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A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts
A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts

A Poem of Heartaching Thoughts

SaturnStarRich Powell
5 Reviews

I'm full of emotion and need to burst,
can no one satisfy my life's thirst?
Drinking cans dry to try to quell the pain,
but what is it that's driving me insane?
The insecurity of a girl that appears eternal,
by the way things look, they are going to turn paternal.
Always and forever is in my heart of hearts,
but how can I put her through my negative parts?
I'm an insecure depressive,
why have I become so possessive?
I think that She means so much to me,
She makes my life full of happiness and glee.
A candlelit dinner,
should make me feel a winner,
but my past is that of a sinner.
How do I fight my insecurity?
I need to find my purity.
I remind myself of our sweet beginnings,
to try to prevent this thinning.
Can I find the strength to endure?
That is one thing that my heart is sure.

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Rich Powell
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9 Oct, 2011
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