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Our World’s Religions : Each One A Cuckoo’s Egg
Our World’s Religions : Each One A Cuckoo’s Egg

Our World’s Religions : Each One A Cuckoo’s Egg


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Nineteen

Whenever our world was ready for another religion, God and the Angels placed a different cuckoo’s egg in the nest of humankind’s consciousness. For the Abrahamic religions it contained the beginning of the idea that there is only one God. As part of the patriarchy, it could only be an all-male God-head. He is not only kind and loving but also stirs up feelings of hatred against each other between people and nations. This God commands the followers of the first Abrahamic religion, Judaism, to wipe out those who don’t believe this its teachings are literally true. They contain some of the strangest tales ever.

The first one is how the Earth came into being. It is followed by the one about the creation of the first human beings, Adam and Eve, where they have come from and why they are there. In each case the tale has nothing in common with what really happened; how the Earth came into being and in the course of zillions of years evolved into the way we know our planet today; and how humankind appeared through the animal kingdom and, again in the course of millions of years, evolved into what we are today. When I start looking for the higher esoteric meaning that’s hiding behind the surface words of metaphors and allegories of religious tales, my inner guidance seems to enjoy helping me to find them.

Some of our world’s religious tales that to this day are treasured by many have their roots in much older teachings. Each belief system our world has ever experienced was started by another cuckoo’s egg in its own right. On every occasions the Angels in charge of humankind’s spiritual development restructured and retold the same ideas. They were then presented in a somewhat different and a bit more advanced form that aimed to take our race, individually and collectively, another step forwards and upwards on humankind’s evolutionary spiral of life.

From the beginning of life throughout the whole of Creation, God’s great evolutionary plan decreed that, in the course of approx. six thousand years honesty and truth would gradually be withdrawn from our would. That’s why the civilising, softening and beautifying influence of the feminine energies, with the passing of time, disappeared ever more from our world. What’s left of the old religions show this clearly. The plan provides that, only when the Aquarian age, the age of truth begins to dawn, honesty and truth will gradually reappear. Bit by bit, the truth and nothing but the truth about everything, would then begin to re-establish itself in our world. And the deeper we penetrate into this age, the more clearly God and the Angels are revealing it to us.

The most recent religions are the Abrahamic ones. Alas, when they were given to our world by God and the Angels, each one presenting its own cuckoo’s egg with a different and slightly more advanced idea, it would still take a long time until it dawned on the collective humankind that, in truth, the Divine Trinity always has and forever will consist of the Great Father/Mother of all life. The Universal Christ spirit is their only born Son/Daughter. From Its light everything in the whole of Creation has been created and is constantly nurtured and maintained by the Great Father/Mother in loving co-operation. The different aspects of the Divine Trinity are one; they cannot be separated from each other. The light and warmth that radiate from the Universal Christ is the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns. It is behind the Sun in the sky above our world and the driving force behind all its manifestations of life, including you and me.

Let’s take a closer look at the next cuckoo’s egg ideas that the Highest Forces placed in the nest of humankind’s consciousness. This one was destined to bring Christianity to our world. The Roman scribes of that time turned the ideas that came to them into a legend about a God-man by the name of Jesus. They knew that it is a long way from the truth that this man once walked with humankind on the earthly plane. Aware that the greater a lie, when it has been skilfully surrounded by some tales that frighten the living daylights out of people, they more easily they are willing to believe that was invented by the story the scribes, an essential part of any propaganda machinery of its employers, is literally true. The Roman political leaders were delighted with this tale. From its appearance they decreed that those who dared not to believe that it is true should be removed from the face of the Earth.

To convince people that it really is an all-male God-head who rules the whole of Creation and therefore also our world, it was necessary that the influence of the feminine energies of the Great Mother of all life should ever more be withdrawn from our world. By the time Christianity was given to our world, they had already disappeared for quite some time. God-head from our world’s religious teachings. What our world had experienced so far was nothing compared with what happened when Christianity’s Protestant branch came into being. It was even more radical.

Although the almighty all-male God-head in the Protestant version of the Christian teachings still is the sole ruler of the whole of Creation, and therefore humankind and its world. The original version that the feminine is with God, as His servant who quietly sits at His feet and adores Him. The Protestant teachings got rid of Virgin Mary cult, who still is the Mother of the God-man Jesus, but that’s where her significance ends.

Amazing Grace, thank You that pulling the wool over people’s spiritual perception and understanding, with the help of teachings that have nothing in common with the truth, now that the age of truth is with us, is slowly but surely disappearing from our world. It’s good to know that ever more of us are waking from their spiritual slumber and realise that the Jesus tale is but a legend and that the God-man is a symbolism the represents the higher God or Christ nature of every human being.

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23 May, 2021
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