Light fills our whole being
And shines ever brighter into
The individual and collective
Heart and soul of us and our world.

The dream we have of the future that
Is in store for every human being is but
A shadow of Your plan for us and our world
Of the new Golden Age that,
In the not too distant future,
Will be our planet’s reality for all
Lifeforms that are sharing it with us.

The only thing we have to do is
Pay attention to our inner guidance,
You, the wise one or living God within,
And follow Your instructions so that
Humankind’s highest hopes and aspirations
Can find fulfilment at last.
Mother Earth will then have become a place
Where peace and harmony rule supreme.
Sickness, hunger and starvation are unknown.
The lust for warmongering, trouble and strife,
Lying and cheating, greed and corruption
Have been overcome.
Even death, as we know it,
Has been left behind.

The joy that fills our whole being
About such a future for our world
Is but a shadow of the joy of You and the Angels
About our homecoming into the awareness
Of our true spiritual nature
And through this being able to
Meet You face to face.

Carey Landry
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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About This Story
7 Mar, 2020
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1 min
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