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Patch Me Together
Patch Me Together

Patch Me Together

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The thread is loose and unraveling
My color sun-faded as fabric is stretched
Button eyes are pulled and cracked
As the smile I once wore is now a frown
Sitting by trash looking out in the street

Stuffing inside me is yellow and thin
With one leg torn as my hair is dingy
The clothes I wear have stains and holes
Giving character to me showing I am old
Count on time to waste me till my day comes

Please patch me up and give me a second chance
I want a bliss life filled with heart-warming romance
Scars will remain, but it's how I feel about today
And I can't get there if I am dragged and tossed

It's not the color I possess or the material I am
It's not the clothes I wear or where I am
It's the meaning of purpose in life which I try to find
To make myself better


Author Notes: We are like rag dolls. Sometimes life pulls us down and drags us creating wear and tear and we need to be patched up.

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8 May, 2021
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<1 min
5.0 (1 review)

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