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A Personal Invitation
A Personal Invitation

A Personal Invitation

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2019 – A Very Special Year – Part Four

A Personal Invitation

The Christ aspect of our nature is both King and Queen of our inner world. Each one of us through bringing this part of their being forth from within the depths of their own being, is allowed the honour and privilege of playing an active part in the healing, saving and redeeming of our world and everything that shares it with us. And what is before you now, dear Reader, is your personal invitation from God and the Angels to commence your personal healing journey of leaving behind the addictive thinking and behaviour patterns you developed in the course of many lifetimes. Make the conscious decision that you want to change them into positive and constructive ones and ask God and the Angels to grant you the gift of their courage and strength and show you intuitively how you can join the ranks of the healers and peacemakers of our world.

God and the Angels would like you to start nailing your addictions onto the cross of earthly life, because the Christ spark in your heart is stirring from its slumber. They have the following message for you: ‘We are part of you and you are part of us. When you are suffering, we are suffering with you. Are you sure you want to continue treating us that way? If not, please knock on your inner door that says: ‘Exit Addictions’ and ask us to show you how to go about doing this. Without asking no help can come to anyone.

‘We love you totally and unconditionally, just the way you are at present. No, God did not create you that way. Apart from the very beginning, everything is of your own doing and was created by you in the course of many lifetimes. And yes, we did lead you into temptations and out of them. Many times we did this so that you should learn from your experiences and through them get to know the world around you and yourself. Without you having any idea of our presence we were there, with you and part of you, all the way and forever we shall be. And now you have reached the watershed when your evolutionary pathway is beginning to take you onto the vibrations of the higher spirals of your spiritual development.

‘Your Christ nature is stirring from its slumbering state and this is why you are finding out about us and the role we have always played in your life. As in all Eternity this will continue, we are offering you the choice of consciously working with us. But as ever you are free to choose and make up your own mind which way you would like to walk. No-one will ever force you to do anything. Force and overpowering are not part of the vocabulary of God’s love.

‘Your addiction is but a passing phase of your long evolutionary journey. Like all things of the Earth it will pass. With our assistance it can do so in your present lifetime. If not, you will have to bring it with you into the next one, either to succumb to it again or with our help conquer and leave it behind. Don’t think suicide is a way out of your predicament. It is not. Suicide never was and never will be a way out of anything. You just have to come back and try all over again and again and again, if need be. So why not get on with it, now?

‘There is a saying in your world that with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible, crooked places can be made straight and any condition of mind and body, spirit and soul healed. Through you we would love to show your world the truth of this saying and that miracles really do happen, but only after certain conditions have been fulfilled. First healing has to be asked for and then you need to freely and willingly start doing everything that is in your power to bring it about, for example by living in healthier ways. And when you have thus surrendered your whole being into our care, are living in harmony with God’s Universal laws and have paid the last one of your karmic debts, nothing will be in the way of us working a healing miracle, especially for you.

‘Our love does not dictate or command and whether you accept our invitation is entirely up to you. You have the right to make up your own mind and choose which way you wish to continue on the pathway of your present lifetime. Our only interest is your wellbeing in mind and body, spirit and soul. We ask for nothing in return. We merely want you to know what a precious and unique being you are and that a high and holy destiny awaits every human being, including you. We wish all of you well and greet you with all our love.’

Maybe you did ask and that’s why this has come your way. God and the Angels alone know, but they are smiling and refuse to tell. And if what you are reading here is speaking to you and the small still voice of your inner guidance is saying: ‘This makes a lot of sense,’ that is a signal that for you the time for the waking of your inner Christ child has come. With this the Divine characteristics of compassion and love, patience and forgiveness are starting to move into the foreground of your consciousness from deep within your own inner being.

It won’t be long until you will be able to show those behind you how they too can nail the drives and urges of their lower nature to the cross of their earthly consciousness. And the more you share your learning with those around you, the more easily and speedily the spiritual rebirth of humankind and the transmutation of our world’s darkness and evil into goodness and light progresses.

And now, to wind things up, let’s take another look at Cancer. As mentioned earlier, it is the sign of the Great Mother, the caring and nurturing aspect of the Divine Trinity. The coming ten years with their double strength of these energies promise to be a particularly beneficial time for the spiritual homecoming of the mass of people, who is ruled by Cancer. This is going to increase considerably during the year 2021, i.e. the beginning of the year 2022. Under the influence of these energies ever more of us will be feeling and following the pull of the homing instinct that is programmed into every human being at the moment of its emergence of the heartmind of God. See chapter ‘Evolution Is The Law Of Life’.

The year 2022 will bring us 3 times 2 = 6 Venus, the planetary ruler of earthy Taurus and airy Libra, the sign of relationships and the peacemaker of the zodiac. The 3 is ruled by Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, the sign that serves the development of humankind’s spiritual faculties and higher consciousness. Cancer is also the sign of home and mother, ancestry and roots, and ever more of us will realise that the Great Father/Mother of all life are their true parents.

As you will be able to see from everything you have read here, monumental things are in store for us. This, however, does not necessarily herald easy times because, individually and collectively, some of humankind’s most ancient karmic debts are still in the process of being redeemed. But, regardless of what may have yet to happen enormous amounts of spiritual progress are sure to be made on the evolutionary journey of our whole world. And that, in the final analysis, is the only thing that truly matters.

* * *

The Angel In Disguise

There is nothing I can give you that you have not,
But there is much, so very much that –
While I cannot give it – you can take.
No Heaven can come to us,
Unless our heart finds rest in today: take Heaven.
No peace lies in the future
That is not hidden in this moment: take peace.

The gloom of this world is but a shadow.
Behind it – yet within everybody’s reach – there is joy.
There is a radiance and glory in the darkness,
Could we but see.
And to see, we have only to look.
I beseech you to look.

Life is so generous a giver, but we –
Judging its gifts by their covering –
Too often cast them away as ugly, heavy or hard.
Remove the covering and you will find beneath it
A living splendour
That has been woven with the love,
Wisdom and power of the Divine.

Welcome it, grasp it,
And you touch the Angel’s hand
That brings it to you.
Everything we call a toil, a sorrow or a duty,
Believe me, the Angel’s hand is there.

The gift is there and the wonder of the
Over-shadowing presence
That protects us, is joyous too.
Be not content with discovering these joys,
For they conceal even greater gifts.

And so, at this time, I greet you –
Not quite as the world sends greetings,
But with profound esteem and a prayer
That for you, now and forever,
The eternal day breaks
And all shadows flee away.

Fifteenth Century Prayer

All the best for the New Year 2019
to my worldwide circle of spiritual family.
God bless each one of you and keep you safe,
now and forever.

* * *

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