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Picking The Raisins From Each Cake
Picking The Raisins From Each Cake

Picking The Raisins From Each Cake


Picking The Raisins From Each Cake

My intention behind any new religions that appeared in your world was to provide you, My beloved children, with yet another ladder on which you could climb, so that bit by bit you would come ever closer to the re-discovery of the higher and highest aspect of your own nature and Mine. Their memories are stored deep in every human soul. For each one of you there eventually comes the moment when they begin to stir and you increasingly long to express them in all your daily encounters. The degree in which you succeed to keep this promise to yourself shows Me when you are ready to be taught directly by Me.

Every belief system you have ever encountered and become interested in was yet another preparation for this stage of your personal evolution and that of your race. Each one represented a tiny, yet vital piece in My giant mosaic of life. When you rise above your present level of existence on the mighty wings of the wisdom and knowledge you are now receiving directly from Me, enabling you to take the higher view of life, can a clear picture emerge. I am the mosaic’s designer and architect, conductor and choreographer, ballet- and choirmaster. Your task, as My actors, singers and dancers on the vast stage known by you as life, is to make the most of everything I am presenting to you at any given time. In spite of the trials and tribulations that are an essential part of every soul’s evolutionary journey, endeavour to enjoy as much as you can playing your part in your unique and individual fashion.

No matter where fragments of My wisdom appear and by whom they are found, they were never meant for the privileged and selected few. Every part of My truth was always meant to be shared by all. Your object as healers is to pick the raisins from the cake of every religion. Pour them into the great melting pot that is the pool of human consciousness. Then take as big a spoon as you can lay your hands on, carefully stir and blend the resulting mixture into a new religion that unites you and leads every one of you back home into the conscious awareness of your loving union with Me. Having reached the Age of Aquarius, ever more of you are ready to receive that which is suitable of My wisdom directly from Me. Soon, very soon there will be no more need for religions because all of you are being taught by Me. I am your inner teacher and guru, the living God and the wise one within. I know the way of all things and I have the answers to any question you may ever care to ask. I bless you all, each one.

Once more I assure you that each and every one of you is a unique and beautiful being, special and precious beyond compare, loved and protected far more than you will ever be able to imagine. Regardless of what kind of lowly position in life you may at present occupy, a high and holy destiny awaits you all, so do not allow anyone to convince you that you are nothing but a miserable worm and a sinner before Me. That just is not true and regardless of what someone may say, you are nothing of the kind. As My beloved child, you are a student and a learner in the vast academy of life I designed for all of you, no more and no less.

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14 Jul, 2019
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3 mins
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