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Our World Needs You
Our World Needs You

Our World Needs You

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Our world needs you,
More than you will ever know.
It needs your compassion and understanding,
Your ability of speaking and listening,
Acting and re-acting to the world around you
In positive and constructive ways only.

You possess gifts that have taken
Many lifetimes to develop and that can
Be given to our world only by you.
Your time for holding them back,
Because you believe you are not
Good or wise enough, is over.
Time to walk your talk
And start being the one you
Always were meant to truly be.

That’s because your Christ nature is waking up,
Which means developing and bringing forth,
From deep within your own being,
The characteristics of your God or Christ nature.
Time for discovering that you,
Like every other human being,
Are a many faceted jewel.
Yet, some of your gifts may still be
Waiting to be discovered and the developed,
So that one of these days you will find
Your rightful predestined place
On the grand stage of eternal life.

Life has a special place for each one of us.
God and the Angels created us so that,
In the course of many lifetimes,
Our earthly selves would develop the gifts and talents
That have been bestowed upon every one of us.
In the fullness of time, this would enable us
To play a part that nobody else can play.

Towards the end of your earthly education,
Which is approaching now,
You will then be able to start making a valuable
Contribution towards humankind’s spiritual rebirth
And the greatest transformation that has ever
Been experienced on Mother Earth.
Our world’s present state is a testing ground
For every human being taking part in it.
Those who respond to it the right way,
Are showing that they are ready for moving
On to exploring the next higher level of life,
When the natural end of their present lifetime
Has come round.

The redemption of all remaining karmic debts,
Leftovers from all previous lifetimes,
Is possible now because with the help and will of
God and the Angels all things can be done,
And miracles really do happen, especially
When it comes to healing everybody’s whole being,
Mind and body, spirit and soul.
Never forget that when one of us is healing,
The whole of God’s Creation is healing with them.

That is why our world and all manifestations
Of life who are taking part in it,
Are in need of you.
The present time is a testing ground for everybody.
If those who have reached the end of their earthly education
Pass this test, they are going to be released
From compulsorily having to take part in
The earthly school of life’s lessons.
When the natural end of their present lifetime has come,
Their energies will be right for being released into
Into the greater freedom of the spirit realm
Where they will continue their studies
Through exploring its next higher level.
This will eventually lead to ever higher ones.

Peace and harmony through balancing the
Energies of Heaven and Earth,
Can only come about when ever more of us
Face the challenges of our world’s present state,
And then go ahead to freely and willingly
Play their predestined part and perform
As well as they can on earthly life’s great stage,
Giving of their best and unselfishly using their
Gifts and talents which the Universe has bestowed on
Each one of us with great generosity.

They are meant to be used
For the highest good and greatest joy of all,
Shared with every fibre of our being,
Mind and body, spirit and soul.
One thing we can be sure of and that is that
Nobody will wave some kind of magic wand
To do the work on ourselves this involves
For us and on our behalves.

And that’s why I am saying to you:
‘Our world needs you and it does so now,
More than you will ever be able to imagine.’

Rachel Snyder
Edited by Aquarius
Updated March 2021

* * *

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8 Jan, 2022
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