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I happened to ponder the phrasing, "You are perfect just the way you are" and I thought, "Well, that could be taken in two different ways. Either someone is perfect in a sense of doing no wrong or they are someone who is perfect in a sense of being human and being successful and failing."
I decided to look this up (no joke), "Are we perfect the way we are?" A bunch of results came up, but one came to me right away. It was The Porch which is a Christian site and there is a guy talking about how we are perfect in God's eyes, but not in humanity's eyes. He brought up how in the Bible it says that sinning is natural, it's not something that we work on doing, it is just inborn. He relates some more with some gospels from Psalms and Romans and then he connects it to real life.

He talked about adoption processes. His two friends were looking to adopt a child and of course there's the financial situation and home inspection and lifestyle stability tests and a bunch of other stuff. Everyone says, "That must be hard" and "That takes forever and is stressful", but they never talk about one important thing though when it comes to adoptions. The questionnaire.

The questionnaire must be the hardest, most stressful thing to do because they talk about what are the "boundaries" of having a child and ask questions like, "Are you willing to accept a child with physical disability(ies)? If the child has a mental disability(ies)? If so, which ones?"
How are people able to answer such questions? With every question or statement that they deny, a child lost a chance of having a loving, caring, healthy family. We, as people, have boundaries where we can't accept others, but we don't really think about it.

That got me grinding my mental gears as that is how a family or a person would react to just one person who so happens to be someone up for adoption and how the eye's of God percieved us. I then thought about just society as a whole and how it saw people.

I'd say that society has gotten a little better at being accepting of others and that's being generous considering the climate of culture we are living in right now, but it's still a huge problem, and will most likely always will be, because we see others as "not perfect" which we aren't, but we are looking at the wrong "imperfections" as we focus on something that doesn't have to change because it has no negative affect on society or themself. We are so judgemental that we always try to one-up another person to make ourselves seem better that we are only destroying not only ourselves, but others also and then no one will be able to get anywhere because it will always be a fight for the top and we drag others down to then only be dragged down further.

Real-life example to describe what I mean by "looking at the wrong imperfections".

Throwing Stones In A Glass House:
My friend is pretty extroverted. He loves to talk, jokes around a lot, pretty interactive with others and in class, overall good kid who just likes to walk the thin red line when talking though and there is this girl in class who also loves to talk and is pretty interactive like my friend, but she interupts others a lot and doesn't really pay attention. So in our small class during a lesson people were just talking left and right and weren't paying attention to the teacher and this included my friend. My friend was then shushed by that interupting girl who wasn't paying attention either telling him to be quiet and that he was "holding back the class". As soon as it got quiet and the teacher began speaking, she was talking to her friend after just when class got quiet and when she a few seconds ago shushed my friend.

It is these "imperfections" that should be percieved by society. Not something based on culture, religion, mental/physical ability, material objects, political party or anything of that nature. It should be based on morals, humanism and character.

Author Notes: Do you believe society should be following this path of "judging" others and themselves?

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5 Mar, 2021
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