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Peer Pressure
Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure

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“Oh come on, it’s not that hard. All you have to do is go in, act like you’re looking for something. Put it in your pocket, when no-one’s looking, and then act mad like they don’t have what you were looking for, then walk out. Stop being a baby. You do want friends right?” Sarah asked.

Tommy nodded. And started walking towards the store. He didn’t feel right shoplifting, but this is what his friends wanted him to do, so he would do it. They all did it all the time, so how hard could it be?

So he walks inside and goes to the jewelry section, and sees a bracelet that Charlotte would love. He quickly looks around, grabs it and shoves it in his pocket. Then he walks out, his heart pounding. He is just waiting for the alarms to go off, when he makes it out of the store without getting caught, he breathes a sigh of relief.

“See, there’s nothing to it.” Says Sarah. “So what did you snatch?”

He shows her the bracelet, explaining that it’s for Charlotte.

Sarah nod’s her approval. “Man, Charlotte is lucky to have a boyfriend like you. Spoiling her all the time.” She clucks her tongue.

Tommy just shrugs, he doesn’t feel right stealing. After All he has more than enough money to buy whatever he wants, and so do they, but they said if he didn’t he couldn’t be friends with them.

The next day he gives the bracelet he stole to Charlotte. She squeals and kisses him, saying he’s the best.

So they continue to all hang out. They still steal, but they don’t force him to all the time, just occasionally.

One day they are all hanging out when Sarah asks if any of them want to do a couple of shots.

“No thanks.” says Tommy.

Charlotte looks at him in exasperation.

“What!?” he asks.

“Stop being such a goody-tushu. Honestly, it’s annoying. Just drink with us.”


“Oh my gosh Tommy!” Charlotte interrupts stomping her foot. “Look if you want to be my boyfriend, and all of our friends, then you have to do the things we do, otherwise you can go back to being the nobody you were until we took you in. It’s up to you.”

“Fine, I’ll do it,” He says. He couldn’t go back to being the school loser. It was horrible. He never had friends ‘till a couple weeks ago, when Charlotte got them to accept him.

Well one thing led to another, and soon enough, Tommy was not only stealing and drinking. But he was into hard drugs too.

One day, when they were all high, a cop came up to them. They all ran, except Tommy. He was too stoned to move. The cop arrested him, since he was underaged. The others never got caught, and they never visited him in Juvie. He got out a couple months later, but they acted like they didn’t know him.

Charlotte had a new boyfriend. Whenever he tried talking to her, she ignored him.

Finally he got Sarah to tell him what was up, she told him that they didn’t want to hang out with someone that gets caught so easily.

He was devastated. He didn’t know what to do, so he turned to drugs again. His parents found out, and kicked him out. He had no one to go to, he didn’t know what to do. If only he hadn’t given in to what his friends wanted him to do, none of this would have happened.

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About This Story
6 Oct, 2020
Read Time
2 mins

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