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Our World Is a Bridge
Our World Is a Bridge

Our World Is a Bridge


Our World Is A Bridge

Our race and everything that shares this life with us is on a pathway of evolution onto ever higher and more beautiful levels of consciousness. Moslem tradition tells us: ‘The world is a bridge – pass over it, but do not build your house on it.’ This quote is believed to have come to our world through Christianity’s beloved and revered legend of the Master Jesus. The Age of Aquarius is the age of spiritual knowledge and truth. It is constantly bringing us new revelations about us and our world. That’s why many know by now that all human beings are much more than mere earthlings because the essence of our being is spirit and soul, therefore immortal.

This shows us that Earth life could never have been intended to be a bridge. It is but a temporary home and we are in this life to each construct their very own bridge that connects us with our true home, the world of spirit or light. That’s the place from which we all emerge at the beginning of each new lifetime because in truth we are residents of two worlds. To prepare us for the coming of the Aquarian Age, God’s great plan of life provided that until its arrival we had to remain unaware of the fact that the essence of our being is spirit. Now we know that the invisible background of our earthly existence is the spirit world and that without it there would be no Earth life.

The structures we need to build are inner ones, bridges of consciousness that connect our two worlds with each other, so we can benefit from one whilst still taking part in the other. These bridges can be crossed safely any time we require the assistance of the Angels and Masters, our spirit friends and helpers, and also those who are waiting for us on the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates our worlds. Earth life is place of learning and our other world is where we go to rest and recuperate from its stresses and strains. In principle there is nothing wrong with making our home on the Earth because we are meant to be comfortable here and enjoy ourselves. That’s perfectly all right as long as we as also attend to our spiritual obligations and evolutionary task, and don’t forget that this home is but a temporary one which we shall be leaving it behind as soon as purpose of our present lifetime has been fulfilled.

Our planet is a school of mysteries where in past ages God was considered to be the Great Mystery. In my view, the unravelling of what or who we are, where we have come from and where we are going to has been the greater mystery by far. The Age of Pisces could not help us with this. It was the age of false beliefs and blind faith, deceits and deceptions of the self and others, that prepared us for the coming of the Aquarian Age. There is no doubt in my mind that it has been part of God’s great plan of life to keep us away from any kind of truth and especially the discovery of God’s true nature and our own. This was achieved with the help of the religions of the Piscean Age. They were specifically designed to teach us how to treasure and value the truth each time some of it comes our way. It had to remain hidden from our view until the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, would be with us.

Then at last it would be revealed that God is as much part of us as we are of God and therefore knows every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Because of this there is no way of deceiving Divine justice, which is so just and fair that it can be hard to grasp by earthly minds. The process works as follows: everything that is in our life at any given moment was created by us. It represents the harvest of the seeds that were planted by us in previous lifetimes. The awareness of this brings the realisation that we have nothing to moan about and every reason to be thankful for life’s opportunities to make good where we once sinned. Our knowledge also enables us to do better this time round by working very hard on planting nothing but the best seedlings, i.e. doing only that which our inner guidance tells us is good, right and beautiful. What we then do is our free will and in keeping with our higher nature and not because someone says that’s what we should do – there’s a world of difference between the two.

Whenever difficult and traumatic times come our way as a result of what we created in previous lifetimes, it is comforting to know that everything in earthly life is temporary and merely a passing phase in our own evolutionary process and that of our world. I believe that the most vital part of spiritually growing up and maturing into adulthood is the realisation that anything that ever happens to us does so for the good and wise reason of testing us how spiritually mature we really are.

If at some stage we return to the earthly home we once knew and discover to our greatest disappointment that there is nothing left for us there, when they come to their senses wise ones accept that the whole experience has been a particularly poignant lesson. It is one of the Universe’s ways of showing us that our earthly life at all times is but a temporary substitute for our true home and parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their realm, the world of spirit. Earthly parents are not meant to supply any one of God’s children of the Earth with the genuine and lasting security we are all yearning to find. The inner reunion with our Creator alone can provide any of us with a deep inner feeling that we are truly at home where genuine and everlasting security is ours.

To me, all life and worlds, and everything in them – including us and our world – is a gift from God and therefore, sacred and holy. For the life of me, I cannot share the belief that our earthly existence could be a one-off thing. If that were true, it would be an extremely unfair and unjust affair, when in reality it is anything but that. When one takes a closer look at the people in our world, one can only come to the conclusion that such a narrow view could not possibly be right. If it were, why should some of us be rich and others poor, some be healthy while others have to struggle their whole lifetime with infirmity, some of us have plenty and maybe too much to eat, while others are dying from hunger?

If any of these things happened perchance, without method and/or someone’s conscious decision, life would be extremely unfair and unjust. Our existence would then be nothing but a poor Cosmic joke, when in truth it is nothing of the kind. Every human life follows a carefully designed plan that is part of and in harmony with God’s great plan of life. Through the individual and collective life lessons we are encountering, all of us together respond to the energies that are available to our world at any given time. And the life plan for each one of us is drawn up during our times in the spirit world by ourselves in consultation with the Angels and Masters in charge of us.

Without the spiritual background of life and the concept of Karma and reincarnation, no part of life makes any sense to me because it denies the preciousness and holiness of all life. The greatest draw-back of the one-off belief systems of our world, to my mind, is that they cannot explain why there should be so much suffering in our world. If it were true, how could a Creator who is supposed to be all-loving, all-knowing and all-understanding throw upon anyone the kind of fate that we and our world have had to endure, as far back as records of human history exist?

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18 Jul, 2018
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