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I wished to do more for people. To help ease the problems they face. I did what I was told even when it was against my better judgment. I did all I could to help whoever knocked on my door. It was never enough. I did everything by the book and things still went to shit. He had said that you all had something worth saving and I listened to him. I know I live to please others, but can you blame a girl for trusting her boss? I mean its kind of sad if you think about it. Look, I've been doing this for more years than I care to remember. What matters is that if you lot don't adapt, you won't be around much longer. I do what I can to help out with that but I can't do it for you. What would that make you if I did your job for you? Useless, yet I don't want you feeling that way. So I leave enough for you to understand the issue and let you solve the rest yourself. Oh, why don't I just snap my fingers and be done with it? That's a great question. See if I did that all of you would turn into those people from that film Wall-e. All fat and miserable looking, it hurt me to watch that. Anyways, what was I saying... ah, yes! Maybe I left too much undone and you'll never get to evolve. Which in that case I would have failed you. Do you know how hard it is not just wiping out those that raise arms against you? Fucking hard. Like I would want to see you fall to some guys who have an obsession with messing with virgins after death. Or that time that artist guy killed millions of people just because they what, looked different or some crap. You people confuse me as a whole. You wish for peace yet are ready to point fingers at someone the second you don't get what you want. It has taken me a LOT of years to realize my boss was wrong. I should have done this shit on my own. Who knows, maybe the next World War will be right around the corner thanks to your greed and insecurities. It is like you took the whole of your country and turned it into a teenager. I regret listening to him now that I think about it. It was him who told me to help you out and I've done that. Then why do I feel like I have failed you anyways if you keep saying it is fine? So many questions have been asked and I have answered so many that I have my own now. The difference is you wouldn't understand them. Only my equals and superiors would possibly know the answers to... My dear, why are you crying? Because of me, what did I do? I scared you with all my rambling. Ah, I see. You can't comprehend what I am saying to you. It is not your fault but my own. Let me just ease your tears with this trick of mine. I learned it when I was in a "mood" I think you call it. Just, close your eyes and count to 10. By the time you reach 10, you will feel at ease. But, before you do this, I must show something to you. First, look at this. Cool design right? I made it myself, the symbol represents peace. It is a cool little keepsake from when I was growing up here, I thought I had lost this. Yet it seems it was here when I was rushed out of the house. Thanks for keeping it safe. Ha, look at me. Reminiscing who would have thought that possible! I'm sorry I just forgot I left this behind and wanted to share it with you. Not that you care that is. Now, onto what I wanted to say. I am thrilled to know you feel the same about parts of my thoughts. Because of that, I'll grant you a question or two for free. Why did I pick you? Well, that is easy. I was walking down the street and looked at all the houses that rested on this road. Yours looked the most accepting of my ideals so I decided to stop by. That and I remembered I used to live here when I was younger. I must say I enjoyed our chat. Thank you for letting me rant for a bit. I don't get to do that much, my boss is kind of an ass to tell you the truth. And I'm sorry about the lock on your door. I just really wanted to chat and forgot my keys to this place. I regret to say I can't leave just yet. For I have to make sure you do that thing I mentioned. Now please, close your eyes and picture that symbol until I finish. All will be well, I promise. By the time you reach 10, you will feel at ease. Now, let my blade free you from this hell. You are now at peace.

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24 May, 2020
Read Time
4 mins
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