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Outcasts Chapter 4
Outcasts Chapter 4

Outcasts Chapter 4



Riley walks around the rented hotel's garden with Alex, but he finds himself staring at his perfect body, amber eyes, and dark brown hair. He felt guilty for slamming the door in Harpers' face. But more guilty for not telling Niko he wouldn’t give up on her. What he meant by that; he wasn’t sure of. He looks at the roses and is reminded of Niko. Soft, beautiful, and bold. But sharp, prickly, and delicate if pissed off.

He shakes his thoughts aside.

“You seem to have that distracted look on your face again,” Alex starts walking backward, “Your eyebrows are knitted, and you seem to want to have a conversation but you don’t know how to start.”

“You’re a little too much into psychology,” Riley smiles, “my…sister and I argued.”

“You guys are close I’m presuming,” Alex sighs, “so I’m guessing it’s about a guy?”

He’s correct. Again. Kind of. Riley nods anyway inhaling the purple tulip cautiously. He shakes all his thoughts about Niko aside.

“Want to go back to the room now?”

“Sure,” a smile forms on Riley’s face as they make it back to the room.

The guards leave them alone while Riley sits on the edge of the bed. He inhales deeply then exhales, feeling all the stress leave him. He finds himself staring at Alex again, and turns his head quickly when Alex looks his way. Riley feels the prince's gaze upon him and runs his hands through his hair trying to play it cool.

Riley looks Alex’s way again only to see him coming his way. Riley feels his heart speed pick up as the prince draws the curtains and locks the door. Alex kneels before Riley studying his face carefully. Then kisses him.

Riley freezes as Alex pulls away, swearing under his breath. Riley grabs his hand and pulls him onto the bed. A smile forms on Alex’s face.

“As the Prince of England, I command you to fuck me.”

Riley smirks and starts kissing him.


Niko walks around the White House like a mad man. She knows that Noah didn’t mean what he said. But she needed a reason to stay with Zack or maybe even Riley. America was barely ready for a three-some couple much less an African American first family or Female Immigrant descendant of color as a Vice President.

So why would they be ready for half-sibling love?

She runs her hands through her flat ironed hair debating whether she should call Riley. Niko whips out her phone staring at the dial button only remembering that he’s creating his political friendship. She puts her phone back into her pocket making her way to Harper’s room.

She needed to talk to her about this.

They grew close to each other, like they were biological. Niko bangs loudly on Harper’s door. Harper opens the door and drags Niko inside

“We need to talk.”

“We need to talk,” They smile at each other and stop laughing, “you go first,” Harper motions for them to sit on the floor.

“You know I love you right?” Niko swallows she hasn’t been this nervous for a while. She sees her sister nod, “Can I trust you with this?”

Harper nods again squeezing her nose. In all of her family Harper is probably the best listener.

“Riley, Zack and I,” Niko swallows wonder if this is a mistake, “we are dating, and Riley’s just been distant and strange. So has Zack I mean but Riley’s just odd.”

She looks up at Harper’s still face waiting for her to yell heresy.

But she shrugs and motions for Niko to continue.

“Zack hasn’t texted me since we introduced him to Nora and Riley’s been acting weird since the prince visited,” she scratches her neck and continues to play with the hem of Noah’s pullover, “Noah and I…we have a thing I mean we did until he said something.” Niko gestures that she’s done wiping the tears from her face.

Niko looks up at Harper biting her lip while rubbing her temples.

“Do you like Noah?”

Niko nods cautiously. She does, she might even love him.

“Do you like Riley and Zack?”

She nods slowly again. But the reality she and Harper new is, her feelings towards Noah are stronger.

She just needs to make sure Riley isn’t upset with it.

“It’s your decision KoKo no one else’s,” Harper gives a shy smile, “fuck the press whoever you choose is the one you choose.”

Niko crawls towards Harper and eagerly hugs her. Niko pulls out her phone to dial Riley, but it goes straight to voicemail.

“Did Riley tell you where he would be going with the prince?”

“Some fancy hotel few blocks away,” Harper shrugs while Niko gives a skeptical look, “his exact words.”

A smile plasters on Niko’s face.

“Come with me then?”

Harper nods, following her sister out the White House.

Author Notes: Enjoy mon petit poi! (^///^)ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

#BlackLivesMatter ✊🏼✊🏿 #LGBTQ+ 🏳‍🌈

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9 Feb, 2021
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