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Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind


The Voice Of The Great Mother’s Wisdom Speaks

Part One

Peace Of Mind

It seems like thousands of years
I’ve been stumbling through each day,
Without a hand to hold
And nothing to light my way.

In sorrow I have walked,
With fear never far behind,
No matter what I tried,
I found no peace of mind.

In our world of chaos and strife
I searched for quiet places,
Where my soul would find healing
And for leaving behind my pain.

In the silence of mountains
I searched for God,
But all I found in sunlit days
And star-studded nights
Were paths the Angels trod.

I found no peace anywhere,
Still feel like an empty shell.
Can’t help asking myself:
Do Angels alone walk the Heavens,
Leaving freaks like me condemned
To forever being lost in Earth life’s hell?

Shortly after pouring my pain and frustration into this poem, the Great Mother came to me in dreamtime. She was wearing a gown of sky-blue and looked like my earthly mother, who departed from this plane of life many years ago. Aware that our spirit guides talk to us in symbolisms, I knew it was the Great Mother’s wisdom who had come to visit me. This is what she said: ‘My beloved child, you climbed many mountains in search of God, but God is in everything and the aspect of the Divine you are looking for cannot be found in the world around you. The only way of finding is by climbing your inner mountains that consist of rising above the desires of your small earthly self and its fears. Inside your own heart is the only place in the whole of Creation where redemption, salvation and peace can be found by all human souls.

‘Dearest, you alone are responsible for yourself and your life. Everything that has ever been in it was created by you in other lifetimes when you were getting to know yourself. First the characteristics of your lower nature have to be explored by each one of you. Refusing to accept the responsibility for the pain you caused others during those lifetimes and playing the drama queen or king in this one is not going to get you anywhere. For as long as you remain stuck in the false belief that you are some kind of a freak or aberration of human nature, when in truth there are no such things, the evolutionary progress that is potentially is at a halt.

‘Everything that exists on the Earth plane is there for a specific reason and serves a wise higher purpose, namely to provide certain lessons for one or two, sometimes many or maybe even all of you. On your planet there are only children of the Great Father and Me. All of them are attending the school of earthly life. The plan of life for humankind provides that none of you should ever be alone, unassisted and unsupervised. In all your experimentations and explorations you will only ever be allowed to go so far and no further. Without this your race in its unevolved state and unaware that all of you are responsible for every one of your thoughts, words and actions, would be far too dangerous for the rest of Creation. Although in your present state you cannot see the wise ones in charge of you who are watching over every step of each one of you, rest assured that they are there nonetheless.

‘Individually and collectively, each time you are reaching one of the boundaries set by the plan, you are running into obstacles that feel like a brick wall. Quite rightly this is recognised even by less experienced souls as having been caused by something that is beyond humankind’s control, known as force majeure. This is how, with the passing of time, you will find out that you will not be allowed to maltreat other planets the way you have done and are doing to this day with your home planet.

‘Because the inhabitants of other planets are invisible to earthly eyes, humankind assumes that there are none. You could not be more mistaken. Visiting these beings and their planets will have to wait until you have matured into spiritual adulthood and are capable of coming as friends and guests. Worlds of many different kinds are waiting to be explored by you, not merely the planets of your own solar system but others in far distant galaxies. In due course you will be visiting planets that Earth’s people have not yet heard of.

‘As you can see, humankind has much to look forward to. Physical bodies will not be needed for your interstellar travelling and exchanges, neither will clumsy spaceships and shuttles. Once Earth’s transformation is complete, the physical bodies that have been serving you so well as vehicles for getting around on the Earth in the course of many lifetimes will no longer be required. You will permanently be living in the body you are presently wearing like a garment underneath the outer shell of your physical body. This body consists of a finer and lighter substance known as ether that vibrates at a much higher frequency than the cells and atoms of the body you inhabit now.

‘Interpenetrating all physical elements of the Earth are finer ones that cannot be perceived by ordinary human senses in earthly life, only by those who have developed what is known in your world as the sixth or psychic sense or intuition. Earth life has four elements, Earth and Water, Fire and Air. The element Air contains an ether that is finer than the air you breathe, which can be registered. This is impossible with the finer ether. Something similar applies to the other elements Earth, Water and Fire. Behind the physical substance of everything that exists in earthly life is a finer material and from the ether in the Air element the nature spirits are created. Theirs is the etheric world and that is where they are at work.

‘Every one of you has the right to take part in earthly life and is provided with its own curriculum that has been specifically designed for your particular evolutionary requirements. Each minor plan is drawn up by your Highest or God Self and the wise ones in charge of your development. Because they love you and know the way, they are constantly trying to help you move forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. This process spans many earthly lifetimes in the course of which your higher and lower self, the two aspects of your nature, are slowly but surely drawing closer together. They eventually heal together into one and the sacred marriage between Heaven and Earth is taking place.

* * *

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29 Jul, 2018
Read Time
5 mins
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