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A Positive Outlook
A Positive Outlook

A Positive Outlook


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Thirteen

How do you respond each time someone around you complains about things like what a troubled world ours is; that there can be no God and it’s therefore impossible to live with hope, faith and trust in our hearts and souls that things will get better; and that there really is a future for humankind? To my mind this kind of outlook on our earthly existence is a small minority’s perception which, for the present state of their earthly education, for them is the right one. But because of God’s plan for the spiritual development of our race as a whole, it’s an erroneous one at the same time.

Wise ones know that, although our mass media like nothing better than reporting about the hatred and revenge that to this day are found in some parts of our world. The truth of the matter is these things merely describe what some young and inexperienced human beings are bound to experience at the beginning of their earthly education, the same as everybody else has to do, including you and me. However, it should be born in mind that for every person involved in troublemaking there are countless numbers of those who are aware of the real nature of God and their own. Through them the light of the Divine wisdom and truth is flowing with ever increasing strength into humankind’s consciousness. Their inner light is like a candle that has the power of waking the Divine spark in anyone who is ready to do so.

Aware that the laws of life are love and evolution, wise ones do not think that hostility is the right way of solving any of the conflicts of our world. Familiar with God’s great plan of life, they appreciate that these laws ARE the answer because in the fullness of time, God’s time and not ours, slowly but surely our whole world and everything within it has always been moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. This will forever continue and every human being, independent of the present state of their spiritual awareness, is part of it.

For each one who is still involved in the patriarchy’s warmongering practices there are quite literally millions who have shed their false beliefs about God’s true nature and their own, and what role the Divine has always played in everybody’s life. Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness. Never before in our planet’s history were so many groups formed in which people lovingly turn towards each other for sharing the wisdom and truth that God and the Angels have already given them. So please do yourself the favour of not allowing anyone to convince you that the impressions provided by our mass media represent the end of our race and/or our world.

Whenever another item of what I call ‘the rape and murder cast’ comes your way, remind yourself that these occurrences are merely manifestations of humankind’s lower unevolved part. They can be likened to theatre plays that are based on the fact that finding ourselves at the receiving end of someone’s offences against the law of life is one party’s way of redeeming their negative Karma of previous lifetimes. At their giving end are young and inexperienced spirit/souls who, in their ignorance of the God’s Universal laws that rule life throughout the whole of Creation, are eagerly piling up karmic debts for themselves. They will have to wait to be made good in some far distant lifetime when the youngster has matured sufficiently to be strong enough to deal with them. Both cases are manifestations of the Divine justice system that never errs. It is so perfect and acts with such precision that it can be hard to grasp for earthly minds.

Potentially, the truth is known to every human heart because that is the dwelling place of the living God or wise one within. Even though at first it exists only as a tiny spark in seed form, with the passing of time it stirs from its slumbers and starts to grow. The Christ child is born and the tale of the baby in the manger is a symbolism of this process. And because for some time the spiritual rebirth of humankind has been taking place, the Divine spark is waking up in ever more of us.

Every one of our younger siblings will also reach that phase of their development, in due course. And I for one am convinced that there is every reason for living in hope, with faith and trust filling our hearts and souls that everything is well with Mother Earth and her human children’s spiritual progress, and that this will forever continue in some form or another. And when doubts are creeping into your mind, think of the religion of the Aquarian Age and that the law of life is evolution based on love and that there is only one God, the God of love.

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7 Feb, 2020
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4 mins
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